Fucked In a Sex Theatre

My older lover, Jeff had educated me in many ways in his world of sexual deviance. But one memory that lingres in my mind is the following.

I was old enough to have sex at s*******n but not old enough to visit an adult sex shop. Jeff told me to just stay with him & be quite as he took me into the adult shop just a few blocks from the city cente.

He held my hand as we looked through the endless display of erotic dvd'd, sex toys lotions & clothes, the shop was so tasetful, colourful & fun, I felt safe yet mildly aroused.

Jeff told me to look at some of toys, maybe pick out something we could play with a little later he said he had to go to the counter to ask a question.

Jeff returned a few minutes later with two tickets in his hand, I asked him what they were for & he said they were for the Adult Theatre downstairs, he had brought us a ticket each & told me to follow him.

We reached the back of the shop where a bright red door blocked our entrance, I looked behind & saw a female shop attendant smile & wave as she pressed a button which made the door in front of us unlock.

I looked back at the flourescent coloured lights in the shop, the fun toys & games, the friendly staff & thought this is cool, lets just go with it.

I followed Jeff through the door & as it cosed behind us the bright lights left us, we were now walking down a dark stairwell for what felt like two floors entering a room that was dimly lit & had the obvious sounds coming from it of someone having sex. I felt apprehensive but Jeff pulled me along by the hand like a rag doll. As I entered the room I saw a pretty but very skinny & very young girl getting her naked arse & pussy stretched to the limit by two massive black cocks on a 42 inch televison. There were three leather looking lounge chairs in this room, most had rips or tears in them there was also another man in the room sitting on once of the couches, he seemed oblivious to us, he had his pants around his ankles & his erect cock in his hand that he was stroking quite furiously, on the chair beside him were a bunch of tissues. The room smelt stale, musty & I wanted to just get out of there.

Jeff led me deeper into the dark building, we walked past four smaller video booths each playing a different video, one was of a pregnant lady being fucked in the arse whilst sucking on another cock, the next booth had a pretty girl with great breasts and a massive cock sucking off 3 dudes, the next two booths had gay videos playing, as I walked past I could clearly see a guy in one booth, on his knees sucking on the cock of the guy in the booth next to his through a hole in the booth.

I had never witnessed live sex acts before yet within minutes of being here I had seen a guy wanking & anther gay guy giving head, the smell of the room made me feel ill & I started to feel a little uneasy.

Jeff however seemed right at home, he led me into the main theater where there was a massive screen playing a movie where a super sexy girl with incredible tits & a very firm arse was being fucked by an equally handsome man with one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, he was fucking her from behind as another hot girl licked at her pussy & his cock as they fucked, her fingers deep inside her spread shaved & very wet pussy lips.

Jeff sat down & told me to sit with him, soon he had his cock out & asked me to play with it, I really didnt want to be here but its best to keep Jeff happy hes not nice to be around when he gets upset, also he does have a really nice hard cock. I reached over & started to rub his cock slowly up & down, it felt big in the dark & he was certainly turned on. I self consciouly looked around & saw two guys standing in the aisle watching us, one was rubing his crotch through his jeans the other clearly had his cock out & was masterbating.

Jeff reached over & put his hand on my thigh, slowly inching it up till he reached my panties, I must admit by now I was starting to get a little moist & the touch of his warm fingers on my shaved lips was electryfying.

I slightly parted my legs as he eased his fingers inside of me.

I soon forgot where I was & was raising my legs onto the chair spreading them wider to accommodate jeffs fingers deep inside of me, the once moouldy smelling filth filled my nostrils & seemed to be working on a more primitive level to enhance my sexual libido, I told Jeff I wanted to suck his cock, he motioned for us to move to one of the private booths but I said no, I want to suck you right here, as the huge cock on the screen erupted cum over the two hot girls mouths & faces as they moaned in ecstacy I took Jeffs throbbing cock deep into my own mouth, cupping his balls & stroking his shaft as he moaned in delight. There was now at least 6 naked men watching us all stroking their cocks, I looked around in the dim theatre & took in the view, the cocks ranged from average, to thick to timy but they were all erect & all excited.

Jeff managed to get my top off & remove my skirt & undies, Jeff is quite strong & muscular & has an awesome cock by far the biggest here at least, he picked me up turned me around & Lowered me on to his stiff cock whilst he stood facing the theatre, he held my legs wide apart, my pussy was steched wide, dripping & glistening & on display as the video played in the background, the moans from the lovers on the scren behind me just made me more anamalistic & I raised my hips up & down taking evey inch of Jeffs erection deep inside my tight s*******n year old pussy.

