first time with a strap on

I think I can trace my new addiction back to a short fling I had with a girl a few months
back; I'm 22 years old slim; about 6', and fairly good looking. Not trying to be conceaded
but simply stating girls would be atracted to me however it would be difficult for me to
progress with them because I am so shy. Well back to the story; I Kristen at a local college
bar; very pretty but a bit on the rocker chic side. I lived on campus in a converted
victorian house with several room mates. We had several sexual encounters which were great
but on the last 2 occasions kristen let me fuck her in the ass. I loveed it; it felt so
tight that I would cum fairly quickly which she at times was disappointed. on one occasion
after I had in her ass she wanted to continue and pulled out a strap on dildo with which I
fucked her with. The dildo was much bigger then my own dick and flet life like. Seeing the big
dildo slide in and out of her ass got me hard again. Well while Kristen was on top of me
she slide the dildo in and out of her ass with one hand and began to rub my asshole with
the other. I was so hot I speard my legs for her and she entered into me with 1 finger at
first and then proceeeded to add fingers until she had almost her entire hand in me. I was
over the moon. The orgasm i had was the best; she explained to me that it was an anal orgasm
and she just loved them. We cleaned up and the I went back to my apartment. I could not sl**p
all I kept thinking about was my ass; I wanted something in there. I opened my computer and
searched for porn sites. The gay ones really did not do anything for
me and i would return to straight sex ones in which the girls would be fucked in the ass or
shemale sites. I was amazed at the girls that could take massive cocks into thier asses.
I began to finger myself and then try to fuck myself with anything that resembled a cock.
after cumming all over a towel I pulled my shorts up and ran over to the corner grocery store
and picked out some cucumbers. I bought some salad and tomatos as well not to be found out.
The cucumbers worked ok but I had trouble keeping them up right in order to fuck myself.I was
up all night either jerking off the anal sex movies or stuffing cucombers up my ass. it was
morning now I
kept calling Kristen to go over her apartment but she insisted she had to study for an exam.
I finally admitted to her what i wanted. I wanted her to fuck me again with the dildo. She
laughed and told me come over but I had to stop by the corner store and pick some things
up for her; I accepted and asked what to get but she said she would take care of it. She is
friends with the cashier there. I could not walk fast enough over to the store. The 2 girls
there began to laugh and spoke in manderin when I walked in; Kristen must have given them
a description of me. A brown paper bag was on the counter. I paid the girls and ran over to
Kristens apartment. When I arrived she told me to strip which I gladly did; my dick sprang
to life; kristen strocked it a few times and then gave me a lotion from the bag. It was
a bottle of nair; I lotioned myself all over. I did not have that much chest hair but my legs
had some as well as my groin. Kristen lived in a house similar to mine in which its an old
mansion type that is converted to apartments on each floor. Kristen shared her house with 6
other girls and the bath room on her floor was down the hall. Kristen grabbed my dick and
pulled me along down the hall to the bathroom. I climber into the tub and she rinsed me off
the hair began to fall off my body. My dick actually looked bigger with no pubic hair.
Kristen them made me knell down doggy style in the tub; she pulled out 2 boxes of enema's
from the brown bag which i had brought from the grocery store. Now I know why the girls
were giggling they knew what was instore for me. Kristen sternly told me my ass had to be
clean. she did not want me to mess up her dildo. there was an very authoritative tone in
her voice. We had shared a few classes together and becoming good friends but her demenure
had changed. My hard one was now gone. I had not eaten anything this morning so not much
came out from the enema. We walked back to her room and she told me to get on top of a beach
blanket that she had put on the bed earlier. With my ass sticking up off the corner of the
bed she poured astorglide all over my ass; the small of my back and the top parts of my legs.
her hands were wunderful my hard returned. I stroked it a few times but immetdiatly felt a
smack on my ass. "don't touch that dick unless you are told"; she barked out. I began to think
what have i gotten myself into but then it began first; first with a finger. my ass welcomed
it in. I then felt a bushing feeling. Krstien slide in a vibrator; it felt so good. I let out
a moan; and Kristen laughed. "your a natural". I then felt a big f***e on my hole. it hurt
alot. Kristen noticed and told me to relax; she began to work the head of the dildo in. after
every few strokes she would lube up the strapon again and work a little more in each time. I
had the head in now and she began to fuck me. the in a out feeling was incredible. with each
stroke the dildo went in deeper and deeper into my ass. I was now in heaven several inches
of the dildo were now sliding in and out of my ass. The thrusts were getting harder now;
Kristen was now grunting trying to f***e more of the big dildo in my ass. She grabbed my one
hand and put it on my dick; my face fell into her bed spread from the quick change of my
position. I stroked my dick like no tomorrow. I was now impailed on Kristen cock. "take that
cock bitch" she screamed. "open that ass". I reached around with both hands spread my ass cheeks.
I could feel her skin on my hands which meant I had the dildo all the way in. I began to
cum; I groaned as shot wave after wave of cum. This was now the biggest orgasm I had ever
had. My ass made a loud wet slurping pop as Kristen took the dildo out of my ass. The cool
air on my stretched out hole made my body shiver. Kristen took the ends of the beach towel
and wiped the lube off my body. I tried to stand up but feel back onto the bed; my legs were
all woblely. "take is easy my little bitch" her tone was now caring. After a fuck like that
you need to rest a bit. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of white
panties and threw them on the bed. "Put these on sweetie", she said. I put the little
white panties on. They were tight; my cock barly fit inside; but i must say they felt nice.
I rubbed my ass; the nylon material felt so smooth. I then passed out from the vicous fucking
and lack of sl**p.
I woke up after hearing lots of girls laughing; Kristen came into the room and said I
should go to my own house now; we would catch up later.

89% (28/4)
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1 month ago
well that was so hot and erotic
I came all over my panties
4 months ago
Very Hot
7 months ago
Lots of hot elements to this story
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
Lucky devil love to take your place.
1 year ago
so when did you go back for more
1 year ago
nice realistic story ... would love to hear some more