The Train Traveller - Episode 1 - The Teenage Sist

It was the first of many of my long 16 hour train trips from home to College and as it turned out the first of many sexual experiences that occurred on these travels.

Mum dropped me off at the station, tears in her eyes she waved as I sat back in my private cabin, I looked out the window & waved back. It was the first time I had been away from home and the first time I had money in my pockets, thanks to mum who had also sprung for the private cabin.

So what does a young horny virgin boy on a long train trip with money in his pockets do, easy, drink lots of beer & masterbate to porn saved on my Ipad.

The porn became a bit boring, it was getting late, I was more than a little d***k, (read plastered) it was time to to take a leak & go to bed.

I stumbled down the rickety eyles of the train as it chucked its way across the heart of America. I somehow reached the toilets, nearly falling over taking a piss as the train took a bend, or was that just the alcolgol taking its effect on me, then stumbled back to my cabin, managed to get most of my clothes off & fell into bed. I remeber it being rather warm, it was the end of summer and must have kicked the sheets off during the night.

I woke early as the sun peaked through the cracks in the blinds on the window. I dying for a piss and had the biggest hardest morning glory erection I could ever remember, my head was spinning, hungover at first I just thought I was hearing thinks, I swore I heard the giggles of young teenage girls. I opened my eyes, then closed them again, took a deep breath, was I dreaming, why were there two teenage girls sitting in their underwear bottoms & pyjama topps in the bed opposite me, gigglling & staring at my rock hard erection, even more baffling why were there two beds in my cabin, I could have sworn there was only one.

Ok, in my d***ken stuppor I must have crashed in the wrong cabin after my late night bathroom visit. But what the fuck?.

I couldnt move at first, still half d***k, stunned by the vision of 2 beautiful sexy half naked s****rs staring at my erection, still a shy virgin & horny as all fuck.

"Goodmorning sl**pyhead, we have been waiting for you to wake up to play with us" one of the girls giggled, i remember watching as one of them removed her pyjama top over her head exposing a perfect set of small white breasts with puffy pink nipples & I watched as she squeezed the nipples between her fingers, I then found myself looking dirctly up the long tanned legs of her s****r as one of them stretched out & began to brush my thigh, her leg was long & athletic & it lead all the way to a fresh white pair of cotton briefs, she had one hand inside her underwear rubbing her smooth young mound & wet lips, my cock twitched as her foot, toes painted in bright pink nail polish inched closer to my cock and pre cum started to ooze out the slit of my dick & dribbled down the shaft. Her s****r now had removed her underwear & did not take her eyes off me & her s****rs foot which was now almost touching my cock, she was rubbing her fully exposed pink hole quickly & was moaning in a low gutteral moan. Her s****rs foot, well toes acually touched the base of my cock & balls my cock spasmed, he toes inched along the shaft & when I saw her pretty pink toes wrap around the head of my pre cum covered knob it was all to much for this virgin & i ejeculated high into the air, landing in the middle of her foot & half way up her leg, further gushes followed pooling over her sexy toes & feet dripping down my shaft & over my balls, if that wasnt enough well fuck me if her s****r didn't stop finger fucking her young pussy, bent over & started to lick my cum off her s****rs feet, suking the cum covered big toe like it was a cock, looking me in the eyes the whole time, my erection did not fade at all, i was so fucking horny I was ready for my first ever tatse of pussy & s****rs at that, when it all came to a crashing end, the girls mum knocked on the cabin door & entered, well holy shit, what do you say when you find your teenage daughters naked, playing with each other, covered in a strange teenage boys cum, she looked at the girls in discust, told them to cover themselves up & to go to her cabin, clean up & wait for her there, she looked pissed & when she looked at me, d***k, unshaven, naked & a raging cum covered hardon pointing at the ceiling of the cabin, well lets just say she had me kicked off at the next station but not before telling me to never repeat any of what had take place here to anyone because if her husband, the girls father, found out he would kill me, after I nodded in agreement she closed the door, dropped to her knees & tasted what her teenage girls had been craving. She took the whole of my cock deep into her mouth & rubbed my balls, sucking up & down the shaft, licking the head in circles then going back down, she repeated this for maybe 30 seconds & it felt great but i needed to piss urgently, i tried to stop her, i even told her but she ignored me & i soon found myself pissing into her mouth & over her face, she graoned & swallowed as much of my warm yellow piss as she could, then grabbed a towel, whiped her neck & face & contined to suck my cock even more vigorously then before & soon i was shooting another huge teenage cum blast, coating the back of her throat & filling her mouth with my white salty jism. She was a true pro, an older looking version of her sexy daughters but she never missed a drop, in fact there was no evidence on her face or hands of any semen or piss what so ever, she swallowed every drop she could, smiled at me & said in a husky sexy voice "I just love teeenage boys cocks" then in a firmer & louder voice, "Now get the fuck out". I grabed my clothes, stumbled back to my cabin, dressed & waited, i was excited to hear a knock at my cabin door, thinking it was maybe one or both of the girls looking for me, or maybe mum looking for a second helping of my cream, but sadly it was the conductor, "Ok mate, we have had some complaints & I am going to have to ask u to get off at the next stop".

I was a little worried about how to tell mum that i got kicked off the train, but at that moment I did not care, i walked around fully erect with that memory in my head for nearly the first month at college. But fuck it I was still a virgin.

To be continued.....
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3 years ago
wow that is so hot to bad you got kicked off
3 years ago
lucky bugger
3 years ago
It was worht it wasn't it well yeh thanks
3 years ago
Good stuff, do continue please!
3 years ago
I can see this becoming a great series!