my first sexual encounter

My life
Chapter one
My first sexual encounter
I was only very young when my dad moved to a larger city in England, he said it was because of mum dying and there were always things that reminded him of her, she passed away after giving birth to my younger b*****r, apparently something happened after she gave birth and was rushed into intensive care, they tried everything to save her but in the end there was nothing more they could do and she slipped away. I have two b*****rs and seven s****rs, we live in a large house with a huge garden surrounded by a large wooden fence, all my s****rs love sunbathing topless in the summer and can be found in the garden, sometimes completely naked. It was nothing for us as a f****y to see each other completely naked, even dad wound get up in the middle of the night for a pee, and without thinking walk to the toilet naked and sometimes his Willy would be sticking out in front looking really hard, so it was something we never found strange or embarrassed about. From an early age I used to think about sex, for a girl it seemed unusual because everyone used to say only boys had sex on their minds twenty – four hours a day, but I was always thinking about it, it all started one day when I went into dads room to tidy up a little, I firstly changed his sheets on the bed but as I was doing it found a dirty magazine under the pillow, it was open on a page with this woman who had massive tits and was lead on a couch with her legs wide open showing everything she had, at first I wondered why dad had such a magazine then realized he must have had it for company, not even giving it a thought about relieving himself, I never gave it a second thought about my dad lying in bed completely naked wanking himself off and Cumming over his tummy looking at this naked woman in the magazine, I sat on the edge of his bed and looked though the magazine and read some of the stories inside it, I did not realize though but as I was reading it, I was gently rubbing myself between my legs, I could feel my pussy though my shorts, as I read on, my hand slipped up under the leg of my shorts and I was fingering my pussy which felt a little wet, it was so strange really because I was reacting and doing the things I was reading about and getting these really strange feeling flooding though my body. This woman I was reading about loved playing with herself and walking about the house nude, just like me and the rest of our f****y, her first sexual encounter was when she was thirteen years old, and she was caught having a shower by her dad who was in his sixty’s, apparently she had just soaped herself up and was starting to wash between her legs, her dad was stood in the bathroom door with his trousers down by his ankles, his cock was hard and he was wanking his tool, at first she never noticed him, until he started moaning, she turned around really quick, slipping and almost falling against him, she grabbed at anything to stop her fall and grabbed his cock and balls, her dad shouted at her because her nails had dug into his foreskin and balls, she managed to save herself though, with the sudden shock though to her dads private parts made him shoot his load of sperm right into her face and down over her tits, she watched his white spunk mix with the water and float down the plug hole, when it came to the part where she started sucking the juices off his cock, I realized I had pulled my shorts down and my cunt was in full view of anyone coming into dads room, I put the magazine back and looked around to see if he had anymore, and found a pile in the wardrobe, I thought to myself he’s not going to miss one or two and took them back to my room putting them into my cupboard I would look at them later, I felt down inside my shorts and found my pussy was really wet and decided to take them off, underneath I never believed in wearing knickers because they always made me sweat and itch, even bra’s I hated too. It was now about dinner time and I knew no one would be home yet so I thought I would have something to eat and went down stairs, not even thinking about being naked from the waist down, in the kitchen I started making something to eat and not thinking I accidently tipped my coke over my top, it made me laugh because I watched it drip off my top and run down between my legs, down the inside of my legs and onto the floor, I looked at my top and could see right though it my nipples and tits looked huge with my top sticking tightly to them, it felt really uncomfortable so I took it off, wiping my breasts in the towel, I was now completely naked but felt really comfortable about it too, plus knowing or thinking no one would be home, I got hold of an old cloth and bent down (not realizing or thinking about it really) that my whole bottom was facing the kitchen door, as I started wiping the coke off the floor I felt something touch my back side, at first it felt like something had fallen down and just brushed me, then I felt an hand touching my pussy, it was two fingers then a whole hand, I jumped but did not straighten