How I Seduced My Step Dad part I

I started my wicked plan from the day he moved in. I hated my mom she was a witch. She had cheated on my real dad numerous times.

When dad was away on work trips I would often lay in bed at night listening to some guy she had picked up in a bar fuck her brains out. The grunts & moans were at first all to much for me & I was disgusted, but over the years as I grew into a woman I would lay there naked on top of the sheets squeezing my tiny titties & rubbing the thin wisks of pubic hair on my pussy as some guy yelled out to my mum "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I lay there wishing he was doing it to me.

When dad found out mum had been cheating he packed his bags & left. We never saw him again.

Mum continued to fuck multiple strangers night after night, but did eventually settle down with a regular called Steve.

During this time, I myself had become rather promiscuos, experimenting with my rapidly developing body & new found sexuality. At school I played the vamp card to the hilt with the teachers, older boys & Jocks in my class to get what ever I wanted. Sure I had to suck a lot of cock but I felt powerfull & in controll.

But when mum brought handsome Steve home, I had a whole new plan to get back at the bitch. This one was for you Dad.

Steve was a tradie, he had mousey brown hair, muscular arms & a thick chest. he had rough large tradesman hands that i fantasised about one day exploring my timy body. From the groans coming from mums room he obviously had some other tools in his tool chest that worked quite well.

I guess I had a school girl crush on him & would always smile cutely at him, blush, lick my lips suggestively, twirl my hair, whatever it took to get his attention & piss mum off.

Steve was happy to flirt back with me in a harmless sort of way, often smacking my arse gently as he walked past if I said something rude to mum and if we had to pass each other in the tight hallway of our small home I would push out my breats & ensure they brushed up against him & just smile. I enjoyed walking past his & mums always open bedroom doorway on my way to the bathroom knowing he was watching me in my skimpy white undies & a small crop top that exposed just the bottoms of my milky white breasts with material so flimsy my nipples would stick out almost through it.

Part 1 of my plan was successful, I called it "The Preliminary Cock Teasing Stage".

Part 2 of my plan, which I called the " Stand Erect & at Attention Stage" occurred when mum stayed away one night with a friend, leaving me alone at home with just Steve.

I knew Steve always stopped off at a local bar & had a few drinks with friends after work & always arrived home at around 8pm. When he got home he found me on the couch watching the movie cruel intentions, thats the movie where the b*****r tries to seduce his step s****r as a bet & there is a lot of very sexy young women with beautiful naked breasts & tight swimsuits kissing each other & teasing.

I was in my usual tight white undies & barely there t shirt.

I had poured some water on my crutch to over acentuate the fact that I was wet & i had set the dvd for the most erotic part to be playing as he entered the lounge room. I was laying back on the couch rubbing my breast with one hand as the other rubbed my crotch. I knew Steve had paused to watch me in the door way but pretended I had not heard him, eventually I looked up & gasped in an innocnet voice " Oh My God I am so sorry. I did not hear you come in Steve". I reached for the dvd controll, stopped the movie, stood up & excused my self, feeling Steve's eyes on my body, especially on my "Soaking wet" crotch as I brushed past him.

I went to my room tore off my clothes & found my pussy was dripping wet, not from the water I had spilled on my panties on purpose earlier as an extra treat for Steves penetrating eyes but from the excitement of being watched by mums rugged fuck stud.

I enusred I was as loud as I could be as I bounced around on my bed, finger fucking my pussy till i exploded in a screaming orgasm, if Steve did not hear this he would have to have been deaf & if he was not rock hard & stroking his cock by now he had to be dead. Just meters from his bedroom was a younger, prettier barely legal version of the woman he was fucking, her baby daughter, alone, naked, horny & playing with herself.

As I continued to play with myself I slowly inserted my white cotton undies inside my sopping vet vagina, running the material in & out of myelf, soaking up as much pussy juice as I could. When i was done they were wringing wet from my sweet teeange fuck juices. Exhasted I got up off my bed & strutted naked to the bathroom, past Steve & Mum open bedroom door & left my soaking wet panties on the edge of the bath tub on purpose as a gift for Steve when he woke up in the morning.

I woke up the next morning & went to the bathroom for a pee, it was no surprise that my panties were not where I left them, i could only imaging that Steve had found them as I had planned. I imagined him sniffing & licking them as he masterbated. Hopefully he was thinking of fucking my sexy young body & working those thick tradesman fingers deep inside of me.

My plan was working just fine. Now for Step 3.

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3 years ago
go girl get your revenge
3 years ago
Mmm like it :)
3 years ago
wow!! im already throbbing hard!! ;-)
3 years ago
Made me hard lol well done
3 years ago
Nice! Part two..... part two!!!