Love Story

Our first moment together will seem too pass so fast in our minds but time will not be able to take away what is being offered to us. For upon that moment I will look to the sky and say thank you. Then I want to depart all the crowded places and settle down for some everlasting tender moments with my Baby. Then I can get my first private look of love in your eyes. Forgive me if scream at that moment because nothing is at all wrong, everything is perfect. Those are the screams of a happy man. I want to experience your world and share all you have for me. I am a sponge for you and all you pour into me I will soak up. Now that we are alone and I can let all my inhabitations go because we are in the comfort of our private world I want to just sit back and look at you and take in your beauty. I can touch you and loose my mind in the softness and color of your skin. I can gaze into the eyes that drew me to you and see what I have seen for so many months, LOVE FOR ME. I can feel the lips that have filled a many nights dream in my mind and know truly how lush and soft they are. I can wrap my arms around the woman I have wanted to hold for so many days. Feel the warmth of your body and heartbeat. Ask you if I may take your body and enjoy the pleasures we have longed for so many late nights together. Will your answer be yes? I know it will, but I have to ask, I will not take anything for granted. For I want to take you to a place where pleasure is all ours and we control our destination. Are you ready to come with me, if so I am ready to take you?

First I want to fill a tub with hot water, soothing bubble bath, rose pedals and then surround it with scented candles. Then as the water cools off I want to slowly undress my Baby, enjoying my first view of your gorgeous body. After I pin up your hair and walk you to our watery playground and place you inside the warm paradise I will turn on some soft music. Now I will undress and join you, sliding in behind you so that you may rest your head on my shoulder. In the background we hear soft music that is serenading us with passionate love songs that expresses our love. Now I will pour you a glass of champagne and hold it for you while you take a sip of bubbly. As I caress your body with my hands and a soft sponge, I take care not to miss any areas. We blissfully play and converse on things past and present until the water cools off to signal our exit. I then towel you off, steal a naughty kiss here and there engulfing myself in your laughter and smiles. I will then lead you into the bedroom and dress you in some lovely lingerie. Upon entering that room you will find our bed also covered in rose pedals and the room smelling beautiful from the scented candles. I smile because I am enjoying the happiness that is aglow. I love you and tell you how much I have longed to share this moment and many others to come with you. You are so happy that you start to cry, but I stop your tears with a kiss on your sweet lips. I understand that these are tears of joy but I let you know that your tears will dry away and will never return in sorrow. I revel in the glow of your smile and lead you to our bed to relax. I offer you more to drink if you like and pour a glass for myself. After some quite conversation and playful kisses we come to find ourselves lost in a long passionate kiss. We break-away to look into each other eyes, upon that glance we both see inside that we are meant to be as one and seal this knowledge with another kiss. My body is starting to ache with joy from the felling of having your arms holding me tightly. I never want this feeling to leave me. “Yet another memory that I am burning in my mind.” The softness of you Caramel Chocolate skin is as soft as the rose pedals that we lye upon. I am caressing you from head to toe; making sure to locate every piece of your body. Your giggles fill the room with sounds of love and joyous ecstasy. Every sense in my body is highlighted and running away to places I never knew they could discover. Upon feeling our lips meet I hear a moan of sensual delight escape from your lips. Upon hearing the sound I have so longed to hear I whisper to you that I want to make you be this happy always. You state that you want the same.

Upon returning your kiss, my hands are lost in your warm body when I come upon something so very warm and wet. My touch there causes your breaths to shorten and your pulse to quicken. At the same time you are feeling the same from my body. I gently begin to stoke you in a rhythmic motion that brings smiles to your face and kisses to my forehead. As I place a finger on your clit I find myself also discovering your breast. The fullness of you breast fill my mouth and the movement of your body tell me you are engulfed in the pleasures at hand. I lick, nibble, and suck on your breast until I can tell that I have gained the attention of your entire body. Now we are kissing and touching one another feverishly and the heat from our bodies has become a lubricant between us. Working my way down your body from head to toe and everyplace else I find, I am driven more and more by the taste of sweet caramel chocolate skin. Baby your flavor is the aphrodisiac that drives the reservoir of my mind to overflow with intoxicating temptations. As I taste your body with my tongue I can feel the pimples of your skin rise with every touch. We are now lost in our world of pleasure oblivious to any of our surroundings. I slowly begin to massage your nipples with my fingertips as I work my way to the center of your love. With the first taste of your candy delight I lick my lips to ensure I do not miss one drop of your love juice. The nectar of your love is sweet to my mouth, and I stroke your clit with my tongue to show satisfaction. Sliding my tongue in and out your pussy is starting to drive you wild. Your legs squeeze around my head as your body is now moving to the rhythm of my strokes. I stop to have a glance of your glowing face and tell you I LOVE YOU only to resume where I left off. I position my body now so that you may kiss my body and unleash the fire that is burning inside you. The feel of your lips against me drives me to the edge of eternity. I begin to feel your hands stroke my throbbing dick with every probe of your juicy pussy by my tongue. Our rhythm is precise and gentle, the motions combine into one. My head kicks back with I feel the first touch of your lips on my manhood. I moan deeply and arch my back trying to resist the explosion inside me. We continue to explore each other until we have again met with our lips. I am looking in your eyes and I ask if my place my manhood inside you. Waiting to hear yes for your lips I hold you tight. When you answer yes I do not rush in like some k** in a playground. Holding you close I again kiss my way down your body. I use my tongue to guide your legs to where I want them. As I raise your leg I kiss you from the bottom of your toes to the back of your knee, this tickles you and causes a huge smile to come across your face. Allowing you to guide me into you I stop first to rub my dick against the tip of your clit. This sends shivers through you body and causes your legs to tighten and pull me into you. I do this for several moments until I begin to spread your thick pussy lips. The wetness and heat pulls me in slowly and fully. I can now feel your pussy tightening around me as to never let me go. Feeling that, I start to deeply stroke you in slow long thrust. Our bodies are now on fire, we are constantly telling each other that I love you. Now the sounds of music are replace by the sounds of you and I making love. Never has there been a more beautiful sound in the world. We quicken and slow the pace to our satisfaction enjoying the moment and moments to come. We go through position like synchronized swimmer, every position perfect and in time with each other’s needs and desires. Now there comes a moment when we explode but our moment is different. For us it happens simultaneously, this is the truest sign for us that we are meant to be as one. As we collapse into each other’s arms we again kiss and embrace, for this has been what we have dreamed of and wanted from the very first time these words were said. I LOVE YOU. I can not say how many times we repeat what we have shared, but at this moment, in this time, at this place, it has bonded us as one and sealed our fate forever. We again make love throughout the night and into the morning, sl**ping only when needed. When we awake in each other arms I ask you to join me in the shower so that I can not be away from you for one second. While in the shower we eventually get clean but not before we make love in the now wet paradise we share.

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