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Occupation: Cowgirl

Cowgirl UP! Enjoy :-)~

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Posted by krisgirl 28 days ago

Sasha Grey is one of my Heroes

Sasha Grey is one of my heroes. :) Yeah some may find it shocking to hear that.

I agree with her statements 100% You see people talking sometimes how girls are being abused. How they are disgusting and how some go way to far. I'm gonna lay it out here as long as your not harming someone and what they do is mutual. Also is not with a c***d a person can do what the fuck they want sexual. Who am I to judge? Do I have limits personally? Yes there stuff I would never do.

“What one person sees as degrading and disgusting and bad for women might make some women feel empowered and beautiful ... Continue»
Posted by Dark_Witch 1 month ago

Xhamster Birthday Blog

Please reply with your Birthday.

4Raistlin - January 6th
fiddler66 - January 23rd
katdomx2003 - January 25th
kellykins2u - February 2nd
tiatempest - February 3rd
Janchen- February 13th
Love-Bites - February 24th
Leaflee - March 6th
thebaker - March 26th
jonboi18 - April 10th
Shogg2 - April 22nd
octoberdogg - May 8th
Regrets - June 5th
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Posted by Dark_Witch 1 month ago

Allison Williams GIF

Posted by bicuriouslildick 1 month ago

Do you have a favorite xham video?

I do and I sure have watched it more than once. :)

this i my favorite.

Posted by Dark_Witch 2 months ago


Posted by Dark_Witch 3 months ago

[Story] Halloween Fantasy with Kellykins 2

Its Halloween and the annual Haunted House is up and running. You beg your friends to go with you this year as its supposed to be the scariest one ever. They tell you that they can’t because they think it just for k**s and some have to work. But say that you should go anyway and have a great time.

After they leave you come to my house dressed in your costume, a sexy teacher. With a tight skirt that hugs your ass like a second skin so you can’t have panties on, high heals that make your legs look longer and give your ass a lift, your top is a white shirt open to just below your breast showi... Continue»
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A message to all men on xhamster.

Of course I realize no men will actually read this. For one thing, most of them would never look at another man's profile, and for another most men seem to forget how to read when they have their cocks in their hand. Maybe some women should copy this into their profile so there's a chance some men will see it.

Have you ever noticed that at least half of women's profiles on xhamster say something to the effect of "I will not cam with you so please stop asking"? Or "I will not meet you"; "I will not call you"; "I will not send you pictures". Yet there's always a comment on every woman's p... Continue»
Posted by kesc 4 months ago

Why do we girls like receiving tributes

Well, maybe not all of us.
But let´s be honest. Is there a lady who does not want to be in the center of attention?
Don´t we all like to see how our present impacts on strangers especially of the opposite gender?
We might enjoy a nice partnership with a really devoted man but still we need some confirmation of our sex appeal and this we can only receive from strangers.
Does n´t it turn us on when we see how people are attracted to us even for the first sight?
Well with your tributes this is what we get.
We feel that you are turned on by us, we are the center of your attention for the mo... Continue»
Posted by vrucamica 1 year ago

Xhamster Birthday Blog

Please reply with your Birthday.

4Raistlin - January 6th
katdomx2003 - January 25th
kellykins2u - February 2nd
tiatempest - February 3rd
GoDawgs - February 13th
Love-Bites - February 24th
Leaflee - March 6th
thebaker - March 26th
jonboi18 - April 10th
Shogg2 - April 22nd
octoberdogg - May 8th
Regrets - June 5th
crystalwaters69 June 16th
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Posted by Dark_Witch 5 months ago

Don't Be That Guy

Here's a friendly tip. If a guy wants to pique a girl's interest on xHamster, then he needs to come up with a good introductory message. Below are just a few of the introductory messages that I've received from guys that just don't work for me and I simply can't respond to them. So I suggest, don't be That Guy who sends these types of messages. But if you're even reading this blog, then you are probably not That Guy because he rarely reads what's on a page anyway. At least by posting this blog I can ignore That Guy in good conscience because I told him so here. I hope I don't come off as bitch... Continue»
Posted by my_secret_ 1 year ago

Girlies! Been awhile...

To all my girlies...hi! :-)~ Enjoy

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Posted by krisgirl 8 months ago

Me :)

Posted by Dark_Witch 8 months ago

what 6/9 and you guys mean to me

As we take time today to thank all of our fellow pervs & pervettes for the great stuff they share with us each day I wanted to take time say thank you to everyone and especially the great friends I've made since I've been on here. It means a lot that all of you take time to talk to me everyday, share thoughts and opinions and make laugh on a regular basis ( and occasionally show your naughty bits to me that really helps I'm not gonna lie ) :) But most importantly I can be myself here, without being shamed or ridiculed ( well not ridiculed in a harmful way lol )you are all awesome, loving & se... Continue»
Posted by shutdowncorner 8 months ago

[Story] Parlor Tricks with Kellykins2u


Its my first day on the job at the new day spa in town and I have been told that I will the new masseur. I try and tell they that I have never done that before but they tell me it will be okay and it’s just for the day. It was a hour before we got our first client of the day.

