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Best vibrator ever...

Seriously... Got this a few weeks ago and haven't used it until today. I don't normally cum from vibrators because I am very touch and feel based, not to mention that I am very sub and this doesn't really play into that.

My boyfriend is out of town tonight and I was laying in bed, watching TV. I decided, since I am still really loving my chastity cage that I would anally masterbate. I was using another one that I had and I wasn't really feeling it. I went to put it back and saw my new one still in the box and remember how much I paid for it (like $60USD). I got it out turned it on and OH MY GOD. It was great, I came in like 2minutes.

So I wanted to show Alex. I called him up on skype, I showed him how good it was and I came again in like another 2 or 3 minutes. He got me to get out my clone-a-willy of him and suck on it while I was using it, and I came AGAIN in like 2 or 3 minutes, I have seriously never came that fast from anal...

Posted by kedarnath 2 years ago
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