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Well not really an introduction as I am now a fully fledged slut for black cock.
my latest adventure 2 nights ago hada night out with the girls from work they both know about my previous exploits so I didnt have to hide anything,we had afew drinks in the local bars then went clubbing .
At about 1.30 in the morning 2 black guys approached me and asked if I was kelly I replied that I ws but added hat I didnt think we had met.
They had heard of me and seen the video and apparantly the b*****r of one of them was involved in that gang bang party.
Anyawya they bought us all a few drinks by which time we were all to d***k to worry about much when Calvin one of the blackguys the other was Rob took me onto the dance floor for a dance,If you could call me that.He took me to the darkest corner where he started snogging me and put my hand on his large erection,
He encouraged me to remove it from its confines in his trousers and without much persuading I dutifully obliged and out sprung a cock so large i could not get my hand around it.
It was about 11 inches long and like a babies arm.
Anyway my pussy ws running by this time so i suggested we leave and have sex,he said we were not leaving but we were going to have sex.
and pushed me down to my kness and told me to suck his dick.
It only took about 5 minutes before he emptied his load into my mouth and over my face ,when i finshed swallowing i looked up to see several people watching us so I licked my lips smiled and walked off the floor.
Unbeknown to me 4 other friends of his had joinedou group and we all went back to his flat to carry on the party with myself and my 2 work mates getting laid long and hard into the following day by all the black guys.
One of my friends even licked my pussy while I swallowed even more cum from the never endng supply that was on offer .
I have even posted a pictreof me on here so you horny guys can get a taste of what they get.xx

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