My Stepdad

I could not believe I had to move home at 19. I moved out when i was 16, now I was broke, homless & well hungry.

Mum had moved in with her new husband, my real dad had moved away from here years ago.

Even though my step dad was cool, & even hot in a mature guy kind of way, laying in bed at night, listening to mum & him root like rabbits was a little to much.

Mum had me when she was very young & as a result she was only in her early 30's, she had kept herself very fit & I guess most guys would call her a milf. My new step dad was a builder, he was strong, tall, dark & handsome, they seemed like a nice pair together. My stepdad had a wicked grin & I melted when he smiled at me. i could certainly see what mum saw in him.

One night mums orgasmic moans were too much for me, i got out of bed & went to get a drink from the fridge. Being used to living alone & the knowing the 2 of them were going at it I did not even think twice about walking naked to the fridge.

I made a warm glass of milk & sat on the lounge watching tv with the volume down low. I must have drifted off to sl**p.

I woke to the sight of my step dad, naked in front of me, playing with his erect cock as he stood over my naked body. I went to scream but he covered my mouth with his strong hands, his fingers wrapped around my jaw. He f***ed my tiny hand around his enormous cock & started to fondle my breasts. His hands had a familiar smell, then I realised I was smelling pussy juice, not mine but mums. I must admit i was aroused, the sounds of them fucking night after night as I lay naked & alone in my bed, the sight of his strong, lean, muscular naked body & the width & girth of his cock in my little hands, the scent of recent sex on his hands & cock. I knew it was wrong but I wanted him. I parted my legs & guided him into me, he f***ed his fingers covered in mums juices into my mouth & I eagerly sucked on them as he pressed his erection deep inside of my vaginal walls. As much as I enjoyed him fucking me I wanted to taste his cock, I had always enjoyed giving head & loved the feel of a large cock inside my little mouth. I urged him off me & had him stand infront of me, still seated on the lounge, I grabbed his firm meaty buttocks & brought his erection to within an inch of my mouth, I smelled my cunt & my mothers pussy juices on him then licked his shaft & balls as he moaned, I wrapped my lips around his knob & sucked in long slow motions, fondling his balls as he played with my soft supple breasts, I head his low maoning orgasm approach & i felt his cock spasm in my mouth, then the familiar & enjoyable tatse of semen erupting over my tounge, filling my mouth & coating the back of my throat. He left me lying there, covered in his cum, i wispered, Thanks DADDY as he walked away & brought myself off to an amazing orgasm with my fingers by rubbing my erect clit till i shot moist wet juice all over the couch.
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2 years ago
A really hot and sexy story!!
3 years ago
very good but he is very selfish in not getting you off
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Id have had to eat your pussy andbrought you to a climax In appreciation of the great blow job you'd put on me before I left