The Ram Lounge 2

I was timid & nervous on my first visit to the RAM lounge. Even so the experience turned out to be mind blowing. I had watched to guys blowing each other, I was wanked off in a public place by an unkonwn male who stroked my cock from behind as he wanked himself off onto my naked arse cheeks. I can still remember the feeling of his cum dripping down my thights.

This time I knew what to expect & knew what I wanted. It was time to turn it up a notch.

I showered at home. I covered my cock, balls & pubic mound with shaving cream & ran the sharp steel blade gently but firmly over my shaft & around my balls, stripping away any pubic hair until I was as smooth as a baby. I admired myself in the mirror as I dried off. My half erect cock looked so much bigger with no hair surrounding it and my balls felt so smooth & hung heavy & low. I had planned today for a week & although it was hard I had not cum in that time. I wanted todays ejaculation to be special.

I wore my loose fitting levis with no underwear, my steel capped work boots, a fresh white T shirt & my black leather jacket, oh & also a nice leather cock ring I had brought from the sex shop below the RAM lounge.

I hung around the video section below the RAM lounge for about half an hour scoping who was going upstairs. I was getting even more horny looking at the video covers, shaved bald pussies staring at me on titles such as "Barely Legal" & "Teenage Fuck Sluts", and huge cocks on covers such as "Euro Cream's Huge Cock Adventures". I wanted to pull my cock out & wank right there & then.

By my accounts there was at least half a dozen or so guys that had gone upstairs by now, It was time to head up.

I paid the cashier who handed me a condom & a sachet of lube. I walked up the dimmly lit stairwell, throwing the condom away, I wanted the feel of skin on skin, cum on my body, not rubber. The lube however I thought would be just what I needed.

As I opened the door I heard the usual groans cumming from the video screen there were 3 guys sitting on chairs, pants around there ankles masterbating to the video on the screen. 2 other guys were standing alone in a corner each taking it all in, still fully clothed but rubbing ther crothes through there jeans, the last guy seemed to be a lot younger & a bit lost, he was wandering around just looking.

There was a thick heavy smell of sex in the air, the smell of naked flesh, sweat, lube & the unmistakable smell of semen. God only knows how many loads had been blown in this room.

Everyone looked up as I enetered the room. I wasted no time in putting my plan in motion. I made eye contact with as many of the men as I could. I walked over to a vacant corner & with my back to the others took off my jacket & t Shirt, boots & jeans. I then put my boots & leather jacket back on, opened the sachet of lub & rubbed the lube into my arse crack. Turning around the guys got their first look at my now fully erect cock, bound by the leather of the cockring.

The two guys in the corner now had their cocks out and everyone in the room was masterbating watching me now & not the DVD.

I walked past everyone into one of the rooms in the back, i bent myself over the bench face down & left my exposed arse in the air & began to stroke my cock.

It did not take long before one of the guys from the corner came up behind me & started to rub my arse, I could feel his erection poking into my legs as he massaged my arse cheeks, he then bent down & began to lick my arse hole. His hand reached around & gripped my cock & his hands began to explore my bare pubic mound, shaft & shaved balls. Then I felt 2 thick fingers start to probe the entance of my arse, edging gently inside of me, then the friction of the fingers starting to slowly pump in & out, massaging my prostate, now full of a weeks worth of cum.

I could feel my cock dripping pre cum freely & I cold smell fresh semen on the bench where my head was, probaly from an anonymous ejaculation only a few hours earlier.

I pushed back onto his fingers & groaned, wanting more than just digits........

