Waking up next to you...

I want to wake up next to you with ur fingers in my pussy making me soo wet and ur lips kissing my neck, my chest..my head and then my lips. I want ur other hand to caress my breasts and pinch my nipples to make sure im awake... i moan in ecstacy as u make me cummmm...im thrusting toward ur hand trying to get more... ohh im awake now... I pull the covers off of us and straddle u facing ur cock and i sit with my wet pussy close to ur face baby ... oooh yesss fuck me with ur tongue i am humping ur face now baby i cant help it you feel soo good... u stop tho.. and i quickly realize why when u beg me to suck you...ooh yessss i wanted to suck u but u were drivng me so crazy i couldnt help it....MMMMMMM yesssssss I lift u up and lick ur cock up and down all over and just as i place my mouth over the tip u stick ur finger in my ass making me bite u..oh im sorry ..but oh goddddddddd yessss in and out ur finger ur tongue ...mmm I rub the head with my hand and lick it gently in apology.. then i start sucking and moving my head up and down using my hand below my mouth to make sure u are being taken care of OMG BABY...YESSS YESS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....ooh my stomach is contracting im closing around ur tongue and dripping cum all over u..ohhhh lap it up baby..!!!! i move off ur face and start sucking as hard and fast as i can cause i want to taste u too ... i am hungry for ur cummmm MMMMMM yess sucking and pumping as ur watching my head go up and down as my pussy and ass are right in front of ur face hehe i know u want to fuck meeeee... i want u to want to fuck me so bad that u pull me off ur cock throw a pillow in front of me...tell me to lean on that and then u just take me! use my cum to rub ur cock with then u enter me fast and hard... ooh thrusting in and out as fast as u can... i love feeling ur hips hit mine and ooh yes baby i spread my legs a little further apart as i feel ur hands on my ass.. i am cumming again and again as u thrust into me ... mmm i am closing around u so tight u cant pull out everytime as far as u want to..but i cant help it ...you feel sooooo inside me.!!!

u start thrusting and sliding in and out of me i am looking back at u saying yes baby please fuck meeeee fuck meee oh yesss ...oh god fuck meeeeee oh just like that.. mmmmmm sliding in and out i am sooo wet and as I cum it is running down my legs.. mmmm yesssss u reach down and start fingering my clit .as u fuck me ...oooohhhh. then u lay dawn beside me turning me sideways and lifting my leg u enter me from the back mmmm yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i can only reach ur hands which are holding my breasts so i take one or two fingers in my mouth and start sucking on them as if my life depended on it... mmm moaning and sucking and licking oh yesssssssss fuck meeee!!!! ooh you are so good my legs are shaking and i am so weak baby.. cummmm for me please... I want itttt i want ur hot thick cummm on me baby... ...
I flip around and kiss ur mouth and anywhere i can reach on ur face.. i just need to feel u under me as. u cummm and i am sitting in front of you as u cum on breasts and in my mouth i pinch my nipples as u spray my tits then i lick my lips and rub the cum into my nipples and then take ur cock and rub the tip on my hard shiny nipples, u want to help me rub it in... yesss then i take u in my mouth and is if i havent eaten in weeks i grab u and swallow u all in..sucking u like a vacuum and getting all ur milk baby squeezing ur balls gently to make sure.. mmm yes i love itttttt. I will always suck u baby.. i love it... then i start sucking my own nipples as u lift me up and start kissing me aur tongues shoved into each others mouths... mmmmmm holdng ur face n my hands as i kiss u all over ur face and head and neck i cant get enough of u hunny ...

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4 years ago
The only change I would make is I'd want to cum inside your pussy...then have you make me lick you clean..mmmm Great story.
4 years ago
great stories,I like the passion with which you make love.
4 years ago
Oh yeah baby great story you can suck, fuck, and swallow me anytime!!! I want to cum all over now!!! I will kiss you just to taste our cum together in my mouth!!
4 years ago
very good