My Girlfriend.....

Allison was a school cheerleader, she was the hottest girl in school, blonde, busty, sexy white teeth, she always looked hot in her always too short, pleated school skirt that showed her tight white undies & firm arse cheeks every time she bent over. Her school tie was always loose & the top buttons on her tight white school blouse were always undone.

I was the school geek, I had turned 18, I had short black hair, my b**sts had not developed & I had a thick patch of pubic hair on a boyish body, the guys did not seem to notice me but Allsion always seemed to like me.

Allison who was a bit older than me had always told me she wanted to fuck the school football captain in the girls locker room on his 18th birthday. And true to her word, she did. I waited ouside the locker room on guard as Allison sat spread legged on the bench top in the girls change rooms as Chad rammed his fat thick cock deep inside her pretty, pink young pussy. I heard Allison scream with delight with chads cock thrusting deep inside her & I felt my panties mositen, wishing it was me, wishing i could taste chads cock just once.

Chad gave me a sly smile on his way out, i could see semen stains on his pants near his fly.

Alison called me into the change room & greeted me, naked, legs spead wide with chads thick white cum dripping from her smooth pink cunt lips, down her arse cheeks & thighs.

"Sarah" she said you always wanted a tatse of Chad, cum & get some.

I could not beleive I was going down on my best friend, licking at her freshly fucked pussy, my lips running all over her swollen puffy pussy lips, her hard clit being sucked in between my lips & teeth & oh my god, the tatse. My nostrills filled with the smell & texture of her pussy juice mixed with chads hot cum which was still oozing from deep inside Allsions love cavity.

I continued to lick at Allsions flaps & soon found my fingers furiously rubbing my own clit to a fantatstic orgasm, drenching my panties & leaving a puddle of juice on the floor of the girls change rooms.

We both looked up to see 12 of the fittest guys from the school football team with their pants around there ankles, their stiff young cocks in hand, furiously masterbating to our girl on girl show.

Needless to say i not only got my first tatse of Allisons beautiful pussy and Chads boy cum I also got a more than a few cocks deep inside of me that day as well. Not bad for the school geek.
93% (12/1)
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3 years ago
you left out the gang bang
3 years ago
Nice little story.