Televison pantyhose stars jerk me off!

When I woke up I was laying flat on a table strapped down except for my arms. The first to walk into the room was Dolly Parton. She allowed me a feel of her fine silky legs then bent down and covered me with her unusually large breasts. She sat down legs crossed and watched as Daisy Duke came out and strutted around, my cock swelled to enormous lengths. She sat on the stool next to me and held my cock in her hands. "Do you like dolly or me better?" she asked stroking. She stood up and none other than Joyce Dewitt walked in. Clad in 70s Tan spike heels and pantyhose was a little more shy. "I will just touch it a little then go sit with the others" She did. My head was spinning and my cock quite hard. My TV fantasy girls come to life. I was still spinning when the 80's pantyhose leg queen of the decade. Markie Post entered and took little time in grabbing my cock and jerking asking me "does that feel good" as she crossed her legs and posed for me. She wore shiny suntan hose and 5 inch tan heels. Knee length skirt with a slit. I was almost ready to bust. But she walked away and sat with the others crossed leg and sexy. I thought by that time one of them would finish me off. I was wrong. In walks Peg Bundy all dressed up and sits next to me. Long legs pantyhose encased. She just looks at my aching cock. "oh are you in need of some attention". Come here Kelly. Let me teach you about dick stroking. Kelly Bundy sits down on the other side of me. legs crossed strokes my dick as Peg instructs. "Slower honey" make it last. "Ok thats enough" they go sit down with the others and surround me with legs. Crossed, suntan pantyhose, high heels. Staring at my cock laughing. Well Dolly Speaks up in her twang "who's going to do it?. this guy needs relief his cock looks like a tire iron" I am dribbling cum at this time ready to burst on the slightest touch but they make me wait. Suzanne Somers is way in the back talking about the "thigh master" I have noticed.
Well they all decide. Lets do it as a team. They each get 30 seconds to wank and pose then it passes to the next. Markie Post goes first, wanks me over her legs...... and I shoot on them. They all clap. Hopefully I can hold out for Dolly or the dark horse Joyce Dewitt next time.
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1 year ago
Wonder Woman ALWAYS got me in those super shiny nylons!!
3 years ago
always got off on Daisy Duke
4 years ago
I'm with keithbrts... Elvira
4 years ago
you forgot mindy