sex on the lawn part 2

Sex on the lawn
Chapter 2
On the way to a new life
As I was in my kitchen I got two tins of Lager and light a fag, then I went back outside as I walked past my car Tammy started to laugh, by now she had no clothes on at all and her pussy shorn in the sunshine like a star, “what’s so funny” I asked “I’ve always wanted to see what a man’s cock looked like wondering around in the open air semi hard and shining and what that s****r of mine would say if she could see us now” she said “I don’t really care because you married the wrong one, and at last I have done something which I’ve wanted to do for years” “was it worth it” I asked “oh yes every second of it was just fantastic, even touching him was something I’ve only ever dreamt about” with that I gave her tin of Lager and the fag, “Tammy I’ve always thought you had a fantastic body, and now I know” with that she started to get a bit close to her pussy with the fag and said watch this, “have you ever seen a smoking pussy” she them put the fag just inside her pussy lips and seemed to suck in with her body, took the fag back out and sure enough, smoke started to come out between those lips and she said, “look you’ve set my cunt on fire” she then opened her tin of Lager and screamed because it sprayed over those beautiful firm tits and was running down towards the valley of the gods. I started watching it fill a lovely belly button on a lovely flat tummy, and slowly go down her thighs. I kneeled down and Tammy tipped some of her drink over my cock and balls, and said that’s what you get for laughing at me, so I started to lick her now wet tits and nipples, I love licking and sucking nipples (maybe it’s because I was breast feed when a baby) and was really enjoying putting my tongue under her breasts and licking up towards her nipples and then nibbling and sucking them and running my tongue down her fantastic belly just stopping where her pussy starts. “Keithnnn” she said “Lets fuck off together; I know you were leaving in three weeks because John your mate told me so, even if you didn’t know how much I love you at the time, I’ve lived for this day, and in my wildest dreams I never thought it would be so fantastic, when I was young people used to say one day Mr right will come one day and you will know right from the start, well my Mr right came many years ago and until today I never thought I could ever feel so overjoyed, let’s go today.” I said “Tammy the reason I came to Birmingham in the first place was because of you, remember the time when we first meet in Worcester, I feel in love with you then, you were and still are the most beautiful woman I have ever had been lucky enough to meet, how Sue and I ever got together is just mind boggling, and yes you are right I am leaving in three weeks just waiting for the rest of my money to come though” she said “no need to wait I have enough money for us to last, it’s my share of what mum and dad left me when they passed away, Ray (my husband) don’t know about it, if he did he would only drink it and waste it, I phoned my friend up after Ray beat me this morning, and she said they have a cottage in Somerset which I can have today if I need it, let’s go and start our own lives, I want your babies and no one else, that why I asked you to leave it in today, I want to be part of you forever” “Please let’s take this chance I love you and have loved you from the side lines for so long now, please” I kissed both of her tits and had a good long lick of a very wet pussy, she said “you’re not going to do it are you” I said “no way----------am I not going to lose the best thing in my life again” “let’s do it now” she said we will be doing this tomorrow somewhere else and I don’t like putting clothes on in my our house, naked all-day every day, and don’t try to ever make me ware knickers that is something I never do, not even on my period. I said “we will have to get some clothes and put petrol in the car” she got up and put her T shirt on, her bra she had in her hand, her skirt was up by my car, and I watched a snow white bottom shining in the sun because it was still soaking wet from the Lager, she said where is your shorts, she picked them up in the kitchen, I put on a clean T shirt she came over and put my small knob in her mouth and after about two or three minutes, kissed him and said you have got a lot more of that to come just wait and see, I love sex with you. Tammy got my shorts and her bra and pissed over both of them and put them by the fridge, she said “they will know who they are from and what has happened, let’s go and get some of my things and go please” she said “don’t worry about getting your money from the bank, we can do that over there, I have nine hundred pound in my bag because I could never go back to that wife beater again”.
We got in the car and had one last look at the lawn where only half hour earlier we had made love and it seemed like a dream, she said “don’t worry we have a life time of making love to each other that way, or anyway if it comes to that, let’s go to my house and pick one or two things up. I said “are you sure about this” she said “I have never been so sure about anything in my life before, this is something I’ve wanted for so long, there is nothing in this world that is going to change my mind now, I have always loved you even though you never knew until now, why did you think every time I sat with you around, I made sure what you could see and hoped you would either say something or wait and take me”. We pulled up outside Tammy’s and went in, as soon as I got through the front door you could see something had happened this morning, she went upstairs and after a few minutes came down with a few things in a bag, went in the living room and got her phone book which she asked me to find her friends number in Somerset. She then phoned up her friend and said she has found someone who is going to rent her cottage from today and where it was, her friend must have known she was going to phone her because she told her the key would be in the wheelbarrow around the side of the cottage and she could have it for as long as she liked. I heard Tammy say she was never going to come back to the midlands, and she has found happiness and someone she has always wanted to be with at last. Tammy said “Keith write this in that phone book, the name of the cottage is called Rose tree cottage it is on the outskirts of a small village called Bradford-on-tone, the other side of Taunton, turn off for wellington, then Bradford-on tone, to the south of the village cottage is by itself very nice,” putting down the phone Tammy said, “have you got everything you need, passport, bankbook or whatever” I said “I am looking at everything I need” Tammy said “ before we go get your cock out” I said “we haven’t got time now” she laughed and said “piss in this” giving me a half bottle of whiskey, after she put the top back on and said “I hope he chokes on that, let go baby” putting her things in the car we left and both of us knew we would never be coming back to the Midlands.
