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here are the usual disclaimers this story is for adults only if you are
viewing this and are not 18 years of age or older please close this page

there is no cross dressing in the story but this is how I began my
transformation from regular boy into cock suckking teenage crossdresser.

we were having a really hot heat wave here in philadelphia; my mom wanted
me to get out of the house and off the computer so she suggested a movie.
I felt wierd going to the movies by myself but I really did want to see
that inception movie. I looked up when they the theater opens up and was
surprised they had a 1030am showing and it was a cheaper price which was
good for me. Being on summer break from school and not having much luck
finding a part time job I was short on money. I did not want to ride my
bike over to the theater because I was scared it would get stolen so I
walked over. Living in the city some times does have advantages. I lived in
a part of south philly that was close to South st if any one is familiar
with the area. I dont want to name the movie theater because i may get into
trouble.I wore a loose fitting t shirt and really baggy basket ball type
shorts to help with the heat.
It was really hot out and not many people were out on the streets. It was
during the week also so many were at work. I got to the theater paid my
ticket and went inside. It was nice to feel the air conditioning. I only
live a few blocks from the theater but with the heat i was sweating
already. I got some popcorn a water and went to the movie room. I was the
only person there which was great because I got to pick my favorite seat
right in the middle. I really dont like sitting on the sides; this way I
get to pretend its a giant tv right in front of me. I got comfy slouched
down had my popcorn on my stomach waiting for the movie.
The lights dimmed and the previews began to play. After the second preview
a man came and sat down right next to me. At first I was like the whole
theater is empty why is this guy sitting next to me; then I thought maybe
he likes to be right in the middle also. I moved my arms inbetween the arms
rests to give him some room so we would not touch. I did not look right at
him but I sense he was a bigger the me. His arms were on the arm rests and
he had wide shoulders and they almost touched me.
The theater got really dark when they began to show the credits for the
opening movie when the man sitting next to me put his hand on my leg. My
heart jumped I was frozen I did not know what to do. Do I tell him to get
off me? Did he do it by accident? My legs were sort of spread apart and
close to his. Suddenly his hand moved up my thigh pushing my baggy shorts
up my leg a bit. his hand and forearm were now on my bare leg. I was
frozen; my heart was pounding. I could hear it in my head. I had to f***e
myself to breathe. His hand now went to the inside of my thigh and he began
to massage my leg thats when my body betrayed me. the cock began to
grow. I had loose boxers on so nothing was really holding it in. I could
feel the fabric of my basketball shorts begin to tent. I still had my
popcorn on my stomach so I could not see it for myself but I could feel
it. The mans forearm moved over and he rubbed my growing cock.
What was happening to me? I asked why wasn't I objecting to thsi man
fondling me? I did not think I was gay but I was enjoying it; my cock was
enjoying it. A bizillion thoughts were going thru my head. He was now
really rubbing me with his entire arm; then I think I gave the wrong
signal; I spread my legs farther apart. I was not sure if it was the movie
or the man next to me but I heard a "hhmmmmm" With his right hand the man
reached into my shorts thru my right leg and grabbed my now throbbing
cock. He jerked it furiously but then let go. His left arm was still
massaging my leg and with his right hand he lifted up the arm rest that was
between us. I still could not look at him. I just held onto my
popcorn. Then I heard his zipper. I could not look but I could sense he was
now jerking his own cock. I then with his right hand he took hold of my
right hand and guided it to his cock. It was big. I could not get hand
entirly around it. I had never touched let alone seen another man's cock
before. it was hard. "stroke it" he wispered into my ear. shit I thought
what the fuck was going on? why could I not do anything to stop this; I
never even fantisized about men or anything close to this happening to
me. we were also in a public movie theater. A regular movie theater not
some sort of adult place were this might be allowed. What if somebody walks
in. Oh my god what was going on????
Thats when I lost my inhibitions and my life was changed for ever. I
storked his cock and it felt good. I looked over at it. The theater was
dark but with the movie playing every now and then the light was bright
enough so I could see his cock. The man took the popcorn from my stomach
and placed it onto the empty seat next to me. he reached between my legs
