No time to undress!

I have been thinking about this last one for a few days. Met a couple of female friends at the bar after a long day of golfing with my buddy. I had a few beers on the course so I came with a little buzz and luckily the girls were already a few deep by the time I got there. We had dinner and more drinks of course. We were laughing and getting along with our waitress so she ended up bringing us some free deserts. One of the girls made the comment that now I have had a little bit of everything and I quickly replied, "well not everything." She is a little Latina with nice tits and a great ass!

From there the sexual tension and innuendos ran a muck. One of the girls mentioned how long it had been since she had had sex. A few shots and a couple of mixed drinks later we were on our way to my house. She was really buzzed and when we got to my house she said she was dizzy. I thought this might be her trying to back out. I walked her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She had a dress on and I started kissing her legs. I kissed my way up to her beautiful brown pussy. From there I spent a good ten minutes just exploring her pussy with my tongue. Licking it up and down in between her pussy lips and then gently pushing my swollen tongue inside of her.

She started asking to see my dick. I made her tell me she wanted it. I made her yell, "I want your cock!" After she asked and squirmed for a minute I got up and walked to the other side of the bed. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. I am not huge (7 by 5.5) but when I am fully erect I have made many women happy. She grabbed my dick and started tugging on it like she was trying to pull the sword from the stone. I laid down next to her and started kissing her pussy in the 69 position. She sucked it for a minute but she was extremely eager to get it inside of her. She started saying, "I want this inside of me... Fuck me!" I usuall like to tease a bit but I was d***k.

I stood up back over the bed still fully dressed with my dick hanging out of my jeans. I was going to get undressed but she immediately grabbed my cock. She said,"I want to feel it." I asked her if I should take my close off and she said, "just let me feel it for a second." I let her rub it on her pussy while I started kissing her. I wanted her to taste her pussy juices. She was rubbing it and kissing me with more and more passion by the second when she tried to slip it in. Immediately she realized it was not going to fit right away. I pulled back from kissing her to see the smile on her face and her eyes closed. She said, "Sh... Try it again."

She was a little Latina and her pussy was tight even after licking it til it dripped. We inched it in slowly. I just kissed her while she moved her pussy down on my dick. Then after a few minutes we were all the way in. We started fucking and before you knew it I was ramming my cock in her little hole. She screamed for me to stop and undue my belt. The buckle was smacking her clit and I don't think it was the good pain. She then grabbed both sides of my undone belt and pulled me back in. I then started fucking her hard with her clinging onto my belt. Everytime I pulled back she pulled my cock right back in.

I flipped her over for a minute and pushed her dress up and watched her sweet little brown ass bounce off my dick. My cock was so swollen sticking through the zipper of my jeans. She then pushed off and asked me to finish like we started. She then grabbed my belt and I went to work. I had no condom so I pulled out and shot across the bed. A little bit on her and her dress but she didn't look upset.

I expect to see her again real soon...
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