In the car, on the way south I looked at what I knew was my true love, everyone have said over the years, when you meet the right you will know and I knew, looking at her sat next to me I just glanced down at her lap because she was opening a packet of sweets and smiled because she had changed her skirt but it was still short enough for me to see the top of her thigh and the start of her pussy, I said babe “you have the most lovely thighs and body, I wish I could look at it all day” she said “ you can and will because I hate warring clothes just look at this” she started fingering the top of her pussy, and said “I bet you never had a hard on while driving the car have you sexy” she was right to, with her other hand she reached over and started to gently rub and do little circles around my Harding cock and said “how does that feel babe” all I could say was “I hope you never stop doing things like that, you can do anything with him you like if it’s going to feel like this don’t ever stop babe” then I could feel my zip opening and her fingers sliding in and just touching the end of my dick, she smiled and said “Mmmmnice he feels really lovely and can’t wait to come out and be in his new home can he” I said “ yes, you can leave him in for as long as you like and yes I love you playing with him,” she said ” I will play until you say not to or your too old Ha Ha” I could feel the warm air on my cock and had a quick look down and yes he was out and as hard as a rock, Tammy had the skin on the back of my cock and was gently rubbing it between her two fingers and was pushing her our hand down the crack of her fanny and said “ can we make babies tonight, I want all your babies please, please cum inside of me all the time and push him as far in as possible don’t waste anything, she was now giving me a hand job and it was all I could do to watch the road, all I could say was “I love this and I am coming” with this she quickly pulled her other hand in a cup shape and caught my spunk in it, I was very surprised at how much spunk came out of me, she said it was a shame that it was not deep inside her, but said it soon would be and started licking it and drinking it, she said “tastes fantastic and I hope you have some more for later tonight” she moved back around in her seat and parted her thighs and nice long pussy lips and rubbed what was left in them, She said “I would never have dreamed of doing anything like that with that thing I had, you make me feel so sexy, many times I have played with my cunt imagining it was you and now we only have each other it’s like I’m dreaming and feels like all of my wildest dreams and fantasies have come true, many times it has felt like my heart would break thinking I would never end up with the only person in the world that I really knew in my heart, soul and mind I loved, because we were both were married to the wrong person, she said “you know babe, I would give up everything I have, money, personal things everything just to be with you” I said “I know my lovely, I feel the same way about you but never thought this day or the rest of my life I wound ever be able to spend with you, my sweet” I said “at the next village we will get some food and a few bottles of wine, we are not that far away from the cottage now only about 15 minutes. Anyway, now did you find out about this cottage, sexy” I said “Kate and I have been friends for years now, we started school together, and have been friends ever since, she had to move down here about four years ago because her mum was very ill, in fact she was dying and there was nothing anyone could do, two years ago she passed away. Kate was lost, if you can remember about that time I went on holiday, well Ray thought so anyway, this is where I came because she had no one else to turn too, I helped her back on her feet, and she always said if there was anything she could ever do to keep me away from that thing she would, when I phoned her this morning and told her he had beaten me again, she started crying, and asked if I had the nerve to talk to you and explain how I felt about you and to leave that wife beater, I told her I was coming to you at last because she knew how I felt about you, every time I phoned her it was Keith this and Keith that, she told me years ago I was madly in love with you, and she is so right too, if you didn’t feel the same way I was never going to go back with that thing, she told me to make a clean break but make sure you knew how much you have meant to me and she was sure you must have felt the same because when two people meet they know right from the start, she was so right, I told her he would never hit me again”. She said “Tammy you are my best mate and have been there for me for so many years, come and live here with your true love, you can have Mums cottage for as long as you like, I have only been there two or three times because it hurts so much just remembering things, I could not sell it in case some stranger gets it, but I can give it to the s****r I never had and you and you future husband can bring your f****y up there, it’s yours if you want it” “oh yes come to think about that we have got to get a new bed and some other things, most of the stuff is still there, Kate only moved personal stuff of her Mums, anyway “ she said “ we will be there after just going through this village, as you come out of the village it is the last cottage on the right, just pull in though the opening in the hedge, my bum is gone to sl**p and I am dying for a piss, want to come and suck off the droppers”, I said “yes please sexy” “Tammy” I said “I have always wanted you to be mine but never thought it possible, I only wish we had done this years ago babe” she said “turn in here my babe, and yes I know how much you think of me” we pulled into a cottage with red roses growing over a pouch and all the front painted white, there was a nice, rather large lawn with roses growing wild , and a night mare for a gardener with weeds taking over most of the flower beds, but we knew one way or another this cottage was going to be ours.

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