A few guys moved closer & one or two tried to touch me but Jeff said quite sternly to them that I was his, they could watch but not touch.

Soon there was at least 20 naked men standing in a half circle, one knelt in front of me watching so closely I could feel his breath on my pussy & i am sure Jeff could feel it on his balls but he was respectfull & did not touch, Jeff put me down & bent me over one of the chairs in the cinema he entered me from behind & as he pumped deep inside of me, my face came within inches of at least 6 stiff hard, dripping cocks, the guys were getting hotter & hotter wacthing the show, several came, shooting their loads in wide arcs into the air landing on the floor just in front of me, not wanting to miss anything they kept masterbating rubbing their cum in some cases into their softening cocks trying to get hard again. Soon a few of the guys started giving each other handjobs & not long after quite a few starting sucking cock right in from of me, My pussy ached, there was so much sex in this room, so many hard stiff cocks, so much semen flying about & I was naked, getting my lovers cock drilled into me & I was loving every inch.

I looked up as Jeff pulled my hair back & saw one guy who must have been 70, he looked old wrinkled & short of breath but his cock was massive, he stroked it with one hand as the other cupped his balls but he had inches to spare & he was as thick as a coke can, his eyes were poppong out of his head as he watched my young cunt getting filled with cock, Jeff beconed him over & told him to wank inches from my face, his cock was not normal it was more like a b**st, an a****l, a snake, a python there was no way that thing would ever fit inside something as small as my tight vagina let alone anywhere else. Jeff pushed my head down his fingers prying my mouth open & the old man groaned as Jeff f***ed my open mouth down on his thick cock.

I tried to pull back but it was no use, Jeff was stronger than me. he pushed my face down harder & harder till the old guys cock was in the back of my throat, there was at least 6 inches to go & I was gagging & my mouth was streched so wide it ached. I continued to suck on this beer can of a cock till I had saliva spewing down my face & cheeks, then Jeff pulled my head back & told me to turn around, he told the old guy he could fuck me, but not my pussy that was only for him only, he told the old guy he could fuck my arse, I looked at Jeff with fear but again knew that look, what Jeff wanted jeff got so i reluctantly agreed, I tighted up my arse cheeks in fear but they soon loosended up with some well placed lube, thank god for KY right, Jeffs cock was back inside my mouth & I could taste & smell my pussy juice on it, I felt the thick tip of the old fellas cock push up against my arse cheeks, then slowly enter me, I screamed, it hurt, it hurt real bad, but Jeff kept face fucking me as I sobbed. The old cunts cock eased inside of me slowly, inch by inch, I felt stretched & torn. As he tried to get the final few inches I could feel the head of his cock push deep up inside my womb, slowly though my pain eased & he was gentle at least, my muscles relaxed & I rubbed my clit to add to my enjoiyment, soon looking around with guys sucking each other off, Jeffs cock in my mouth, the porn on the screen & some old homeless fucker with the biggest thickest cock ever seen buried deep in my arse I orgasmed like never before, I shuddered & clamped down on the old cunts massive cock, to the point where he stuttered I am going to cum, Jeff told him not to cum inside of me, to my utter shock & surprise Jeff dropped to his knees & took the old cunts cock deep inside his own mouth, tasting my arse juices & the old fellas cum as he shot a massive load of jism into Jeffs mouth. By now the floor was a complete mess I lost count of how many loads of cum I saw getting off loaded from stiff cocks, spewing thick white jets of Jism into the air, into mouths & on faces & onto the floor. Jeff told me to get dressed, he kissed me, sharing some of the old fellas semen with me in a sloppy tounge kiss, then he led me by the hand & we left.

We smiled at the counter satff as we left, I was walking funny I am sure as my arse was so sore, I was shocked confused by Jeffs sexuality & well, well fucked.

One thing for sure, with Jeff life was never boring.
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11 months ago
Very nice, I loved the ending
1 year ago
I've watched stories like this play out many times. Ya gotta love people like this! Makes life worth living!
1 year ago
Very hot. If it were me, I would have let him shoot his load in your ass, licked it out then snowballed it with you.
1 year ago
I have had similar experiences with an ex. Super hot!
1 year ago
love to do with my wife
1 year ago
wow what a stroy
2 years ago
i would love to meet up with you and jeff.
2 years ago
great until the end