They had met on the net, a chance meeting of two complete strangers - Lisa had random chatted Tom, picking his profile from hundreds of others on the xHamster dating pages. They had first messaged, and then almost immediately switched to an online chat session. After the first few minutes of this text chat, it was clear they got on exceptionally well, and as time progressed they both realised that they had a similar interest, namely erotic stories.

The polite chat had extended to flirtation, and flirtation in turn lead to exchanging experiences of sex. The inevitable eventually happened and they experimented with cyber-sex finding that they enjoyed the fantasies and thoughts of the other party, and were very turned on by reading these experiences online. Not content with just reading these stories, a real meeting was eventually planned - Lisa travelled to Southampton to meet her online lover and for them to see if virtual sex could be converted into a real relationship.

Lisa climbed out of the taxi she had taken from the station, and stood outside Number 10. She slipped the driver a ten pound note through his narrowly opened window before turning towards the white, semi-detached house she knew that he lived in. She straighted her clothing, all black as usual, and walked up the garden path to the front door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door and after hearing a strange whiring sound, was greeted by a person sat in a wheelchair at the front door. Instantly recognisable as Tom, she looked on amused at his crew cut hair-style and slightly scruffy appearance, a black t-shirt, track-suit trousers and purple baseball boots. She was aware of him eyeing her up and very conscious that his eyes concentrated on her DD breasts, clearly visible through the tight fabric of the black shirt she wore.

She was immediately invited into the house with a cheery grin and motioned to enter the room to the left of the entrance hall, a room that was obviously his bedroom. Looking for a convenient seat, his bed was an obvious height, so she perched her bottom on the edge of this, dropping her bag on the floor nearby. A clearly sounding metallic clink was audible as it hit the floor and she saw Tom grin as he knew she had her cuffs in the bag. She had been true to her word and had brought a selection of her favourite toys with her "just in case" he turned out to be the pervert in real life that he appeared to be on the internet.

Conversation flowed, and after a short time, a bottle of white wine was opened. They were soon both quite merry and the conversation eventually led to sex. Discussions of former shared online fantasies were recapped and soon both were feeling quite horny. Without saying a word, Lisa stepped off the bed, slowly unbuttoning her shirt and after opening the front up to expose her black bra clad breasts, walked over to Tom, and kissed him full on the mouth. His response was instant, as the tip of his tongue slid between her lips and soon their mouthes were locked together, exploring each others mouths. Breaking the kiss, he trust his head between her amble bossom and kissed her on the exposed flesh of her left breast, savouring her soft skin and the warmth on his face where her tits pressed against his smoothly shaved face.

She broke the embrace and stepped away from him, shrugging off the shirt, before undoing the zipper on her trousers and stepping out of those as well. She stood before him in black bra and g-string, with "stay-up" stockings clinging to her legs. His eyes roamed over her body, enjoying her full figure with particular emphasis on her large boobs, and the small triangle of material that clung between her legs. She could see the fabric of his trousers clearly outline his growing erection as she unclipped her front fastening bra and her large breasts were released. He grinned wickedly as she sucked the tip of one finger and used it to outline the dark, outer region of her nipples, before starting to alternate between them, squeezing the nipples themselves, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger.

She gasped slightly as she manuipulated her now erect and hard nipples, and as she groaned, Tom thought he could see a slight damp patch forming between her legs, soaking the satin material of the g-string at the junction of her sex. She confirmed his thoughts by sliding her other hand between her legs and running a finger along her slit through the material, soaking the fabric and making the moisture all the more visible, before bringing this finger to her mouth and sucking delicately on the juice that was lightly coating its tip.

"What shall we do now?" she enquired, reaching into her hold-all and producing two pairs of hand-cuffs and a 6" long vibrator. She handed these to Tom in an expectant manner before standing under the hoist he had described to her in the past. This overhead unit had a cross-bar attached to it onto which a sling could be attached to lift Tom to and from his wheelchair. The cross-bar, in turn, was hung from the overhead unit via a lifting mechanism that allowed the height of the bar to be adjusted.

