Panty Sniffing (My Daughters Undies)

I didnt mind her fucking around, really, it gave me some space & a free hall pass of my own. Our marriage was not the best anyway & we fought a lot, actually the only good thing we produced was our stunning daughter, Candice, who we affectionately call Candy. Candy had her mothers good looks & hoped one day to be a model.

I finished work around 2 pm & I dropped in to the local pub to have a few beers which were served on Friday arvo's by topless barmaids. One of the girls this afternoon was particularily hot, in a slutty stripper sort of way, with long legs, a rake thin torso & huge fake tits with long stiff nipples. I was hoping that my beer was not the only thing that would be going down as I watched her bending over, picking up glasses & trays, imagining her mouth wrapped around my ever expanding cock. Unfortunately, she was working & I had to go home so I left half baked & horny as hell.

It was a hot summer afternoon, I didnt think Candy had come home from school yet, so I thought I would strip down to my jocks, grab a beer & jerk off to some porn on the couch & pretend the topless barmaid was going down on me.

I srtipped off in the laundry, my cock half erect & went to place my work clothes in the laundry basket. Thats where it all began.

On top of the wash pile was a pair of the cutest, girls, sexy white cotton panties.

Now I know it was wrong but I picked them up & brought them closer to my face. The panties were not my wifes as she was away, so they had to be Candy's. The crotch felt moist, so Candy had obviously been home from school & changed & that must have only been in the last hour as school finished about 3 pm.

I felt ashamed as I inhaled the fresh musky scent & dropped the panties back into the wash basket.

Ashamed, yes but fucking hard as a rock.

I dropped my jocks & wrapped my fist around my throbbing cock & started to pump the foreskin back & forth over my engorged purple helmet.

A rush of adrenaline came over me, fuck it, it cant hurt, its not like I am having sex with my daughter or anything. So I went back & took her moist white panties from the washing basket.

I took my cock, pointing at the ceiling & waiving about as I walked from the laundry to the lounge & lay back on the comfy sofa, & proceded to sniff, lick & suck my daughters musky scented pussy juices from her sexy white panties.

Pre cum was dribbling from my penis & I used this as lube to continue my panty sniffing jerk off session.

I pictured her young, tight, virginal pink pussy lips inside the panties, the cotton firmly wedging its way inside her moist slit forming a perfect teenage camel toe. I also pictured the panties creeping up the crack of her tight perfectly formed arse & I inhaled deeply again, close to orgasm now.

I covered my face with her panties, pretending she was wearing them, sitting on my face, my tounge darting over her puffy pussy lips & sexy butt crack covered only by the thin cotton of the sexy white panties. I imagined her pull the panties to the side, exposing her moist pink lips & inhaling her sweet smell.

At this point my hand was pumping furiously & the cries of "DAD - What are you doing & what are you doing with my panties" could not stop my impending orgasm.

I looked up to see my daughter, her pretty & sweet innocent face staring at me in shock. But all I see could was her tight, firm, flawless & near naked teenage body. Candy was standing there mouth wide open, but her body was dripping wet from swimming in the pool, she stood there in her tiny bikini, her firm ripe breasts barely covered by the thin material, hard puffy nipples standing erect from the cold water, her bikini bottom, tighly forming a perfect camel toe around her small vagina, with her moist panties still coverering my face & my hand pumping furiously over my hard cock I shot the biggest load of my life, the first 2 torrents of cum ejaculated through the air & landed on my face & all over candys panties, more cum erupted & spurted onto my chest and stomach, the rest oozed out & covered my cock pumping fist & fingers in thick globs of white semen.

Candy ran off to her bedroom in shock.

I was still glowing from an amzing orgasm as I used Candy's panties to wipe up my cum, taking one last sniff of them as they were now covered with her sweet teenage pussy juices & my semen, the panties were absolutley soaked.

I returned them to the wash basket & went to my room to clean up & take a shower.

I started to feel ashamed & realised what a shock this must have been for Candy. I had to fix the problem otherwise all hell would break loose when the wife came home.

I showered, dressed & went to Candys room.

I could hear muffled sounds coming from her room & feared she was sobbing from the trauma of coming home finding her dad naked & masterbating with her panties, but when I opened the door I found I was wrong, Candy was not crying, in fact what I saw was the long sexy legs of my naked teenage daughter, spread wide as could be, her fingers gently rubbing her exposed clit & fingering her moist tight slit. Her hairless pussy lips parting then gripping on her tiny, slim fingers. I looked up past her exposed vagina, to see her rubbing her puffy nipples & perfectly formed breasts but her beautiful sweet face & sexy lips were covered by something.

Her white panties.

Candy had retrieved her panties from the wash basket & her tounge was now licking my freshly spunked semen from the white cotton fabric which covered her face, this may have been her first ever tatse of cock juice. My cock became instantly erect at the erotic sight I was witnessing, my daughter was a sick fuck just like me.

She looked up, saw me & contined with her journey to self orgasm, stopping only to say,

"I love you daddy" What happened next well thats another story ....

Don't ask me why I did it, I guess I was just a sick horny fuck.

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1 year ago
Well done! I'm going to look for the sequel now!
1 year ago
sooo hot
1 year ago
2 years ago
i use tgo smell and wank to my mums nicks as she had many lovers
2 years ago
From one panty perv to another...Great story! I love sniffing my step-daughters dirty panties.
2 years ago
I Love sniffing my 25 yr old stepdaughters dirty panties too all the time,I bought her a dozen sexy thongs and 3 sexy g-strings and just put them in her panty drawer,watch and see which ones she is using and wait til she`s out and sneak in her room and find the ones with the sweetest scent on them for jerkoff sessions.She sometimes wears the same one for 2 or 3 days.Those are the ones I love to find.A Lot of scent of sweat and pee on them.YUMMY!
2 years ago
wow loved it
2 years ago
Fucking nice I do that to my younger step sisters panties all the time, keep up the good work! :)
2 years ago
Right on, awsome story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. I hope dad get's some more.
3 years ago
same comment as the other one...Hope this is all true!
3 years ago
I came so HARD to this...x
3 years ago
3 years ago
I cant wait for part 2
3 years ago
great story,,man we need to kno more
3 years ago
great, part 2 sounds as if it will be hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
a very lucky sick horny fuck! cant wait for part 2
3 years ago
Great story. Part two sounds like its going to He even better.