Michelle: Part 1

After I came and then pulled out of Leah, she immediately rolled over and went to sl**p. I laid on my back, Michelle only a few feet away in the next bed. Had she really been watching us fuck? Had it excited her, enough to make her jack off? I wasn't sure, nor did I know how I'd ever find out.

I decided to take a shower, so I crawled past Michelle's bed (she also appeared to be asl**p), and descended the loft ladder. Since Leah and Michelle had a private bathroom -- just the luck of State U's strange dorm architecture -- I didn't have to get dressed for a trip down the hall. The State U showers took a minute (or 5) to warm up, so I closed the door behind me and stared at myself in the mirror, collecting my thoughts. I then went over to see if the shower was a bearable temperature. As I stuck my hand into the freezing cold water, the bathroom door opened. It was Michelle, wearing a long t-shirt -- and only a long t-shirt.

"Oh, sorry," she said. "I thought you were in the shower."

"Just waiting for it to warm up," I said as I reached for a towel to cover myself.

"I just need to piss," she said, and I finally mustered up the courage to reply: "Go ahead."

"Are you getting in the shower?"

"After it warms up."

"Well, what are you going to do while I'm on the toilet?"

More courage: "Watch you."

"Oh yeah?"

"It seems only fair."

"Why's that?"

"Well, you've seen me naked numerous times. You've even seen me fucking your roommate, in flagrante delicto as it were. Yet I've never even seen your breasts."

"Do you want to see them?"


She pulled her pink t-shirt over her head to remove them in their full, gorgeous glory. (She wasn't wearing a bra -- just a pair of white cotton panties.) My jaw almost immediately dropped at the sight of her pink, incredibly puffy nipples.

"Do you like them?"

"Oh. My. God," I said. She giggled.

"I really do need to piss now, dear. Are you really going to watch?"

"If you'll let me."

"I will, but I need something in return," she said as she lowered her panties to the floor. Unlike Leah, who had an untrimmed bush, Michelle's pussy was completely shaved except for a small triangle of hair right above it.

Michelle sat on the toilet and spread her legs. "Do you want a close-up?" I did, and got down on my knees so I could watch her pee.

"Now about what I want in return," she said when she had finished. "You'll notice that we're out of toilet paper, so I want you to lick my cunt clean. Will you do that?"

"Of course," I responded. Leah hated the idea of oral sex, giving or receiving -- and I had never dreamed of tasting a girl's piss -- but I was so incredibly turned on that I would have done anything she asked at this point. "But I've never done that before. Will you tell me if I'm doing it right?"

Getting feedback from Michelle wasn't a problem. She loved everything I did -- moaning in a whisper, so no one would hear -- while also guiding me around her beautiful vagina. I tried all that I'd seen or read about: I licked her clit gently, I stuck my tongue in her hole, I kissed her pussy lips like I would kiss the lips on her face. But in the end, she really just wanted me to lap at her cunt like a dog in heat. When I did that, she grabbed my hair and starting grinding her pussy against my mouth. "This is called mouth-fucking, and it's going to make me cum in your face," she whispered. Then the dam burst, almost literally -- my mouth was filled with the pungent yet sweet taste of her pussy juice. Her body convulsed again and again in spasms of pleasure as she leaned back on the toilet seat.

"You've been such a good boy," she said. "Now it's your turn."

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good continuation