How I Seduced My Step dad - Part 2

I called Part 3 of My Evil - Suck & Destroy.

Mom agreed to marry Steve, for months I continued to tease Steve, but to his credit he was faithfull to mom. I teased him by laying semi naked by the pool as he gardened & mowed the lawn, rubbing suntan oil into my breasts occassionally letting my fingers slide inside my swimwear bottoms. I could see the bulge in his shorts so I new he was human but OMG when was he going to weaken.

It was the day of the wedding, Steve looked so handsome in his Tuxedo he actually made me wet just looking at him. Mum of course went the whole white wedding thing even though she had fucked most of the guest list. They actually made a nice couple. I was the maitron of honour & under my tight fitting dress I work no underwear, something i had planned to make sure Steve became aware of a little later.

At the reception i waited for my moment, mum was dancing with an old flame, most of the guests were up chatting or dancing, Steve excused himself & went to the bathroom. I followed slyly & as the door closed behind him I waited for a moment & followed him in. He had enetered a cubicle & closed the door. I locked the main door from the inside so no one could enter, then hiked up my dress exposing my freshly waxed mound & sat on the bathroom bench & started to masterbate with my fingers. As Steve came out of the cubile he nearly fell over, I locked eyes with him or tried to as his eyes were focuessed on my fingers which were dipping in & out of my pussy.

"Do you like what you see, Daddy" I asked.

I jumped off the bench & walked towards a specchless Steve, I dropped to my knees & unzipped the fly on his suit pants, his cock was rock hard & just about jumped out on its own. "We cant do this" he protested. "Just think of it as my wedding present to you" I replied & swallowed his hard cock deep into my mouth. "Stop, please stop he whined", so I placed my pussy juice covered fingers into his mouth to stop him from talking, that did it, he sucked on my cum covered fingers as I sucked on his balls, then took him deep down my throat as he erupted in gushes of hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed most of his load, letting a little drip down my chin & onto my dress, then stood up & kissed him on the mouth, sharing some of his cum in a sloppy passionate kiss.

Then i turned my back & walked away, unlocking the door, wiping his cum off my chin as my startled teenage nephew came into the bathroom.

I was fast reaching my goal & blowing Steve on Mums wedding day was brilliant.

But the final part of my plan would have to wait till they returned from their honeymoon.

Part 4 of my evil plan - I called simply "Fuck me Daddy" started off well but not all plans go to plan.

Whilst mom & Steve were on their honeymoon, I had moved out & rented my own unit. On their return I asked Steve to come over & help me with some renovations. Steve was reluctant after the wedding incident but mom, knowing no better told him to get his arse over & help his baby daughter out.

When Steve arrived at my door I wasted no time in letting him know my intentions, i greeted him at the door in a longer overcoat, underneath i had nothing on other than some long black lace stocings & high heels. When he came in & closed the door I opened the coat & exposed my tender young body in all its glory to him, "Hi daddy, want to fuck" were my only words. Steve went to leave, but i chased after him & grabbed his arm & pulled him towards me, i placed his hand on my exposed cunt lips & he felt my wetness, again he weakened & soon i was laying on my back on my bed with my long stocking covered legs wrapped around his head as Steve sucked & licked my soaking wet pussy. Just as I approached orgasm, Steve stopped, I tried to pull him towards my enlarged clit, just a few more licks would have got me over the edge. "I will be right back, dont go anywhere" he said, Like I was going any where until my new dad fucked me well & good.

Steve returned naked, his tool kit in his hand, his erection was throbbing & I was certain i could see clear pre cum oozing from the tip.

He placed his tool kit on the floor near the bed & beconed me towards him, he firmly placed his hands on the back of my head & pulled my face toward his huge cock, he seemed more forecfull, like he knew what he wanted & this was turning me on. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth so deep i gagged but he held me there tight i tried to pull back but he just pushed his cock even deeper into my throat, i was coughing & gagging, spit drooling down my chin, he pulled his cock out & i said "easy daddy, be gentle" then he lifted his hand & slapped my face so hard I hearly passed out, I screamed & he pulled my hair & slapped me again, my face was red and sore & I began to sob & cry, but i could not scream as he f***ed his ridgid cock past my lips over my tounge & deep down my throat again. He faced fucked me so hard my eyes were bulging, my throat hurt & my jaw ached, he agin pulled out & slapped me even harder this time & I fell back on the bed, in pain, sobbing.

