sharing my girlfriend part 2

so im watching my new super sexy looking girlfriend deepthroating our new friend and its making me throb just looking at her!,shes still got her bright orange bikini botoms on and her saliva covered tits are bouncing around as she gasps and chokes on his cock.
j is still wanking me,its only then i notice another guy walking sharpishly over to us,he has a huge hardon and j has seen him.
he falls to his knees,with one quick pull off j's bikini string its off,his hands are exploring her pussy and already feeling inside her,shes moaning now even more,i grab her hair and pull her head over to me
"open slut!" i shout and she opens her mouth as wide as possible,i then f***e my cock into her waiting mouth,her eyes bulged but she understood and started sucking harder now.our second new friend shall we call him harry was bending j over now,she was standing naked.he put his tongue inside her and said she was a tasty slut,he then started to rub then spank her,gently then very hard and loud!she squeeled after each spank but was muffled because of my cock in her mouth.
he then spat on his dick and fed j his thick long cock inside her,she screamed the whole length,he spanked her red arse to control her then fed some more in,he then glided it out and then slipped it back in,her tight pussy was getting used to and enjoying his dick,he started to get faster now as my other friend we shall call him pete was eager to have j's mouth again,"open" he shouted,j opened her mouth as wide as possible and we both fed our dicks into her mouth! "you little slut" i smiled
pete leant forward "kiss me" he said to j
j pouted to kiss
pete spat in her face,"slut!" he shouted
i didnt think that was too good but j looked at him and laughed,he spat in her mouth this time and she gladly swallowed it!
all the white harry was fucking my sexy girlfriend
i grabbed her pert nipples and twisted and pulled them
harry was pushing in and out of j's wet pussy he had worked a finger into her ass now and she looked hot and sweaty,her ass was red raw from being spanked and she still had spit on her face,
pete was now moaning as j was wanking him off,she knew what he wanted and had her mouth open,she was stroking his balls at the same time,he arched his back and moaned as he sprayed thick lumps of warm cum over j's face,sheswalloewd what went in her mouth and licked her lips,
harry was pumping harder and harder now he grabbed j's hands and told her to hold her ass cheeks open,she was groaning loud now as he pumped her full of cum he grabbed and squeezed her big juicy tits hard making them red too.
he pushed into her a final time then pulled his huge dick out,letting his cum run down her leg.
she looked up at me and smiled,come fuck my ass she smiled!
i had never been inside her ass before so i was going to enjoy this
i pushed her onto her knees,she grabbed her ass cheeks again and i eased my cock against her ass hole,i spat on it and pushed,she baulked at first but on the second push relaxed herself and i was in.
our 2 new freinds were watching nodding and smiling as i thrust my cock deeper into her
"you dirty little slut,you always wanted a gangbang,you fucking whore,im going to fuck you so hard" i said as i thrust harder and deeper again,i pulled her her back hard with one hand and reached round and squeezed her big tits with the other,"yes......yes.....yes do me now" she screamed
iat last i gave in and shot my cum inside her.mmmmmmm
j was panting as i pulled out.she got up and smiled at us all
she then ran off over the sand dune,i took off after her just in time to see her jump into the sea with her arms in the air and a big smile on her face!
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1 year ago
Great second part - well done.
2 years ago
We really enjoyed the second half, made us nice and horny!
2 years ago
great story, more more please
2 years ago
Yes and I can tell you about it too :)
2 years ago
Love it. What a slut she sounds like. Would have loved to ha e been one of your friends
2 years ago
man thats hot Have you shared her since then?