In walks the most beautiful woman I have laid eyes on. Your sundress flows around you as you walk through the door. You tell the girl behind the counter that you have an appointment for a full body massage.

She leads you to a room so you can get ready. When she comes back I tell her th... Continue»
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My current favorite playlist of mine

Thought I share. :D Some of these are covers so that's why I shared youtube links. Comments are welcome even if you think my list sucks. :)

What The Hell

Do It Like a Dude

Coming Home, Pt. II

I Love It




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Posted by Dark_Witch 10 months ago

[Story] Easter fun with Kellykins2u

It’s a lovely Easter morning in the park and everyone has come out for the yearly Easter Egg Hunt. I have been waiting for this day all winter. I see you across the park. You are in a thin sundress that clings to your body like a second skin. As the k**s run off to find the hidden eggs I work my way over to you and grab your hand pulling you aside.

I bring you in to a small stand of trees and bushes that no one can see us in. You stand in front of me as my hands move up you legs under your dress ... Continue»
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Real women and good manners

Some posts to enhance our xHamster experience.

The first, by amateurgirl,

gives a method for avoiding chaturbation with a male truck driver when you believe to be connected with a suave young female blonde:

This, by kellykins2u,

is about common sense and good manners:

And this g... Continue»
Posted by DanielPortenio 10 months ago

On Top Of Things

Never a bad place to be! :-) Enjoy

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Posted by krisgirl 10 months ago

Mistreatment of the wonderful women of Xhamster

It has recently come to my attention that all too many of the great woman on Xhamster are subject to some really inappropriate comments and messaging. First of all, there are considerably less women on Xhamster and the ones that are on here do not need comments or messages in the form of 'I want to fuck your tight ass until you moan and beg for mercy', 'going to dump a hot load into your slut mouth', etc. Not only is it rude and simply bad form but it makes genuine gentlemen on here (and there are some of us) look terrible and it drives women away.

The women that I have had the chance to e... Continue»
Posted by nightskies 10 months ago

Hot Tribbing Gifs

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Posted by zonda69 11 months ago

Hump Day Action

Let's celebrate! ..hehe .. Enjoy

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Posted by krisgirl 11 months ago

John Boys allstars

this is a list of my favorite xhamster users these are people who I talk to on a almost daily basis
and who have a collection of excellent vids, pics, Blogs and Favorites.

kelly is one of my favorite people to talk to on the site and one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet online or otherwise. she is a woman who knows her mind and puts her views across in her blog. where shes shows her witty sense of hummer in dealing with some of the people that give her hassle on this site.

Another one off my m... Continue»
Posted by jonboi18 1 year ago

John's blog 3

John’s blog 3

Hello and welcome once again to my little corner of the x-hamster universe that quiet place where awesomeness and adventure is always around the corner. this week we will be continuing our journey into awesomeness with my review of my fellow xhamster user and babe of the week Kelly from the kellykins2u page as well as my continuation of the classic George A Romero dead films with dawn of the dead.

Random thought of the week

This week’s random thought having just seen the Lego movie in the cinema I was wondering what it would be like to live in a Leg... Continue»
Posted by jonboi18 1 year ago

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the xhamster universe a quit place full of awesomeness and my random thoughts on the world and all the weird and wonderful things that inhabit it and make it an amazing place for us all to live. I hope that through this blog you will get a better idea of what makes me who I am my likes and dislikes from drinks that I make to the songs I listen to the books I read to the films I watch.

Random thought of the week my plans to cut the world’s crime rate.

State imposed nudity think about it could you hide a gun if your naked. How would ... Continue»
Posted by jonboi18 1 year ago


I am SOOOO down with this! Enjoy :-)

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Posted by krisgirl 1 year ago

Real People of XHamster by SassyBri ~

Interview Questions for Women and Men

Some humor for the blog... courtesy of our TREX ~~
Question and Answer Section.

I am excited to introduce this Blog to my page.

I continue to get suggestions for this blog and through several friends input, I have come to the conclusion that this is not only about the Real Women of XHamster... It's about the people as a whole. The community... Evaluating the responses so far indicates that I must ch... Continue»
Posted by SassyBri 1 year ago

A Tame Tuesday...

Going mellow today, girls and boys...Just in one of these moods today....

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Posted by krisgirl 1 year ago

[Story] Shopping with Kellykins2u. = Kelly

I get a call from you saying that you are going to a party and you want my help picking out a new outfit. Being the guy I am I tell you I don’t want to go shopping. You begs and pleads until you say that I can pick out something special for you to wear just for me. Now how could I pass that up.

I pick you up, and you leads me to shop after shop looking for the perfect dress. Until finally I tell you its time to take a break from looking at dresses and time to find that something special. You give me a naughty little smile and asks where I ... Continue»
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Magical Touch

It totally is! :-)~ Enjoy

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Posted by krisgirl 1 year ago