He stopped fingering my arse & moved so that he was now in front of me, his cock was large & uncut, his forskin covering his purple helmet, but he was hard and fully erect he was pushing it now into my eager mouth, the thick foreskin fell back & forth over the head of his cock as I began to suck. With my arse still exposed I felt another person fondling me from behind, but this was not a finger or a mouth, there was a larger, firmer object making its way past my lubed up arse cheeks. the head of his cock pushed inside of me. He stopped my cocksuckking for a moment as I groaned in pleasure & pain. This guy was not mucking around, he pushed his cock deep inside me, expanding my virgin love tunnel, the thin walls on the inside of my arse being stretched to the limit by a thick hard cock. He pumped slowly but i could still feel his balls slapping my arse, pain gave way to please & i continued sucking madly now on the cock in from of me, i could feel my own cock swinging below me, i could tell it was oozing. With one large thrust & groan I felt a warm sensation gush into my arse, then another & another, the guy fucking me was ejaculating deep inside my arse & the warmth was incredible. He withdrew his now half erect cock from my arse & I felt his warm cum oozing from my hole, dripping down over my ball sack. But before I knew it his cock had been replaced by another, this cock was smaller & as my arse was so well lubed now from the last fresh load, he slid in easily. The uncut cock I was sucking was only seconds away now from cumming, i could tell from his beathing & groans, i wanted his load in my mouth so bad but as I squeezed his balls, just at the last moment he pulled out of my mouth & shot a teasingly large load onto the bench just in front of me, i lapped it off the bench like a kitten lapping at milk, i inhaled the aroama & ran my tounge over the pool of fresh salty cum taking time to lick his knob & thick foreskin clean. he moved away & his cock was soon replaced by another, this one cut, smaller but very very thick with a large curve pinting upwards. I sucked it into my mouth without hestiation I could smell his sweaty body, his male muskiness, i felt his thick pubes in my face & his balls slapping my chin as he face fucked me, he was more agressive than the uncut cock & he held the back of my head as he rammed his cock deep into my throat. I pulled my face away for a breif moment to take a breath & to the side of me, the younger guy who had been walking around looking lost earlier was getting into it, he had his pants around his ankles & was standing a few feet away masterbating furiously, he was young, clean shaven & had a very tight torso, firm arms & a wonderfull cut, clean looking cock. i was so close to cumming but knew I had to hold off just a bit longer, The smaller cock in my arse was now exploding & i was receiving the second load inside of me for the day. His cock was smaller but he came for what seemed like an erernity, there was load after load after load, when he pulled out it was like my arse was spewing out thick white cum. I stopped for a moment & rolled onto my back, it was easier this way to suck the curved cock as it followed the natural curve of my throat, all the way down, my own erection now aching & poking me in the belly. I then felt a massive hand grip my cock & start to stroke it. I then felt by far the biggest cock of the day entering my soaking arseole, if the second guy was rough he had nothing on this bear, his thick chest & shouldres held my legs high in the air as he pumped furiously into me, his cock felt so thick & big even with all of the semen coating my insides it was painfull, i could feel every vein in his cock on the walls of my arse & the bell shaped massive cock head pumping in & out of me. Curved shaped cock was now begiing to groan & with his cock deep in my throat he exploded in beautifull thick jets of cum, coating the back of my tonsills & filling my mouth as he withdrew, covering my tounge, lips & cheeks with sweet yet salty ejaculate. He rubbed his cum covered cock all over my face as I swalowed as much as I could, chocking on some & spilling a little down my chin onto my chest. The younger, shy man with the beautiful cock was also cumming now all over his hands, i watched as the cum hung in the air before falling to the ground & pooling by his feet, his fingers & the head of his cock dripping with cum.

As if the massive cock in my arse was not enough this bear of a man decided I need 2 of his fingers inside of me as well, i felt my arse strech to breaking point as he fucked & fingered me at the same time, finanlly he unloaded, he groaned like a warrior & shot a massive jizz load into me, then pulled his cum covered fingers out of my arse & brought them to my lips to suck. the smell & tatse of my arse juices & 3 loads of semen was to die for & i eagerly licked & sucked on his cum covered fingers.

By now there were a few new men standing around masterbating, eached seemed to cum into a large cocktail shaped glass then pass it onto the next guy, i counted 5 loads shoot into the glass before it was passed to me, bear man, stoked my now trembling cock to a massive explosion, having not cum for a week there was more semen cumming from my cock than from a submarine. The large glass was now more tan 3/4 full of thick, creamy cum, i brought the cup to my lips & with guys chanting "down, down, down" i slowly started to pour the tick creamy fluids into my eager mouth, i almost gaggged at the smell but continued swallowing the thick creammy delights till the glass was clean.

When I got home my arse was sore for days but my wife got the fucking of her life, she did not know what (or who) had cum over (and inside)of me but she seemed to like it.
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3 years ago
Totally fucking HOT!
3 years ago
love it
3 years ago
What an AWESOME story
3 years ago
Adult arcades are always the best more varity thanks
3 years ago
so fucking hot & slutty - I LOVE IT!!!!
3 years ago
nice mmm