Fun with a latina tranny

So I'm a big fan of a big tranny cock in my ass. Just throwing that out there early on here.

So this past summer I decided that with my school being off I should get some tranny cock as fast as I could. I went on a site and set up a new account, hoping for the same luck I had a few months ago with a hot black tranny named Jade and her friend.

I quickly found a very nice 20 something tranny names Maria who said I would do. We went through a few chat sessions, with our cams on and I convinced her I could take her 8 inches of shemale love. She had two conditions: first, I had to be gagged because she loved to do that to her partners. Secondly, she demanded I take her cock doggy style for the first round, with no foreplay.

So she dropped by my place and I hopped in her car. I found out she didn't speak very good english, and she just "mmhmmm-ed" through most of my idle chatter. She would interject every now and then, telling me to entertain her on the way over. I would pull out my cock and stroke, or I would remove some clothes so she wouldn't have to wait once we got there. She didn't touh me until we got to her small home.

Once there, I walked up the pitch black sidewalk in nothing but my boxers with my cock poking out, hoping I wouldn't get in trouble or anything. She didn't talk to me until I was inside, where spanish tv was on and it was very festive sounding. With the lights in the room, I got a better look at my host. She had big round breasts, a tight belly (showing due to her wearing a very small tak top that was bare at the midriff) and had a big juicy ass. She had long golden hair that flowed freely over her bronzed shoulders. She was amazing. I could see someone else was there, but I didn't care much, as they were in the other room. We headed in the opposite direction to her king size bed.

Once I was sitting on her bed she handed me a ball gag. I tried to put it on but I needed her help. After it was on, she said to bend over. I obeyed. She still hadn't touched me yet. Next she said to fingerfuck myself with lube. I did this too, until my ass was slick with her baby oil. I was super horny and had already found out I loved taking orders, among other things. She left the room saying to keep myself hard.

She came back with her friend, who was holding a camera. Her friend was a girl my age, very sexy with a slim body. Not nearly as tall as Maria, but definitely my type. She set up the camera on a tripode, and set it to record, and then sat down to enjoy the show. Maria said to face the head boards, which put my ass towards the camera. Next thing I knew she was fucking me hard. Slowly, but pushing her big dick deep into my ass. I could feel her slapping against my ass with every thrust. It was very painful, but I was enjoying it a lot. Maria was never speeding up, nor slowing down. She just kept pumping me. Her friend wandered over to my face and started to smother my face with her bare ass. I couldn't breathe, but she smelled amazing and got me even hotter and harder.

After few minutes of this, I fell forward on the bed, and maria pulled out. Her friend asked her something in spanish, and the gag came off. Her friend put her ass back in my face, only now I could eat her out. Maria flipped me onto my back and started to stroke our cocks together. I came pretty quickly. The friend jumped over and ate my cum off of my belly. Maria told me to fuck her friend, so I complied.

She bent over in front of me, her pussy dripping juices. As I started to push into her, after putting on a rubber, Maria left the room again. The friend started to talk to me. She said (to the best of her ability) that she was Eliza and that she love my cum. Maria eventually came back and pulled me off of Eliza. She started to pour chocolate syrup on my body and Eliza came over to eat it off of me. As that happened, maria fucked my throat. I gagged, but she just kept going. Eliza got me off twice before maria came on me again.

I was having a blast, and had cum a total of four times by the time we changed scenery. The both started to go outside in the dark, beckoning me along. I complied again, and the brought me to a tree next to a pond. Elize assumed a standing doggy position and maria started to pound her hard. I just stood there stroking. The got really into it, and went until Eliza started to shake in pleasure. Maria told me she wanted me to go doggy like Eliza did, so I went over and my ass was pounded hard again. I came on the tree from her hard fucking. Eliza was still lying down watching me, and started to laugh.

Maria pulled me back inside again, and we resumed in front of the Massive tv in her lit living room. Eliza brought the camera in and started to play the video from before on the tv. I was made to watch myself getting fucked while getting fucked. It was amazing. Before long though, Eliza had put on a strapon and shoved it down my throat while maria kept fucking me. She was luber up pretty good before long and she moved to behind me. Maria counted to three and then I had two big dicks in me. I was shocked. I didn't say a word, because I was enjoying my anal delight. They tore me up, and I was getting sore before long, so I told them. The last thing she anted out of me was more cum for eliza, and I gave all I had.

We left her house, but this time Eliza drove, while maria kept paying with me, petting my cock and cumming on my chest. Once we reached a gas station near my house, maria said "one more time" and brought me into the restroom. She fucked my throat and then my ass again. She came all over my face and then walked me back to the car. Eliza licked my face clean and then drove me home. Maria looked satisfied and promised another date soon. I told her I would play anytime.
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2 years ago
Wow you got just what i'd love to have
2 years ago
So hot, im so jealous
2 years ago
Good one.
2 years ago
Good one.