Mature woman i met on a night out...100% true

Unlike most people on here my storys are actually 100% true, i havent had sex with any teachers or anything like that but ive had my fair share of mature women in which you can aswell, you just need to look in the right places...

I was out with a few of the lads in town, went into a bar which was more attracted more of the older people, not just female male aswell. So me and 2 other lads go in, we get our drinks and sit down, we was chatting for at least a good hour when 2 women walked over to us and asked us if they could join us, to which we are far from rude and we said yeah, we just got talking and having a laugh as you do. anyway, 2 of my mates went to the bar whilst i was talking to these ladies as to be honest i can make a convo without the awkward silences. The 2 woman were actually nothing special, they werent your model matures with tanned skin, big tits etc. They were just your typical next door ladies but attractive. One was about 45 and the other was 51(as i later found out) but she NEVER in a million years looked 51. So i was talking to them they told me they had k**s, the 45 year old had 3 lads and the 51 year old had 2 girls (who were older than me!, im 19 btw) my mates come over with the drinks, they put them on the table and they say they are gunna go and sit with some other lads (who i knew) and this didnt bother me as they didnt exactly leave me, they was just in another room. So i got talking to the 51 year old asking her what she did and she was an estate agent, they was both immaculately dressed, the 45 year old had a dress and tights on and the 51 year old had leggings and a dress on. The 51 year old was telling me about the property trade being dead etc. Cut a long story short i end up with the 51 year old talking and she was ready for leaving as it was about 1-2 in the morning, so she asked her friend is she ready also and she said shes going to a club with this guy she got talking to, so i said to the 51 year old i will walk you to a taxi rank as i dont want you walking on your own which she was very nice about and thanked me, as did the 45 year old. We walked to the taxi rank which was quiet because it was a friday and not many people go to town on fridays, so we was waiting for the taxi and because she had a dress on she was cold so i borrowed her my zip up to put round her, 30 minutes later still no sign of a taxi, so we both decided to walk around to where the taxis where actually based which was a 15 minute walk, so we got talking and she was divorced as her ex husband used to cheat on her etc. Then we got to the the taxi rank and she turned round and said heres your jacket and she give me a little peck on the cheek to which i replied "is that all i get haha" then she came over and sank her lips on me kissing me with her tongue, then it was game over i was raging and lightheaded. And because of the alcohol id of never of said this sober i said lets go over here where its quiet, so we started to kiss again whilst i was feeling her bum i could instantly tell she was loving it and she was sex starved, i carried on rubbing her bum to which she returned the favour, then she moved her hand round to my jeans and got a firm grip of my cock to which she said, "you like it dont you" then i said "nothing better" then i put my hands down the front of her leggings and inside her french knickers i started to rub her pussy, oh my days this was absolutely unreal, ive had wet girls before but i could tell she aint had it for months, her juices were dripping onto my hand, i started to finger her (i managed to get 4 up, must be the k**s eh haha) after abit of fingering her she sucked me off for a few minutes then i said "stand up and turn round" so she did, i pulled her leggings down then her purple french knickers, i told her to suck my cock abit more to get it more wet, she clinched onto a drainpipe then i slowly inserted my penis into her wet vagina, she wasnt exactly smooth to be honest it was like she hadnt shaved for 4 days but this didnt stop me no way, i started to give it her then she started to moan saying " give it to me abit harder hun" so i responded and i could hear my balls slapping against her, we did that for about 5 minutes, then she turned around took her leggings off, pulled her knickers back up(her excuse was incase anyone came they couldnt see her "bits" and cocked her leg over my shoulder, to which i responded "jesus i didnt know people your age was flexible like that" she laughed and called me cheeky, so i puled her french knickers to the side and started to pound her really hard, and i could see her pulling faces and her leg what she was standing on started to quiver, next minute "whooshhh" she squirted all over my leg and bottom of my top this was unreal, a mature woman of 51 what squirts, after a few minutes i came too quickly and didnt have chance to put it in her mouth so it was abit of a rubbish job ended up in her neck and chest oh well still an amazing night....

PS matures are amazing, go to a bar, get speaking to one. Then you know the rest....
91% (17/2)
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1 year ago
I had my first mature in my early 20's, she would've bee in in her early 50's. She was no oil painting but i will NEVER forget the fucking that i got that night!
2 years ago
they are awesome it is to bad they just want young guys now
3 years ago
i once had an older lady who shocked the hell out of me. I agree, older ladies got it going on!
3 years ago
Good to see a boy doing his Christian duty helping those in need.
3 years ago
Great story Kev, Gotta love the older women - only done it once but it was certainly an experience.
3 years ago
Ever heard the older woman's expression,
"We don't swell, we don't tell, and we're grateful as hell."
So true
3 years ago
Nice story, I learned as a teen just how great older women were, and that most of them extremely horny. I enjoyed letting them take advantage of me :)
3 years ago
Thanks for the input Kevin. I agree about Older women!