After School On the Crowded Bus

It was pouring rain, I huddled under the bus shelter to try & stay dry, my hair was already damp & my white school blouse was more than a little see through, the cold air made my nipples stand to attention & it seemed my breasts were all the boys at the bus shelter could lear at & giggle about. I just wanted to get on the bus, go home, get out of these wet clothes & take a shower & cuddle up in bed with my pj's & a hot chocolate.

The bus finally arrived but it was way overcrowded, the bus driver told us it was standing room only today as a train had broken down & a lot of the office workers in the city had to catch the train home.

I have a very tiny frame & I got pushed in & around on the bus like a rag doll, my school case in one hand, my laptop in the other I just seemed to bounce into one person after another, the only good thing was that it was warm inside & I was finally away from those annoying boys at the shelter.

We were packed in like sardines, I could barley see anything other than the shoulders & the back of the man in front of me, everyone seemed quite & polite all dressed in their business suits & ties, I felt out of place & kind of young in my shcool uniform consisting of not much more than a short skirt and white blouse but my school tie did kinda fitted in.

The bus jolted off, eveyone swaying with its motions, those with free hands trying to hold on to a strap for support, those seated counting there blessings.

Not two minutes into the ride though I felt a hand on my bottom. I didnt think to much at first as it was super crowded & the person probably did not even know what they were leaning on. But then the hand started inching over & cupping my arse cheeks throuh my school skirt, I tried to move away but there was just no room to move, I tried to look around to give the person a filthy look but I could not even do that. The fingers dropped below my skirt & started to inch there way up my thighs, I wanted to scream but thought I would look like a histerical idiot.

I tried to edge away but again there was no room I just got pushed back by the crowd onto the mystery hand that had now found its way under the elastic of my white panties.

I hand no idea who was doing this to me, was it a creep from school, was it a sexy bisexual woman heading home from work in a suit, was it a dirty old man after a sick jollie, all I know is the hand felt firm, the fingers now gently rubbing my clit were thick & strong. My intial shock started to turn to mixed emotions, no one had ever touched me down there before & it was scary but titilating, was I about to loose my virginity on a crowded school bus, the shame, she scandal, the ohhhhhhhhh, the fingers started hitting the right spot, my knees became weak but I had no where to fall, my nipples were no longer erect from the cold but erect from shear sexual excitment, I could feel my panties starting to get damp & it was not from the rain.

My mind raced, which would I prefer, the sexy blonde female boss, her well dressed exterior belieing her kinky school girl fantasy, or the well built handsome lawyer using me as a sex toy to abuse & throw away before heading home to the wife & k**s with a bad case of stinky finger. Or both maybe there were multiple hands a husband & a wife using me as there sex fantasy to deflower a vigin school girl.

My breathing quickened as the strangres fingers increased there tempo over my clit & occassionaly entering inside of me, the fingers covered in my warm freely flowing juices & wrapped by my tight cotton paties.

How could no one see us, how could someone be so brazzen, then again I guess we were packed in like sardines.

I had never had anyone finger me before but I had experimented at home, in bed, in the shower, in the bath in the pool, in the garden, lets just say I enjoyed my own touch, lol.

In any case in knew the feeling building up inside me was that of an intense orgasm & it was not far off, as the fingers pushed into me deeply & firmly I just wanted to reach down & rub my love button but my hands were full & one place I had not masterbated was my school bus.

I bit down on my lip, muffled groans escaped my lips but were drowned out by the noise of the bus but when the stranger pulled out three fingers from deep inside of me & rubbed my erect clitoris one last time I exploded, I let out a sexual moan the whole bus must have heard, luckliy only those closest to me knew where it had come from, the others had no idea. One old lady gave me a filthy look.

I gasped & regained my breath, the strangers hand had now been removed & people were getting ready to exit at the next stop.

I felt flushed, embarrassed & OMG so horny, but I also felt used, abused & like a cheap slut. But then again who would ever know, so WTF.

Getting off the bus I looked around to see if I could tell who owned those talented fingers, I saw a sexy blonde lady in a business suit smiling at me, I saw an older creepy looking guy in an overcoat doing god knows what under that coat learing at me & I also saw a handsome man in his late 30's early 40's that made my knees week.

I came to the conclussion I would never know.

I did however know that I was about to abuse my sweet vigin pussy with anything hard & erect in the bath tonight.

Afer quite an enjoyable bath & a few more self induced orgasms in bed I decided I probaly should do some homework, I reached into the pocket of my school bag for my calculator & found a business card with writing on the back,

"you felt so nice today, thank you, you are a very sexy girl, please call me ........"

Sweet dreams indeed,

To be Continued.....

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1 year ago
excellent, especially her thoughts and finally the business card.
1 year ago
So fucking hot. Absolutely love it
2 years ago
wwwaawww! Soo good! I love that, interesting, GREAT!!!
2 years ago
awesome story I was wanking as i read it. we want more! sooo naughty.
2 years ago
I agree with everyone on that bring on part 2 of this story
2 years ago
2 years ago
next story soon please
2 years ago
so horny now,roll on part two
2 years ago
2 years ago
Oh god that is do hot!!
2 years ago
love to read part 2, what a tease