my life. the early years

My Life
Chapter one
The early years
I was born in the early sixties on a farm about two miles from anywhere, I never knew my mother because two days after giving birth to my younger b*****r something happened and she was rushed into intensive care where they tried everything to save her but she slowly slipped away. At this time I was only three years old and to be truthful have not many memories of her only what I’ve been told by either my dad or my three older s****rs, my s****rs bought up my b*****r and myself because dad had to run the farm and get enough money to buy us things, we were really a close f****y and did not feel uncomfortable by seeing each other naked from time to time, as I grew up more I would see my s****rs walking around and sunbathing in the large garden topless and sometimes naked but it never seemed out of place, my older s****r Ann, would wonder around the house most of the time topless and sometimes completely naked, she was sixteen and had a fantastic body with really huge tits and protruding nipples, I very often wondered why dad never said anything to her to get something on, but as I got older I thought he must have enjoyed seeing her and my other two s****rs like that, at first I did not realize about sex but as I became older I started to be more aware of my body, at the age of thirteen my tits started to develop and I had my first period, it was my s****rs that got me though that and explained what was happening to me.
Than one day, I had my first sexual encounter and my life changed completely, I remember I came home from school early because I was not feeling very well, I came into the kitchen and as usual had a drink and took my coat off, I remember that day it was really very hot, and I was sweating, between my legs was very warm and damp also from sweat even though I never wore knickers, really used to hate those things always made me itch and I used to hate scratching down there that always made things worse, today however, I only had a short mini skirt on, and I knew every time I sat down I had to be careful not to flash my pussy off to anybody who was trying to look up my skirt. In our kitchen we had tall stools at the breakfast table and I sat on one of those not thinking about anything really and differently not about sex, I was facing the back door and saw dad coming up the garden path, there was no need for me to feel uncomfortable even if I had been sitting here stark naked in front of my dad would have been alright because we were all used to being that way with each other, dad came in and I noticed him look at my lap, he had no top on and an old pair of trousers which he used to wear when he was working on the car or tractor, he said “cor, its really hot out there today Kath, anyway what are you doing home so early?” he pulled a stool up just opposite me and sat down, I said “you are right, I’m sweating just sitting here, came home early because I was feeling sick and had a headache” as I looked across at dad I noticed he had a large ripe in his trousers between his legs and his cock was just poking out slightly, I could see just the tip of it but it was enough to see the slit in the top of it, he said “take some tablets, there’s some in the cupboard” I thought to myself “yes, why did I not think about that” as I moved to get up I saw dads eyes light up and I knew he had seen my naked pussy, but I did not think anything of it because he had seen it many times before, I took two tablets and sat back down on the stool, looking back across at dad I was surprised to see he must have seen my cunt because he was getting excited, his penis was getting larger and poking out even more than a few seconds earlier, I said “Dad, you have a big rip in your trouser and your thing is starting to fall out” with that he tried to hide him but couldn’t because it fell out more, I looked at his face and for some reason he seemed to be going red, he then crossed his legs but instead of hiding it, it poked out more down between his legs, at this stage I don’t think he realized just how much was showing, I could see very clearly most of it poking out under him, his purple nob seemed to get huge and darker in colour, his foreskin was f***ed back towards his trousers and looked like it was really being starched under the pressures of his weight and the confinement it was under, they say small things come tightly wrapped, looking at his cock I wondered how it really was, I said to dad “don’t that hurt squashing it like that, how big is it anyway?, you know you don’t have to hide him it’s not the first time I’ve seen him, maybe not that big or hard, he’s really nice looking” dad said in a shaky voice “it does not hurt honestly, the times you have seen him before he was only little about two inches long, you can see he is much bigger now though, that’s because I was thinking about something else which made me feel rather randy and I’d say he’s about six inches now, you know what sex is don’t you, I suspect you are all told about it in school, well what you’re not told is when a man sees the top of a woman’s legs and imagines what they have under their bras it makes them sexy, whether or not they are f****y or not” I said “but you have not seen in my bra or what’s at the top of my legs, have you” dad said “Kath, when you got up I did see your slit but only briefly, sure did look nice and sexy though, that skirt don’t hide a lot either does it” I thought to myself, I maybe a cock teaser but let’s see what you think of this then and slowly opened my legs, I knew he had a good view of my pussy and just the thought of him looking up there was enough to make my pulse beat a little faster, what made me feel really sexy was knowing he was looking at me as someone making him really sexy plus a person he wanted to fuck the ass off, believe me I was really very ready for that too and just wanted him touching me all over, I never knew what it was like for some strange hands playing with your private parts, today I really wanted to find out though, even if it was with my farther.
