The Glory Hole

I came out of the surf & was greeted with a warm passionate kiss from my topless girlfriend. She pushed her naked breasts into me & I could feel her nipples harden on my cold flesh as she pressed into me, my hard-on growing in my boardshorts. We lay on our towels & she continued to pash me & guided my hands into her bikini bottoms, she was so moist, wetter than i can ever recall her being. I stopped & asked her what had made her so horny. She told me a guy had been sitting near her & talking to her, she said he was so handome & had a beautiful body, he was lean, tanned, very fit, his stomach rippelled & his fench acent was very erotic. He had been chatting to her & was admiring her near naked body very openly. He asked her if she would play with herself as he watched, to which she declined, saying she had a boyfriend. He appologised but before leaving told her if she did not have a boyfiend he would fuck her right there on the beach & when he left to walk away she could see a very thick outline of an erect cock in his brief speedos.

I smiled at her & said I was glad she was so horny & she woukld get a nice fucking when we got home.

I then left her to go to the toilets to shower to wash away the salt & sand from my body.

As i showered naked I could see there was a round hole between the shower & the toilet cubile. I heard footsetps come into the toilet & the door close. I nevet thought much about it till I turned around & saw a very large, thick dark cock, poking through the hole into the shower with me. Still horny myself from my girlfriends advances I thought why not have some fun. I grabbed my shower gel & started to rub the strangers cock. It felt so big in my hand, it throbbed & the veins on the side were thick & full of bl**d, before long I was on my knees stroking my own cock & sucking on the enormous one in front of me. I continued to suck the round firm knob & long thick shaft I soon heard a french accent say, "Thats it I am Cumming", i pulled my mouth away & received a thick blast of cum right in my face, some landed in my eye, some in my hair, i quickly gripped the ejaculating member & placed it back into my mouth where another 4 steady jets of semen blasted into my mouth. i swalled every drop & pulled myself to an exploseive orgasm. "you have a very sexy girlfirend & a very sexy mouth, thank you" my french cocksman said as he left me to finish my shower.

My girlfiend could not work out why I was so horny on the way home. I pulled off the side of the road & fucked her on the bonet of my car down an isolated road, her cunt spread wide, her lips open & dripping with my cum as i exploded deep inside of her, running down onto the paintowrk of my car.

If only she knew I had tasted her little french cream horn.
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mmmmmm hot!!!!!!
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mmmm damn hot story
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ow thats what i'm talking sbout
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YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!