up, I looked between my legs and could see someone, a man, behind me, and the only one I could think about was dad, then as I watched I saw their trousers falling down and something warm and soft but very hard on my ass, not pressing in or anything but just resting there, as I tried to see who it was I could feel his cock slowly moving by my pussy and knew one way or another I was going to have this huge thing inside me before too long, I started playing with my tits but could only do it with one hand, than I heard this voice saying “Kathy, what a body you have for a f******n year old” it was dads voice and I knew he was as excited as I was, he was just easing the tip of his penis just at my pussy, after a few times of him going back and forth I waited for him to come close and pushed back as hard as I could, his cock slipped into me further then he thought it would, I could feel him sliding on the walls to my virginal passage, he really felt huge and at first it really hurt but the excitement of having a man’s cock inside was something else, he started moving back and forth as he did the pain eased and started to become very intense, the only thing I could do was pull and play with one breast at a time or watch them swing back and forward, my nipples were brushing the carpet which was making them hard and seemed to be longer than before, as I looked between my tits it was such a turn on watching and feeling his balls bouncing off my clit, my lips were open and seemed to rap around dads shaft has he pushed deeper inside me, as he pulled back I noticed he had what seemed like bl**d over his cock, I did not care though because the feeling that were flooding though my body were unbelievable, and I could not care if it was my dad, b*****r or the gardener, you don’t look at the mantel piece when poking the fire and were sex is concerned it’s only human nature to fuck and reproduce, like anything living on this planet we are all here for one thing, do anything living thing worry about who or what is fucking them, this i****t thing is only someone sitting in an office somewhere thinking it’s against the law to have it off with your mother, farther, b*****r or s****r and I bet if their daughter, son came in naked with everything showing they wouldn’t feel sexy, bl**dy liars if they say they didn’t get an hard on or touch there self’s up. Dad’s cock was right in and I could feel his balls bouncing off my clit, I felt him take a grip on my bum and dig his nails into my buttocks, pulling me harder onto his penis, then I felt something very warm shoot into my pussy, a second later his cock started thumping and pumping loads of spunk deep up inside me, at first I felt it going deep into me then slowly stopping and seeping out between his cock and the walls of my pussy, it felt really cold as it slowly ran down and over my lips and clit, dad still had his cock inside me but I could feel it slowly shrinking and slipping out. he said “baby, I’m so sorry for doing that, it’s that long since I saw a naked woman showing so much of her fanny off, my cock went hard so fast I just could not help it, you are so beautiful and sexy” as I stood up I kissed dads cock right on the end of him and could taste his spunk, I said “Dad, look at the bl**d on you cock, you know I was a virgin don’t you, but you don’t have nothing to worry about what we just did, I will never tell anyone, this is our little secret and you can always think to yourself that you took my virginity” dad was reaching down pulling his trousers up and I watched as his penis got pulled into its hiding place then locked in by a zip fastener, I walked back into the kitchen and made us both a drink, taking it back out to dad, who by now was sitting on the settee and watching me, said “Kathy, you should put some clothes on, and have a bath” I said “I’m never want clothes on again, want to wash my back” I walked out of the room still naked but I could feel dads eyes burning into my bottom, I went into the bathroom and ran the bath, and got into it, lying in the nice warm, soapy water I relaxed and shut my eyes, I could still see my dad penis poking out of his trousers as he put him away. Dad spoke to me and I realized he was in the door way, he said holding his whisky “Kath, you know what we did was wrong don’t you, daughter and farther having sex, don’t say anything to your s****rs or b*****rs they will not understand, we will keep this our little secret just you and I O K” I said “I wouldn’t tell anyone anyway, what we did was really good and if you want to do it again I will always be willing, the feelings you gave me were fantastic, and we will keep it between us, no one else” I moved all the soap bubbles and said “do you really like these dad” he said “what do you think, you have a great pair of tits” he went back out of the bathroom and I heard him going back down stairs.
To be continued

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2 years ago
Great story very hott
2 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
very sexy & hot
3 years ago
very hot story. hope you continue to write.