Steve opened his tool chest & removed some rope & a leather strap. He placed a pair of my dirty panties he found in my washing pile at the side of my bed into my mouth & tied my arms & legs so that i was spread eagled on the bed, fully exposed & available to his every whim & desire.

I was scared but also excited, my nipples were hard, my pussy was over flowing with juices.

He took a large rubber handled mallet out of the tool box & started to insert it into my vagina, I tried muffled protests out of my panty stuffed mouth but it was useless, by now he had the whole handel a good 12 inches deeply inseted into my cunt. He used some leather staps to smack my face & breats, leaving welt marks on my fleshy white tits, he left the rubber mallet fully inserted inside of me & stood over my face & stroked his rock hard cock until he ejaculated over my face, his cum flew in long thick archs through the air & pooled on my face, around my lips & on my breasts, he removed the panties from my mouth & as I sobbed he wiped my face, neck & breats clean as well as his cock with my dirty panties & forecd the cum covered knickers back into my mouth.

He undid my legs & wrists, thinking it was all over I screamed at him, "You fucking pig" But he slapped me again & moved me onto my stomach, only to tie me up again but this time exposing my arse. He found the panties I had pulled fom my mouth & started to insert them into my arse. I said "what the fuck r u doing" then he placed the handle of the rubber mallet covered in my pussy juice into my mouth to stop me from talking.

He pushed the panties deep into my arse, then proceeded to whip my arse with his leather strap, I sobbed, i could feel tears running down my face, then aganoy as he pushed his thick 9 inch cock deep inside my vigin arse. He pulled my hair, raiseing my arse & back into the air to meet his every thrust, He reached around & squeezed my nipples so hard I thought they would explode, I dont know why but my pussy was still dripping, i was wetter than I had ever been in my life & I came to a shuddering orgasm as his thick veiny cock pumped deeper into my asre, still filled with my panties.

He pulled his massive cock out of my arse replacing it with most of his fingers, pulling the panties slowly out from deep inside me.

He wipped my arse juices from his cock onto the panties again forcing them back into my mouth.

The smell of my panties filled my nostrills, a combination of tatses from my arse, vagina and his semen also engulfed my & tatse buds with their pungent, salty odours & tatses.

The rubber mallet, thicker & longer than any cock I had ever seen was being f***ed into my arse & fuck me this really hurt he thrust it deep inside me as he f***ed his thick cock past the entrance of my pussy lips & deep inside my vaginal walls, i was so completely full of cock & rubber, as my mouth sucked on the panties still wet from his cum & my arse juices.

I just gave in & came & came & came, my bed was saturated from squirt after squirt of female ejeculation that when I collapsed I felt like I was in a pool of water. He kept fucking my pussy, pulling my hair but eventually replaced the mallet in my arse with his fingers, forcing all 5 fingers & his fist deep into my arse, I was gaping now as he pushed & pulled his whole fist in & out of my tiny arsehole. He groaned like a b**st as he pulled out of my pussy & came over his hand pumping blast after blast of thick white jism into the palm of his hand & over his fingers that were already sticky with my anal juices. As a final treat he f***ed his fist into my mouth making me lick every piece of cum & juice off his pungent smelling fingers.

"So baby girl, did you enjoy fucking daddy, you big fucking prick tease", I just nodded, as I sobbed like a baby, his baby girl, I was in pain, exhaused & still fully aroused, I actually wanted more but he untied me, dressed & left saying on the way out, "my daughter is my new fuck slut" & laughted.

So in the end I dont know if my plan worked or not, i just know I was black, blue & thouroughly fucked. i guess I did fuck my mothers man, my new daddy or did he fuck me, either way

Daddy was one wild fuck pig.

86% (17/3)
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3 years ago
you should have set up a video camera & recorded it for mom
3 years ago
Mmm great, did it continue? Did Mum find out eventually?
3 years ago
nice story made me hard