The Train Traveller - Episode 2

There was no way my trip home from college could be as exciting as my trip to college (see episode 1) could it?.

I boarded the train, alone and still a virgin despite my best efforts during the semester.

College had been, well, not great. I found it hard to make new friends, the guys thought I was a nerd, the girls, well the just didnt seem interested. It was nice to be heading home.

Boarding the train my thoughts drifted back to my journey here. Thoughts of cumming over the teenage girls feet as her naked s****r masterbated & watched, being busted by their mother, then their mum cumming back to give me an amazing blow job. I wasnt even on the train 10 minutes & I had a raging hard on. Horny as all fuck I hadn't cum in over a week. It was hard to jerk off with a roomie sl**ping beside you & the showers were communal so that was out, well for me at least, there was the occasional group jack off sessions I witnessed but that wasnt my cup of tea.

There were lots of hot girls at college & i got many an eye full of candy, short skirts, low tops, enough to make a young guy cum in his pants.

Mum didnt shout me a privae cabin on this trip, after being kicked off the train last time I was lucky she even paid for the trip home at all.

But the train was pretty deserted, my cariage was actualy empty apart from me so I stretched out laid back & drifted off to sl**p, listening to the clckity clack, clakity clak sound the train made on the long journey home.

I woke up from my nap to find a middle aged guy sitting opposite me, thinking this was srange as he had the whole carriage to sit in but he sat there quietly reading a paper. His eyes seemed to be darting from the paper, to me & back again. I sat up & he grinned, "nice dream was it" he said, "Sorry I replied" he nodded down at my crotch & I noticed I had a tent mast in my pants, courtesy of going comando in my track suit pants & being overly horny.

A little embarrassed, I covered my erection with a travel cusion & looked at the floor.

"Hi, I'm Peter" the middle aged man muttered offering to shake my hand. He was well dressed in a business suit, a little over weight & greying at the sides. I introduced myself & we chatted for a while. It turned out he was on his way home after a 2 week busines trip & he was looking foward to getting home to his wife for some re-union sex.

"Do you smoke?" he asked, offering me a puff on his joint. I accepted,fearing I would be caught & be kicked off the train yet again.

Soon though I didnt care & we found ourselved chatting about all things which led to more talk of sex or my lack of it.

Stoned & half d***k after a few beers I drifted off to sl**p again.

Thinking I was having an erotic dream, i went with the flow, it felt good, her wet lips kissing the tip of my cock, her hands running over my cum filled balls, her finger gently pressing against my virginal but hole, then she swalloed my cock, whole, all the way down. Waking up from what was almost a wet dream, I realised I wasn't dreaming, however I went from feeling hard & horny to feeling soft & sick.

The middle aged man. Peter, was on his knees, sucking on my cock, his fingers pressed deep inside my arse.

Fuck man what are you doing, i yelled.

Shhhhhhh, just lie back & relax he mumbled as he contined to suck & finger my prostate.

I tried to push him away but he was strong, his hands held me down & i could smell my arse on his thick fingers.

I tried not to enjoy it but my body let me down, my cock soon became erect again & i was soon pumping a thick heavy laod, over a week's worth of cum into the middle aged strangers throat.

Peter licked my cock clean, swallowed every drop, then sat back down in his seat wiping his face & chin.

"I think you needed that" he said "And I certainly enjoyed it, your cock is so nice, young, hard & your cum is so sweet".

He did not seem to expect anything in return. And he sucked me off another 2 times before the end of the journey.

As he exited the train he left me his business card & said to call him anytime I was in his area and that after college he may have a job for me.

I exited the train, still a virgin, definately not gay, but a little confused however for the first time in a while sexually satisfied with my balls completely drained.

I think I am starting to enjoy this train travel.

God only knows what may happen next?

38% (2/4)
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