The Plumber

I watched his muscled torso working in my kictchen for hours, his v shaped back, his thick arms, chisled chest, his beefy arse & his OMG thick strong fingers. I hovered nearby hoping he could read my mind, hoping he would make a move, i watched as his hands w****d around his tools, thinking i would like to wrap more than my hands around his tool.

He was too professional, despite my short shorts, my cum fuck me smile he never made a move, well fuck me, he was not leaving till he, well, Fucked Me".

There was sweat dripping down the front of his white T shirt also some dripping down his back, down his spine & down his exposed firm arse cheeks.

It was a hot day but I was getting hotter, i wanted this man & i wanted him now, i wanted to feel his firmness, his hardness deep inside me.

I offered him a drink which he politley accepted, then taking the glass from him I walked up to him, grabbed his crotch & said "Is there anything else i could do for you".

I could feel his manhood groing in my hand, then I gasped as he placed his large strong hands on the back of my neck, pulled me towards him & planted a sexy wet passionate kiss right on my lips. Our lips locked & tounges mingles, swapping saliva as my hands fumbled trying to undo the buttons on his navy Blue jeans.

His cock burst free of it confines, i looked down & felt week at the knees, it looked massive in my tiny hands, the shaft more than filling my palm & then some.

As passionate as the kiss was, i pulled my mouth away, my mouth had better things to explore. He removed his shirt as I kissed my way down his chest, biting his nipples, running my tounge down his smooth rippled stomach till his pubic hair nestled on my chin, I lowered my face so that his monster cock was just inches from my lips, i was so horny i just wanted to taste everything he had to offer. I could smell his sweat, his musky scent & the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth was awesome, i started to suck slowly, taking time to stop & lick his balls, occassionaly rimmining his tiny tight arse then back to sucking & licking his long shaft & engorged head as he leant back on the kitchen bench. I could feel thick drips of saliva running down my chin as I took the entire length of his cock deep into my mouth, his balls now resting on my chin, this must have been to much for him as he stopped me, pulling his beautiful cock from my mouth, dripping in thick white saliva It actually lookied like streams of cum running off it. He lifted me with his strong arms up onto the bench, he removed my shorts & rubbed my crotch, he wasted no time as first one then two & soon three of his thick tradesman fingers worked there way deep inside me.

I was so wet, dripping actually as he finger fucked my hole i just wanted to cum all over his fingers then & there. But i wanted more than his fingers & I was soon to be rewarded as the large tip of his cock penetrated me for the first time, entering slowly, then inchinging all the way in, he was long, thick & warm, i could feel every pulsing vein of his cock inside me. His slow tempo soon changed & his trusts became faster, deeper, he turned me around & squeezed my nipples as he pounded me from behind, he was fucking me so hard it was bordering on being rouch, there were times I just wanted to scream in pain, other times I just wanted to cum everywhere, but I knew he was close, his balls slapping against my tight arse as he fucked me, he groaned loudly and I felt his cock expand & contract severeal times as he pulled my hair back, my own back arched as he thrust deep inside me one last time. I felt his warm seed, feeling me, he moaned loudly as he came yelling "Take all of my fucking cum bitch" I could feel him pull out of me & felt his cum run down my legs as he spurted 3 more blasts of cum all over my arse cheeks & back, his strong chest now heaving he picked me up again, turned me around & f***ed me to my knees, feeding his cock, covered in my juices & his thick salty white cum into my mouth, fucking my face now as hard as he had fucked me earlier.

I neaded my own release & I didnt take me long to explode in my own squirtung orgasm when my strong fuck stud lifted me for one last time onto the kitchen bench, he sat me down on it & took my trobbing cock deep into his mouth, i explodede immediately filling his mouth with warm salty semen, he stood up now rubbing his cock against mine & spat my cum back into my mouth & over my face.

"Thanks bitch" he said as he buttoned up his jeans, "where do u want me to send the bill"

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3 years ago
cleaned & filled your pipes
3 years ago
Some plumber he really fixed your pipes thanks