My mouth was super dry
can i feel your, luscious, lips locking with mine
sweetylittle smooth pussy was saturated with her moisture
u separate my pussy lips and drove ur tongue in
plese held my breasts against ur mouth and starting sucking on them
shall i softly, caressing ur breasts.
laying on the bed, hands in her pants,
i also rarely wore a bra
stuffed her fingers into her pussy
She never wore underwear
pulling her pants off or by sticking my cock in her hand/mouth
three fingers stuffed into her pussy with one hand and was rubbing her clit with the other
walked over to me, and put her fingers into my mouth--the same fingers that had been in her pussy just a few minutes before
That nipple was getting my attention again so I kissed it, sucking it into my mouth hard. With a little bite
my head tight against her breast. I could feel her heart beat
I was only rolling her clit with my thumb.
it........, it was... nice.........., will you do it again.........., please........."
looking up at me, her hands on her breasts
I started with butterfly kisses on her eyelids then down to her mouth, just a touch of my tongue on her lips and over to her neck, a little nibble on her earlobes and down
had sensitive nipples and left them for a moment and just kissed her breasts with a small suck every now and then
I could feel June's hand on my back, the other was teasing my nipple. I gave her's a bite, yes, she squeezed mine in return.
to experience and explore her own wants and needs
I moved my hips closer to her shoulders
still had a remarkable trim stomach, no stretch marks, in fact no marks, perfect.
A tickle in her belly button with my tongue got a little chuckle,
I made the move as smooth as I could but kept my hips high
Her clit was in sight and what a sight it was to me. I was in heaven. I love sucking a woman's clit
. I lapped her lips, pushing my tongue into her opening, so sweet. I sucked as I felt June close her lips around the head of my cock.
Back to her clit, slowly. I had no idea why some men never bothered to learn just how good it felt to suck a woman's cock. It was smooth
I made my mouth into an 'O' and turned up the vacuum as June used her tongue and hand to give me the pleasure she wanted to share
I slid one finger into her opening and used another to lightly touch her rosebud.
The moans were louder now and I watched her butt
No more, Please, I can't stand it, yessssssss, oh please
, holding her in my arms, squeezing her tight.
I'm cumming fuck me, tickle my clit again, cum with meaaaaaaaaaaaah.
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2 years ago
This is a love story hot but love story just the same