The Teacher & His Cum Covered Student

I had 20 years experience as a teacher watching many a young girl develop into a beautiful woman. I got the occasional peek up a skirt, maybe a glance down a top but nothing like the experience that led to my recent & unfotunate sacking.

I had taught Jo-Beth since she was 15. She was always a pretty young thing, outgoing & a bit cheeky. She seemed to enjoy biology which was what I taught & we always had a great rapport. However as she turned 17 she became more interested in boys, her attention in class wavered as she flirted & teased the boys, on several occassions her constant chatting & disruption to class by showing off to the boys led me to sending her to see the school principal.

One particiular day about a month after Jo-Beth turned 18 & a month before her graduation Jo-Beth came to class in a particularily wicked frame of mind. She strutted into class late to a mass of wolf wistles & cat calls from the boys & even some of the girls, she stutted to the vacant seat at the front of the class in what could barely be called a school uniform, Her pleated skirt barely covered her tight bottom, her white blouse tied in a knot sowing her flat tonned stomach, her top button purposely undone showing more than ample cleavage & a lacy white bra, her hair in tight pigtails with ruby red lipstick on her pouty lips & black mascara on her long eylashes.

It took me 5 minutes to settle the class, I tried to pay her no attention as that is obviously what she was seeking. But that became more difficult as the class went on.

I turned around from writing on the blackboard to witness Jo-Beth slowly opening her legs underneath her school desk to expose a lovely pair of white cotton briefs, I quickly looked away but could not resist the occasional peek to what was becoming obviously clear to me to be a very fat, puffy camel toe inside her briefs. She caught me glancing & winked slyly at me chewing on her gum & seductively playing with it, pulling it in long strands from her mouth, wrapping it around her fingers & licking it back off. I was getting a rather obvious erection so i sat down at my desk & started to read from the text book rather than use the chalk board.

Looking up I nearly chocked & stuttered. Jo-Beth had pulled her white cotton panties to the side & was clearly rubbing & exposing her fresh, smooth pink pussy lips right in front of me. I asked another student to carry on reading as I was to choked up. I wached as Jo-Beth stared directly into my eyes as she inserted her bright yellow glue stick inside her virginal hole, moving it in & out slowly for a minute then bringing it to her lips & sucking seductivly on it. The end of class bell rang & I dismised the class asking Jo-Beth to stay behind.

I waited for a few moments & then locked the door. Jo-Beth looked wickedly at me & winked, 'You want me so bad dont you Mr Johnston, I can tell by that huge bulge in your Pants".

"Jo-Beth" I said, "I have never done anything like this with a student before But i am going to fuck your brains out right here in the class room"

Then if I was not shocked enough her return comment floored me.

"Mr Johnston, I am a Virgin & want to stay that way, but we can do Oral & you can fuck me in the arse"

And with that she dropped to her knees unbucked my trousers & started to suck on my erect cock. Her tiny mouth felt so warm & soft, her tounge so gentle & wet, she sucked for less than a minute when i pulled out & sprayed what must have been a gallon of white sticky cum over her sexy young face & into her pig tailed hair. She rubbed my swollen cock over her cum covered lips & tounge, then she lay back on my desk, exposing her pink pussy lips to me, she rubbed her clit & said,' please Mr Johnson, lick my pussy". I got down on my knees & edged closer to her fresh, smooth young snatch. i could see her wettness & as I got closer I could smell her feminine scent. I inhaled deeply, smelling fresh young cunt for the first time in decades, then bringly my lips & tounge to her swollen lips. She shudered as I ran my tounge along her smooth wet slit & darted it in & out of her tight tunnel, she moaned loadly as I sucked on her tight button, pulling her lips apart to exposed the tight little pink rosebud. And she writhed with delight as I licked & poked my tounge into her tight puckered arsehole. My cock was erect again & i brought it to the entrance of her Virginal vagina but she stopped me as my head started to penetrate her lips. "No Mr Johnston, you can only fuck me in the arse". No woman or girl had ever said that to me before, & be damed It was one invitation I was not going to knock back. I raised her legs & pressed the tip of my cock against the tight pink hole of her anus. I eased the head in gently as she gasped, & she yelped a little as i eased my cock into the tightest cavity it has ever been in. I asked her if I should stop, bt she wimpered "no" I looked up & there was tear in her eye, but she pushed her arse against me & we got into a smooth fucking rythm, her arse gripping every throbbing vein in my cock. I turned her over & took her from behind, removing her top & white lace bra & watched her firm arse cheeks meet every thrust of my cock, rubbing her dripping wett pussy lips & hard clit with my fingers as her firm tight, white breast flesh swayed in rythm to our forebidden fucking, her nipples hardened as they brushed the cold desk top. I felt her arse grip me tighter as I rubbed her clit as she came In a rush of juice which flowed freely over my hands dripping down onto the floor, thats was enough to set me off as I squeezed her young girly breasts & pinched her nipples I shot the second load of the day deep inside her warm, fleshy arse. I stepped back & watched her colapse face down on the desk. my cock now limp & leaking fluids as i watched thick lines of my white cum, ooze from her freshly fucked arse, down her white milky thights.

It was without a doubt the best fuck of my life, witnessed however by another teacher watching through the window of the door & although the old prick probably enjoyed the show he told the headmaster who after a lengthy investigation had me sacked.

It also lead to her father assaulting me causing serious facial injuries & Jo-Beth's mum providing me with a "My husband is an arsehole so you can fuck me as well" sympathy fuck. And I can tell you I know where Jo-Beth got her moves from.

Anyway here I am in my late 40's unemployed but happliy fucking Jo-Beth & her mother, sometimes at the same time, life can be cruel & kind all at once.

Oh and yes Jo-Beth did give up her virginity to me but thats another story that also involves her crrent boyfriend & his 3 best mates.
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3 years ago
Just as in real life, there is always another chapter...
3 years ago
So what happened when you popped her cherry?
3 years ago
wow this is horny
3 years ago
very good apart 2, 3
3 years ago
Sweeeeeeeeeet Where is Part 2 ? :):)
3 years ago
Very good. Not surprised you got sacked!