Neighborly Excitement

My neighbor of a few doors down enjoys sharing pics and vids of his wife with me. She is unbelievably hot and has the boobs and pussy of a college girl. A few months ago he even let me have sex with her while he watched. Since then, she and i have hooked up to play around.

This morning, after my neighbor went to work, I walked over to her house for a bit of fun. She let me in and made some coffee. it didn't take long for me to walk up behind her and slide my hand down to her pussy. He once told me if you get a finger on her clitm she will never say no. So I made it happen. No sooner my finger was carressing her clit and she began to moan. We moved to the f****y room floor and I continued to massage her slit. I could feel the dampness increase around her pussy hole. I whispered that she was makng me so turned on and she moaned more.

It didn't take long for her to begin thrusting her hips in total orgasm. I move my finger to her opening to feel her pussy contracting around my finger. As she began to settle I removed my jeans and positioned myself between her legs. It only took 2 or 3 pushed to bury my shaft completely inside her dampened pussy. She moaned aloud as I entered. It felt so good, her slippery inner pussy wrapped tightly around my cock. I barely moved and held it in as deep as I could go. I love looking into the eyes of a woman, especially another man's wife as I release my sperm inside them. Tody was not different. Ihad jacked a bit earlier that morning to build up a good load to my neighbor. I didn't dissapoint. I couldn't hold it any longer. I too grunted as I began spilling shot after shot of fertile sperm into her. I counted 9 shots. I swear if I had a shot glass I would have filled it.

I held my self inside her for a bit until she felt my cum beginning to leak. She didn't want it to stain her carpet so we parted at that time.
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2 years ago
nice job...

always nice to have someone close to play with.