Without him noticing I reached slowly around my back and just watching his expressions, I undid my fastener holding my skirt, the zip fastener slid down without any help, I knew now if I stood up it would fall down, my stool was right by the breakfast table, with my back I leaned against it, hoping my skirt would pull up to reveal my shaven pussy to him but not realizing just how far it did pull up, I pretended at first that I did not notice, then as I looked around and supposedly noticed that everything I had was on show, I tried to pull my skirt back over my private parts, I knew if I pulled my skirt hard enough it would come right off revealing now what was a slightly wet pussy, I had a nice fanny even if I say so myself, many times I have measured it against my fingers and found from the start of my slit at the top to the opening of my fanny it was the same length as my second finger including nail. At first I thought dads eyes were going to pop, he could not take them off my pussy, he moved his legs and his cock stood to attention and shoot up between his legs, now it looked very big and I could see a tiny crystal of juice in the slit at the top of it, I also moved and pulled my skirt right off down over my thighs and down over my legs, as I did I watched dads cock as it jerked up and down a few times, at first I thought he was going to shoot his load of spunk before I even had chance to play with it, he grabbed it in one hand and started rubbing it back and forth, I stood up, now right in front of him with only my shirt on, I reached down between my legs and started fingering myself on my clit, dad pulled his cock faster with long strokes, with my other hand I slowly started undoing the buttons on my shirt, starting at the bottom and working up, as I got to the button that was the first one under my breast, it undid easerly because my shirt was really starched tight across the top of them, I may have only been thirteen but my bra size was 38DDs, most of the time they were bursting to get out, the next button was the last one before my shirt was open all the way up, my fanny was by now starting to feel wet, I undid it and opened the front right up, anyone could see my breasts heaving up and down with my breathing, I managed to get my arm out of the shirt, it slid down on the arm that I was play with my fanny with, quickly moving that arm it fell off onto the floor, I quickly put it back and made sure dad could see my fingers slipping inside my wet pussy, I reached up with , my other hand and found the clip holding the front of my bra, I slowly undid that too, but still held on to the two cups my tits where now really heaving and my breathing was harsh, by this time I was really excited and wanted his cock inside me so much, I let the left side go and the cup shoot around my tit fell out and hang on my chest swinging slighty,my nipples were hard as little rocks, I pulled the right hand cup right back , dads eyes were sparkling like gems, I got the bra off but dad had already reached around and took hold of my left breast and was playing with my nipple, he was rolling it between two fingers with his other hand he let go of his cock and took hold of my other hand placing it on his cock, then letting go of my hand, he placed it on my mound (Labia Majora) which was clean shaven , his hand was gently sliding over the top toward my clitoris and I could feel his fingers were teasing my clit gently rubbing it and pressing against my urethra (where girls wee comes out), the circler motions were sending pulsating feelings right though the lower part of my body and all I could think about was getting his cock inside me, I could feel his fingers sliding between my (Labia Minora) lips but not going into me yet, his penis was very wet and hard and I had this overwhelming feeling to pull his cock until I could make it reach right into my fanny, I really wanted him inside me, on several occasions I felt his fingers playing around my perineum a very sensitive place on most women between their fanny opening and ass, as he was gently moving his fingers over it I was getting some really nice feelings shooting up though my fanny and ass, my pussy was really wet now and so was dads penis, he said it was only six inches long when fully hard, but it sure felt bigger and as thick as a banana, basically the same shape too, dads cock was slightly bent just right for fucking me standing up I thought at the time but still I pulled it, my dad loved sucking my tits and was pulling most of them into his mouth, he then turned me around and made me bend over the stool, at first I felt his cock touch my ass and slid up and between my bottom cheeks, however I could feel his shaft sliding over my ass, he moved slightly back and his wet nob was on my ass hole and I thought he was going to give my bum a good fucking, but no he pushed forward and with my juices and his, his cock slid slightly down a little and opened my fanny up, I knew his nob was mostly inside me, it felt really huge, then a second I felt him pull back again, and this time he pushed harder and I felt him enter me, my breasts shoot forward and I reached down and started licking my nipples, every time I let them go they swung back and forth with dads movement as he pushed his penis further and further into my cunt, he gripped my hips and pulled me towards him as he did his balls bounced off my ass, which also felt really sexy, his cock was slipping in and out easily now, we were both soaking wet all I could do was watch my tits swinging as he fucked me, I felt his grip tighten on my hips and his nails dig into my skin just before I felt something really warm shoot up into me, a second later he really pulled me back onto his cock just as his cock started pumping and throbbing inside me, he seemed to have loads of spunk which shoot right up into me at first really warm, as his penis slowed down pumping and he stopped fucking me and just let his cock inside, I could feel his spunk seeping out between his cock and my fanny, it dripped down over my ass hole and onto the floor, I looked at it under the stool and what struck me strange was, when it first came out of his cock it looked white, but as it dripped down it seemed to be clear, I remember how cold it was too.
His cock was now slowly shrinking and slipping out of my pussy, I heard him say “Kath, that was really very good you sexy thing, but you know it was wrong for both of us don’t you, if you say anything to anyone we would never be able to do it again and other people wound not understand, so shall we make it our secret just between you and I, you can still do anything you like and if you want it again, we’ll find a way, what do you say” I said “you bet, that was the best bit of enjoyment I’ve ever had and cannot wait for it to happen again”
To be continued

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
Nice story. Bet he was doing the other sisters, too, wasn't he. Thanks for posting.