First time in panties

When I was around 11, I started to enjoy playing with myself. I didnt realize at first what I was doing, but I knew it felt soo good. When I was alone at home, I would get naked at walk around the house just playing with my cock and feeling so excited. It was during one of these times that I started going into my s****rs room and started looking through her things, she was a little yonger than myself. I felt so naughty but also so excited, I looked through her drawers and so all her undies. At first I would just kinda rummage through them, but something told me that maybe putting them on would be a good thing. I started to put on her panties at that time and immediately felt so wonderful that I came! I kept the panties on for a while as I walked around the house. I felt kinda girly but I liked it a lot. As other times became available to me, I put on more and more things including my moms things. I wore girdles and stockings, bras and slips. I also started to put on bathing suits and even my moms heels. I loved seeing myself in the mirror all dressed and soo hard too. I have been dressing on and off since. I so love to feel girly and femme!
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3 years ago
bring backs good memories. thanks
3 years ago
like this take a read of mine sometime?