Tom selected the correct control string to bring the bar down to his chest level, before instructing Lisa to go into his wardrobe and select three silk ties. The first was to be tied around her head, bandana style, while the other two were wrapped one around each wrist. She moved to stand directly in front of him, before sliding the tie down to cover her eyes and holding her hands out in front of her. She heard the rachet of the hand-cuffs, and felt the narrow metal bands encompass her wrists over the padding offered by the neck-ties around each fore-arm. A second rachetting sound followed and as she tried to move her hands, she realised that each wrist was now attached by the cuffs short length of chain to either end of the bar.

The mechanical noise of the hoist's electric motor was accompanied by a gentle but persistent tug on her wrists and soon her arms were held outstretched above her head, the muscles under her arms slightly stretched by the pull of the bar. She tried to resist, but of course, the hoist mechanism was capable of lifting a 20 stone person and her feeble attempts to lower the bar were no match for its ability. She stood there hopeless, wondering what he would do to her?

She could see nothing or what was happening, but heard the high-pitched whine as his electric wheelchair moved nearer to her. She felt baby-soft fingers caress her, touch her breasts, her nipples and then delicately slide down the length of her body, circling her belly buttons before stopping at the top of the elastic of her g-string. It continued its decent over the outside of this material, feeling the spongyness of her pubic hair trapped under the black satin fabric. His finger continued down lower, curving between her legs to follow her mound, eventually coming to her sensitive lips.

Tom could feel the moisture building between her legs as she got excited, anticipating his next move. The satin was already fairly moist in a patch surrounding her slit, and as his finger stroked along her length, more and more of this moisture saturated the flimsy material. She heard him sucking his finger and guessed he was savouring her flavour. The finger soon returned to tracing along her and this time, after a couple more strokes ventured to the elasticated leg opening of the panties. The elastic stretched to one side, and for the first time ever, Tom's fingers directly touched Lisa's now dripping pussy.

She flinched at his soft touch, and groaned expectantly as his fingers slide along her pussy's lips, smearing moisture over her full length. She started to grind her hips against his finger, longing for it to slide inside her and tease her inner walls, but her feeble attempts were rewarded by the finger being removed from the elastic of the underwear, leaving her momentarily without any stimulus.

The damp, and now slightly cold cloth returned to contact with her still dribbling pussy, sending a slight shiver through her spine. As she moaned her apology for attempting to please herself, Lisa was rewarded by a hand reaching up and cupping her right breast. It stroked her soft skin, before moving to her nipple which it lightly twisted to extract a quiet shriek, followed by pants of excitement. Again she was concerned when his hand stopped touching her.

Moments passed and she was about to enquire if anything was wrong when she felt a slap across her buttocks. He had just spanked her - not hard, but enough to slightly smart. She realised that the slap was probably as hard as his weak muscles could manage and it thrilled her that he was trying so hard to please, as his hand continued to beat across her bare backside.

Again, he stopped, pausing to regain some energy from the exertion of spanking her. She pleaded with him to continue touching her, and with this, she felt the nudge of his wheelchair's footrest against the inside of her leg. She took this as a cue to part her legs, and as she stood there, legs spread as wide as the limited arm room would allow, he positioned his wheelchair with his knees between her thighs.

She felt the elastic waistband of the g-string being stretched, and then heard two snips as scissors cut through the satin leg straps either side. He pulled the saturated material away, leaving her damp pussy to feel a chill as it was exposed to a slight draft running through his bedroom and his right forefinger slid along her slit again, gathering lots of girl juice from her lips. He sucked it eagerly in to his mouth, this time gaining a full appreciation of her flavour.

