Mothers friend, 100% true story with pic inside!!!

My mother recently turned 45, and to celebrate this we had a party at our house, we invited quite alot of people round to celebrate. Me, my mates, mothers mates and fathers mates. Party was going well when my mothers mate turned up and it suddenly took a massive turn, she wasnt the best looking but she had this thing about her, she looked right dirty. Anyway i took no notice and started to have a dance with my mates and a drink with a chat etc. I caught her looking over at me a few times and smiling but i thought she was just being friendly you know as its my mothers mate, night went on and i was taking a wee when she actually walked in on me and i was like "wow im in here" she laughed and said sorry then walked out. As i walked out the bathroom she said im sorry about that and kissed my cheek. After all this i couldnt handle it no more, while she was having a wee i walked in on purpose and caught her with her yellow knickers round her knees taking a piss and i said i could watch this all day, she laughed and said, give me an hour and you can come back to my place if you want but dont tell your mum ok. I was like ok definately. So an hour passed, we went to her place had a drink etc. Then she came onto me we started to have a kiss then i started to rub her pussy through her wet knickers, and basically it all went from there, we started shagging, we got the the stairs, i grabbed my phone and took this. Enjoy. 46 year old milf on the stairs :)
72% (23/9)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Nice pic, lucky guy, was she as dirty as you thought she was?
3 years ago
nice one mate
3 years ago
cant find the pict.
3 years ago
Story pic found
3 years ago
yup she look good