As I was preparing to go take care of the cheque, I told Deb she could use the washroom to put her panties back on & dry her dress if need be. "But", I instructed, "I will be sitting at the bar when you return, and I want you sit back down at the table & give the gentleman behind me now, and so across from you, an opportunity to see up your dress; be discreet and act as unaware as you can; I will then return to walk you out."
"Oh gee", I don't know...." she challenged.
"You know you want to, and I know you want to, so how about this be the last time you question me, and ruin my vibe."
And I walked off without giving her a chance to respond.
It all went well, and she was very creative in being a little careless in stting back down, leaving the trail leg a little behind the lead leg while slowly setting her purse on the floor to the opposite side of her chair. I was actually quite impressed.
The fella at the table across from her certainly noticed. But the best part was, his glance was long enough for his wife to follow his sideways stare. I would have loved to know what she said to him that caused him to quickly dart his eyes back to his plate.
I needed a release as I could feel the telltale ache in my groin, so I drove to a plaza with a coffee shop and parked at the back of the lot where the lights weren't so bright. As I got out of the car I told her to take her panties off.
I walked aroung to the other side and held the passenger door open. As she stood up I turned her around, leaned her forward so her hands were on the seat, telling her how beautiful she was while I unzipped my pants, and thrust inside her full length. She only gave a short gasp. She was so 'wet & wide' as I call it, she was fully ready for it. I wanted to make this quick, and after a few hard strokes, held my cock in as deep as possible while I released into her. I said "that was for me, yours will come later if you're a good girl." I smoothed her dress down, stood her up, and then yanked her panties out of her hand. "could you go get me a coffee, okay?" I requested. She glanced at me then quickly looked down starting to say, 'but.....' to which I interupted, "now, please & thankyou!". I then instructed that she was not to touch her legs in any fashion or cross her ankles while at the counter.
I got in the car while Deb started walking across the parking lot toward the plaza. As she got to the store door I pulled the car right up to the front window. (Canadians will know how Timmy's is all glass across the front) There was only 2 people ahead of her in line, but there were some patrons at the tables. As I'm looking at the backs of her legs, I can just barely see my deposit starting to run down the inside of her legs. As she was told, she did not try to wipe it off. I couldn't tell if anyone in there noticed, but just knowing there could be made me horny all over again.
When she got back in the car I told her to pull her dress up and not to sit on it, but rather the leather seat directly. "I can wipe it off later when I'm done admiring the stain" I said.
She then asked if I thought anyone in the coffee shop had noticed. I said "I don't know and please do not ask me any questions."
I pulled her head down to my lap and told her to clean off my cock. I had a Corvette at the time, so I quite enjoyed sipping my coffee while the occassional person walked nearby seeing the back of a blonde head in my lap.
I then reached behind me and grabbed a kerchief I kept behind the seat. I sat her up, using the kerchief to make a snug blindfold. With some soft twine I tied her hands behind her back, telling her we're going home now, and it's going to be a long night. I then unbottoned the front of her dress all the way down, which produced a couple of small gasps from Deb, flung it open, and started on my way home. It was late evening so not alot of traffic, but at one red light a group of teens using the crosswalk got a good look before I sped away around the corner.

Next up, part 3; back at the house..... K.
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I can't wait for the next one!!!! Please don't waste any time :) i'm begging you.
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Hot story! i like your inventiness, hot submission. i look forward to hearing how you use her next.