comedy - beg bundy shows how to do it.

I woke up in the Bundys living room. Peg sat next to me looking quite sexy as she had just had her boobs done last season and looked very curvy in her usual attire. Marcy Darcy sat on my other side acting all goofy and horny. She wore a knee length skirt shiny hose and spiked heels, unlike her 3" grandma pumps she usually wears. Kelly sat on the arm of the couch looking confused.
Peg told me I was there to teach Kelly how to please a man without having to give it up. Marcy said yes just watch and learn, "easy Marcy" peg quipped.
As peg pulled down my shorts and released my sl**p boner it plopped out and smacked my stomach. I wasn't sure where I was but knew it was good and not to wake myself up. OK kelly, Peg said this is a nice cock. You start first by holding it and squezzing a little just kind of play with it till it gets real hard. Then move your hand up and down a little. After it seems like it can't get any bigger put your mouth on it and suck the head, look like this (she lowered that hot crazy wigged head and put my cock in orbit). At this point Marcy was in heat and pulled up her skirt and started fingering her cunt. "no fair" she said "it's my turn give me that cock". Slow down Marcy, Peg urged you will get your turn later. We need to teach kelly how this works. Peg sucked my cock to enormous propertions. She pulled of and held it right under the head. "see Kelly how exicted they get, look at the tip. that is pre-cum and you don't want any of that in you until you are living out of this house."
Marcy Darcy had now moved to the coffee table and was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit to much delight. "let me have it Peggy put it in me, god its so hard" Marcy!!! Peg yelled. Lets show Kelly how to handle one. Come here Kelly. Go ahead put your hand on it. Thats it, ok move it, get creative with it. good girl. now suck it a little you do whatever you want he will like it.
She looked at me in a dominering way and said "don't cum!" I was in a state of between dream and reality were I was aware I was dreaming and controlling it(sorta) but knew if I woke I would be left unhappy yet hard when I woke.
Marcy Darcy was moaning and making such a fuss, I slipped back into full dream mode. Come on Peg give me some. Her juices were dripping down her leg and staining her thighs. She had long ago ripped the crotch out of her silky pantyhose.
OK Kelly see how it is. just play with them a bit and suck a little. Let them cum. No harm no foul. Don't let them fuck you until you can live on your own dime. Got it.
OK Mom
Now look Peggy said. "this is what a slut would do" Come here Marcy. I sat on the couch and Peg held my towering cock in her hand at the base. Go ahead Marcy sit on on it. "oh god yes" she muttered. She got of the coffee table and positioned herself over my cock. Peg pulled me up and Marcy pushed down. within 3 seconds I was in her all the way. She pulled up and I just sat there she pushed down slowly. Peg let go of my cock and sat with Kelly as they watched. She grinded on my dick for a while then popped up and down. "oh god, oh god, I am going to cum"
Peg took the chance to show Kelly, look at this part of her pussy, called the clit. You probably already know. if rubbed she will come really hard. Peg touched her clit as best she could as Marcy was bucking a bit. She came so hard she started shaking then she squirted all over my cock and it ran down her thighs and covered my balls.
OK Kelly what have you learned? Um... I am not sure can you show me again.
My dream started fading as I heard snow plows scr****g the streets. I woke up rock hard again. I have never had a wet dream. Wish I could but guess I just jerk to much.
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3 years ago
its all true ?
3 years ago
thats a nice story