and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. My cock pounched up onto my
stomach; being completly free from my clothes it became fully hard. My cock
was no were near the size of the man next to me. I continued to stroke
it. The man reached down and grabbed my right sneaker and pulled it off
then proceded to pull my shorts down. they gathered around my left foot on
the floor. He sat back and put his arm up over me and behind my
shoulder. He began to push my body down into his lap. "Suck it" he
wispered! "take it into your mouth" I could not believe what was going on
but I let it. I did not push back; I let his hand on the back of my neck
guide me down to his crotch. I opened my mouth and accepted his cock. This
was my first experience with another man. I just let my tongue swirl around
the head of his cock. It was big I could not take much into my mouth. The
man's strong hand on the back of my head began to push down. Slowly I was
able to work more of his massive cock into my mouth "Relax" he
wispered. "take it in! Yes open that mouth of yours" he spoke softly but
commanding My head was bobbing up and down on his cock but I could only get
a 1/4 or maybe a 1/3 of his cock into my mouth but then I would gag.the man
would push down harder on the back of my head but I would gaga and cough.
The man then reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He now was
using his right hand holding my head down and with his left hand he moved
down to my ass. Squezzing and massge my ass; all i could do was moan. "You
like that you little slut" his voice was so powerful to me. "you will now
be my little girlie slut" he repeated. I fetl a liquid quirted onto my
ass. the man massaged the oil all over my ass. He would rub crack and press
against my hole. He then pushed his finger inside me. It slipped right in
from all the lube he squirted onto my ass. Slowly he worked the finger
in. He was moving it in and out; it did not hurt at all. I actually liked
it. I folded my left leg back and positioned it on the empty seat to my
left. this now gave the man full access to my ass. He worked another
finger in. "yes that pussy feels so nice" he wispered. "tell me how much
you like it" he commanded. I could only moan. My head was still bobbing up
and down I could not speak with the huge cock in my mouth. Today I still
do not believe what happened that day in the theater. Anyone could have
walked and seen us. What the hell was I doing? Why did I let this happen?
The man grabbed my hair and pushed me back into my seat. He kneeled down
infront of me and lifted my legs onto his arms. It was dark I still could
not see his face. I did see his rippled stomach and glistening cock. He had
no pubic hair. Just this enormous cock pointing directly at me. He lifted
my ass up and slid his cock into me. I hurt; I knew this was no finger or
two. I grunted from the pain. The man said nothing he pushed farther and
farther into me. I was well lubed up; he slid in and out; with each trust
going farther and farther in. He began to pound my ass. the pain was all
gone I was in exstasy. there I was in the middle of the day in a regular
movie theater getting fucked in the ass; and I was loving it. I was
moaning like a little whore. The man's upper body was now pressing me into
the seat he was fucking me with full f***e. I could hear slapping noises of
our bodies coming together. I was moaning and grunting with each trust. My
cock was aching I worked my hand under the man's leg and grabbed my
throbbing cock. I immediatly began to cum; I squirted onto my stomach it
was the biggest and most intense orgasm I had ever had. His pace quickened
and then he just unloaded into my ass. I could feel him coming inside me.
He gave a couple more thrusts and just layed on top of me. He then pulled
out with his cock making a loud pop as it left my gapping ass. As he stood
up he picked up my shorts and wiped his cock clean. I felt down to my open
ass. I could feel the cold air as his cum began to ooze out. I closed my
legs together to keep it inside me. "come to the bar at front and
washington, midnight" he said. "i'm not 21" I quietly replied. "just be
there" he barked. then left out of the theater. I felt around in the
darkness for my shorts. I quickly put them on and then looked for my one
sneaker. I put it on and then got up to leave my legs wobbled and I had to
sit down. The movie was still playing but I had no idea what was going on;
people where dressed in snow suits and were shooting guns. I got up again
and left the theater. I was paranoid the whole walk home. Was everyone
looking at me? Did they know I was a cock sucker and a slut? I just let a
stranger fuck me up the ass in the middle of the day in public! And he did
not even use a condom!! His cum not trickling down my leg as I walked home.

If you like my story let me know
This was my first sexual experience which brought me to become a
crossdresser stay tuned
for more stories on my transition.

Posted by kellyblue66a 3 years ago
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3 years ago
Incredible story, well told.