The Nun, The Priest & The Crucifix

I knew I had to follow my faith from an early age & I joined the convent staight out of school. What i did not know was how hard the vow of chastity would be & what trouble it would get me in to.

My convent was very strict, we wore, neck to knee tunics, full length head veils & flat shoes, we were not allowed to speak in the corridors or at meal times, anyone found disobeying the rules was punished. s****r Margaret, the head nun, would hand out the punishment herself quite literally. I was not only punsihed by her myself but I also witnessed her discipline other s****rs in my presence. s****r would make the offender bend over a chair or table, lift there tunic to expose there naked bottoms & whip them with a cane until there were numerous red, thick welt marks. If there were 2 or more offenders the others had to watch waiting for their own punishment. Strangely enough this is where I had the first stirings of my lustfull desires & would often become quite wet looking at the pretty white flesh of naked female bottoms in front of me being spanked as I watched, peaking, trying to get a look between the legs for any sign of a crevice or parting of the vaginal lips on my virginal s****rs. By the time my own spanking came about my lady parts were quite damp & i am sure s****r would pick up on my musky scent & beat me even harder.

But it was Father Dean who aroused the flame within me. I often heard his moans of pleasure coming from the confessional booth as many a widow or neglected house wife would pleasure him orally between the confessionals anonymous dividers. They would leave looking sheepish, trying to sneak out un-noticed, embarrassed, wiping their lips & trying to hide the staines on their dresses.

Father Dean was in his mid 50's, a thick set man with a wide smile, an irish accent & from the outine in his trousers, some quite large man parts.

A new, younger, trainee priest, Father Jeremy, arrived in summer. He was fresh out of university, he had handsome good looks, a healthy fit sculptured body & an amazing smile. He and father Dean got on quite well & I am sure father Dean's horny confessional widows soon found the tatse to their liking of a new younger, priest. And I was soon to find out, so did father Dean.

Late one evening after prayer, i was tidying up the alter, when I noticed in the priests dressing room, father Jeremy on his knees, moaning. Worried about him I crept closer, esuring I kept my vow of silence. As I got closer, I became flushed with embarrassment. Father Jeremy was not in pain, in fact the opposite. He was on his knees, with his trousers off, masterbating his erect manhood with his left hand as his right hand & mouth played with & sucked on Fathers Deans massive erection. Father Dean still had on his priest's robes, they were lifted high abover his waist to giver father Jermy better access to his testicles & penis. I had not witnessed anything like this before. I had seen my youngers b*****rs penis growing up and I may have even glanced at my fathers erction one night as he masterbated alone in the lounge room of our families home, not knowing i was watching, but i had never witnessed two grown men, men of the cloth engaged in full on sexual activity just metres from where I was located.

Father Jeremy's mouth must have been very good at what it was doing, as I soon witnessed Father Dean pull his cock out of Jeremys mouth & shoot thick white jets of liquid over Jeremy's face. His thick cock managed to stay hard as he turned Father Jeremy around & eased his cum covered cock deep inside Fathers Jeremys bottom. I could now clearly see father Jeremy's cock bouncing up & down as father Deam pumped him hard from behind. Fathers Jeremy's erect cock was pretty, it was no where near as large & thick as father Deans but it glistened, the end circumcised unlike father Deans thcker uncut foreskin. he radiated with youth & his body shuddered with excitement, as did mine, i raised my tunic & pulled aside my thick bonds underwear, my excitiement had made me wet, wetter than I can ever recall, i needed more than just fingers, i grabbed the nearest, thickest, longest object & thrust it inside of my aching woman hood. I thrust it back & forth, back & forth until something happened to me that has never happend before, I squited, gush after gush of clear white fluids all over the floor, over my hands & the crucifix, which I now realised I had been masterbating with. I sucked on the toes of jesus hanging from the crucifix, then placed it back into my soaking cunt, the forebiddeness of what i was doing just made me hornier. I pumped it harder & harder into myself as I watched father Jeremys sexy little cock shoot a long thick jet of cum into the air, i watched as more blasts erupted from the tip, pooling near his feet, as father dean pulled his long thick uncut coock out of his arse & came for the second time, this time all over father Jeremys arse, i pumped faster & faster with the crucifix, finally ending my vow of silence. I screamed as I orgasmed "Christ" "fuck me jesus" Fuck me jesus" I collapsed in a puddle of female ejaculation, the crucifix of jesus layed in the mess on the floor near my exposed, throbbing, gaping, pink pussy lips.

Father Dean & Father Jeremy, their cum dripping cocks now hanging loosly, pointing at the floor looked up & saw me laying on my back, panting, my legs spread wide open, my exposed cunt dripping with female ejaculate, my cum covering the crucifix of jesus splayed out on the floor in a puddle of juice, the two of them looked at each other & smiled, they came over to me & gently lifted my exposed body into the air & carried me to their private quaters, thats when the fun really began.

I know I am going to hell, but fuck did we have a gay old time.

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9 months ago
I hope you will continue this story, there are sooo many possibilities to cum
1 year ago
reminds me of aprtest I knew
3 years ago
So wheres the next chapter huh
3 years ago
please give us more
3 years ago
good & hot a part 2, 3...
3 years ago
Very good. There has to be more