Dirty lesbian fun with a friend of mine ;)

Kelly is my name and I have a very exciting love affair with my woman Jen. Ive been blessed to have a thick 6 inch cock and a tight pussy. She loves it when i kiss on her gently as she moans grinding her warm pussy on me. Her sweet skin and red hair drives me insane along with her big giggly ass shaped like the perfect apple. Straddling me as I sit on the sofa she slaps my face with her big tits as i smile my fingers play with her wet cunt. I can feel her hands on my thighs slidding up to my semi hard cock dripping precum clear and slimmy. Sitting back she undoes my pants and jerks me as we kiss softly. Pulling off my top she fondled my hard nipples. Bucking as she laid on top of me she licks my lips as I wait for her to suck on my peter.

Taking me into her mouth she licked my wide head. watching me I spit out just a little cream as she opens my legs and fingers my hole while sucking my shaft. standing her up i removed her pants sitting her on the edge of the sofa so i can give her lips a good kissing and sucking. Pulling her lips apart I tongued her clit and finger fucked her slow as she moaned and bucked.

"Come and stick me mama she says". Holding my head she groans as I inch into her tight juicy pussy to beat it my cock twitched as I began stroking her monkey. opening her legs she lets me in as i dig my thick little cucumber into her. "Yes, don't stop fucking me dive in that pussy bitch". All the while i could hear my cock cramming into her tight wet hole.
Gushing and queafing as I pulled out all the way. Pumping hard and fast she scratched my ass I lay on top tits to tits as I jerked from every stroke. Humping me she tells me to watch as she slips me in and out of her hole. "Closing my eyes i stuck her from the bottom as she slammed her big ass down on my dick. Holding her close to me we bounced together as she screamed. Pussy and dick juice spattered as we reached orgasm. Pulling out i slap my cock on her wet ass. "Ah cum inside this tight pussy, you gonna cum". Playing with my nipples i pulse as I jab her to a great orgasms. Falling asl**p inside she holds me inside her wet cunt with her legs calming my wild bucking with her words.
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