His finger lightly brushed her heavily swollen clit and started to rub it gently from side to side. She thrust her crotch towards him, longing for a firmer touch, but he just moved his finger with her pussy, not allowing the intensity to grow further. Then his finger found the small ring she had through her labia, and taking this firmly between his thumb and forefinger, he gently tugged and twisted at it; enough to make her squirm slightly from slight pain, but careful to do her no real damage.

Her lips were puffy and swollen, and literally oozed girl cum as he alternated between lightly brushing her clit with his baby-soft finger tips, tweaking the pussy ring and sliding a single finger inside of her to probe her inner walls. She groaned and begged, "Finish me off, finger me please??" in her broad Bristonian accent. "I wanna cum soooo badly!!", she panted, all the time trying to wriggle her hips, or move here legs to allow him firmer contact with her clit and deeper access inside her.

Her begging went unrewarded, and again, on the verge of her first orgasm, he stopped touching her, chuckling to himself, before placing one hand on each of her hips and bringing his mouth forward to greedily suck on a swollen nipple. She groaned again as he lapped on her ripe breasts, tonguing her pencil eraser like nipples, and grazing them with his teeth. "Oh god" she cried, as once again, he stopped, and this time made no effort to please here further. "Please?" she enquired again.

The room went silent; the only noise was her own panting. Then she heard the faint rustle of crinkling paper followed by a tearing sound. She felt something cool and hard stroke along her swollen lips, and initially thought he was going to use her vibrator on her. However, the object had hard ridges on it; a certain corrugated feel that she knew from other "food sessions" with previous lovers. As she felt the object, well greased with her own juices, probe against her opening, she knew he had a Mars bar in his hand.

As it teased her opening, she spread her legs slightly wider by forcing them around his wheelchair and her sopping wet pussy hungrily swallowed the confectionary. Within seconds he had worked it about half way inside her; the ripples along the top of the chocolate bar rubbed against her, bringing yet more stimulation to her already overwhelmed senses. He managed to stroke the food into her a few times, before her warmth made it start to soften and after a few more strokes, it started to go mushy, coating her lips with chocolate that later he would lick and savour from her pussy.

Even in this melted, more maliable state, the bar still stuffed her full, stretching her lips and walls pleasureably. Yet something was missing, the chocolate dildo failed to provide the thrill her loins yearned for. "Please finger me now!" she demanded, and with that instruction Tom's fingers turned their full attention to her clit, pressing firmly against her hood; rubbing vigourously first in small circles, and then in side-to-side and up-and-down motions. Her juices began to flow more freely and soon she was panting, breathless for air as his twitching finger drove her closer and closer to climax.

She could take it no more, and as she started to cum, her knees buckled from exhaustion. Fortunately her inner thighs were by now resting fairly well against Tom's own legs and she slipped but a few inches before the handcuffs took the strain and his spare arm wrapped around her waist to stop her falling further. She was suspended by the chains with the silk ties protecting the tender flesh of her wrists and her breasts pressing against Tom's face. His mouth gobbled on one nipple, now easily within his hungry reach.

As she hung from the chains, any stretching pains she experienced from the metal restraints tugging on her wrists were more than made up for by the waves of emotion that rushed over her, flushing her skin. The muscles of her pussy rippled with orgasm, gripping and crushing the melted Mars bar further, before the gush of girl cum lubricated the chocolate sufficiently for it to fall from her pussy into Tom's lap. Juice followed the mashed bar in a gush, soaking his trousers, although it was difficult to tell what made them wetter, Lisa's cum, or the dribbling precum from his own dick. She bucked in a frenzy of passion and as the waves of orgasm continued to crash over her, Tom thought he heard her mutter his name in amoungst the screams of extascy.

He pulled the hoist string to lower her arms, and unlocking the hand-cuffs, he released her arms. She wrapped them around him, clinging to him as his finger continued working her clit, bringing her down gently from such an awesome experience. As her breathing slowed to normal, they embraced and kissed - her trip really had been worth all the suspense!
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