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[Story] Submission4

N.B. * Sorry for the lapsed time with completing this; I consequently only have myself to blame for lack of responses.......

... as I lightly ran the bristles of the brush vertically through her pussy, she began to quiver. I explained this action was not for her pleasure, and proceeded to press the brush more firmly against her. My objective was to redden her lips thereby causing a slight swelling. She was a true blonde in that her pubic hair was not like hair at all, but fine, white, sparse, almost feathery down. Her reddened labia against her white skin & fuzz made me very excited. He... Continue»
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[Story] Submission3

We eventually made it to my house, which was on a typical, mature, suburban street. I led Deb out of the car to the front step where I told her to sit & wait fo me. With her hands still tied behind her back, sans panties, I helped her down to sit on the 2nd step, about 12" off the ground, leaving her knees up in front of her considerably higher than her waist. I instructed her to rest her forehead on her knees & not to move while I removed the blindfold.
I went in the house & watched from the picture window. She was desparately trying to get her teeth on the hem of her dress ... Continue»
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[Story] Submission2

As I was preparing to go take care of the cheque, I told Deb she could use the washroom to put her panties back on & dry her dress if need be. "But", I instructed, "I will be sitting at the bar when you return, and I want you sit back down at the table & give the gentleman behind me now, and so across from you, an opportunity to see up your dress; be discreet and act as unaware as you can; I will then return to walk you out."
"Oh gee", I don't know...." she challenged.
"You know you want to, and I know you want to, so how about this be the... Continue»
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[Story] Submission

As it happened, Deb and I had been dating on & off for a few months. Mutual friends had introduced us. She was clearly out of my league, quite attractive, came from a well-to-do f****y, and somewhat 'proper'. Nevertheless, we had a connection of sorts.
One evening after a movie, she was going through my small library and pulled out my rare copy of Story of 'O'. "What's this"? she asked. I suggested she read it & find out. When she left, she took it with her.
Two weeks later, we were out for dinner. "About that book", she said, "is th... Continue»
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