Cock on the Beach

Jeff lay beside me on the beach, we were exhaused from jogging, swimming & drinking to much alcohol. He slept soundly, but his cock, that i had watched flopping about in his speedos as he jogged on the beach earlier in the day, was now fully erect & stretching the thin, white nylon material. As his erection f***ed the head of his uncut cut to slip out the top of his speedos, what else could I do but slowly lick the foreskin, easing his cock gently out of his swimmers, puling the foreskin back to reveal a nice firm hard helmet, shinning with pre cum. I sucked on his foreskin a little before taking his whole cock deep into my mouth, rubbing his beautiful shaved balls, swirling his pre cum juices around on my tounge savouring the sweet tatse, taking in his sweaty scent then sucking firmly on his rigid, tool, he gruntd as he came deep in my mouth, the first spurt landing deep in my throat, coating my tonsils with hot white semen, then several more bursts filling my mouth & coating my tounge, doing the best I could to swallow every last salty drop. I took one last look at this magnificent fat, uncut cock, licked the last few drops of cum from the tip, then placed it back into his speedos as he slept on.

I lay beside him on the beach & masterbated until I shot a thick load of white cum all over my stomach & chest, I then went for a swim to clean up. Numerous guys that had been watching seemed to walk off into the bushes for God knows what sorts of kinky activities. Jeff woke up from his deep sl**p none the wiser to the live open air sex show he had just been part of & the numerous male orgasms taking place in the bushes behind us that he had caused.
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