u lie in wait..for me

I am so glad to be off work.. walking up the sidewalk into my house i feel strange like my spidey sense is going off.. I look around i dont see anything unusual no strange cars ..so i unlock the door and come in i dont turn the light on because the dark is relaxing... i am hanging up my things taking off my shoes and then i hear something behind me..

You saw me at work today and somehow found out where i live and have been waiting on me. u came in thru the back sliding door that was unlocked and are in the corner as i come in.. u have been jerking off in anticipation so ur pants are open and ur cock is hard and ready...now u are quiet barely breathing as i put my things away then as u move i hear u and turn ..as u decide its now or never ur heart is beating so hard and ur breathing is short and fast..

I start to scream as u grab my mouth and push me hard against the back of the door u take ur hand away long enough to stuff my mouth with a pair of my panties u had gotten from my room.. damn they are dirty ones too.. u bastard! holding me against the door u pull my pants down to my ankles u turn me around to face the door bend me over and shove ur cock in my ass..its too dry and hurts like hell u spit on it and start moving in and out despite my muffled screams. ur holding my hands behind me pulling me into u as u fuck me harder and faster... ur enjoying this u slut arent u? thats the first thing u said to me nooo i say still muffled. i am trying to spit out the panties but im secretly enjoying the pounding im getting... u grab my hair and pull it hard and tell me to say 'yes master' when i ask u a question!!! Bitch i said are u enjoying it? and i push the panties out finally and bent over like i am i cry out yes master!!! ooh god i cry out and as u pull out i go to my knees. u grab my arms and hair and pull me into the living room u put m eon the couch pull me around until im upside down with my head hanging off. u tie my hands in front of me and my legs together. "OK Bitch ur gonna suck my cock" ..i have my mouth closed tight and i shake my head no .. u grab my head and slap my face hard. then u grab my cheeks and pry my mouth open and shove ur cock in.. all in until u hear me choke on it.. "yes u whore u will!. Suck it slut " as u start to fuck my mouth i bite down hard with all my teeth..and u try to pull out but u cant.. so u grab my tits and slap them hard and grip them both but bite down on one nipple so hard u draw bl**d and i let go.. u slap me again and i manage to get turned around and stand up .. i start running for the door while ur looking to see what kind of damage i did and then u see me and chase me tackling me to the floor on my stomach and u say ok u r gonna pay for that.. as i feel ur cock shoved into my ass and u start ramming me harder and harder pulling my hair so hard my head is back next to urs. u bite my ear .. u fuck my ass till u cum filling it up so its running down into my pussy... u get up pull ur pants up and escape out the back door.

i get up and clean up and think damn that was good i hope he comes back..whoever he was!

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4 years ago
I love it... I would love to role play with you.
4 years ago
Lol thts good
4 years ago
My dick got real hard reading your story, my mind was racing trying to picture the whole thing in my mind
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good