Me(CD) stripping for my BF.

First, see my original story and read the first three paragraphs( This will tell you about me(Leslie) and my BF (alex), stats and such.

So Alex, was coming home from work and I decided I wanted to do something special for him. He always treats me really well and I had been working on my stripping for him (he didn't know). So I wanted to show it off

I thought it through and figured out exactly what I wanted to do. I had already bought a few outfits for stripteasing. I decided on a school girl outfit(the whole works I have a link from where I bought at the end), with black thigh-highs and garter belt, with 7" heels with about a 3" platform on them. I got the makeup to match. Actually, I looked a bit like Emma Watson when she looked like a lesbian. Short hair(still long enough to grab) blond, petite, I really don't like to brag but I looked amazing.

So I put my black thigh-highs on, put my garter belt on, snapped my thigh-highs up, and put my white g-string on. I slid my skirt up and tied my top. Then, I put my the product in my hair, put my little bit of make up on and tied my strappy heels on.

I threw a backpack I had over to the side. I pulled a chair, right into the middle of the room. I sat in it and faced the door waiting on him to come home with a book I had in my hand. I timed it so that it was about 10 minutes before he got there. I saw his shadow through the frosted glass door. I had my ankles crossed sitting up straight. Still holding the book in my lap.

He opened the door. He didn't notice me right off, he turned an locked the door. Turn back and took one step then he saw me. He stopped looked at me. I stood up and said 'I don't think my daddy would be very happy if he saw such a sexy man all alone with his little girl'. He didn't even have any words. I said, 'well I can't be rude, come in have a seat.' I grabbed his hand and held it slightly behind me so that his finger tips just barely touched my ass and I sat him down in the chair.

I started doing my thing, I stradled him without touching him. I bent over in front of him with my legs spread so he could see up my skirt. He grabbed my g-string and pulled it a little, I turned around and slapped him kinda softly. I said, 'no one said you get to touch.'

I kept going, I slid my g-string down and picked it up with the toe of my shoe and dropped it on Alex's lap. I could see his erection through his slacks. I got down on my knees and pushed his apart. I made sure to brush his cock a little when I did it.

I turned around still on my knees put my chest all the way to floor. I ran my hands down the side of my body past my hips and to my ass. I ran my finger between my ass and touched my asshole just a little. I played around the outside of it for a second stood up on my knees reached up to Alex with my finger out and said, 'its a little too dry can you help me,' (a lie actually I lubed myself before he got home). I figured he was just going to lick my finger. He grabbed my wrist really hard. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and he had a little precum on the tip of it. He licked my finger and then got the precum.

I got back down and used that finger and slowly stuck it in my ass. I got my finger almost all of it in and arched my back. I slapped my ass. I had gotten really into fingering myself and had forgotten to look for him. Alex without any notice grabbed the head of my clitty and my balls. I tried to get away and I hurt myself, he had a really good grip on me. I heard his belt buckle clanking. He looped it around my neck.

He let go of me and I stood up he grabbed the belt hanging there and pulled my head down so my ass was right in front of my face. He sucked my cock and both of my ball at the same time, then he licked all the way up.

He f***ed me down to my knees (not that I was too unwilling). He grabbed the belt again and put his elbow in my back. It got really tight around my neck. Then I felt his, cock on my ass. He shoved it in hard. I was getting really light headed. He started fucking me really hard. I could feel myself leaking, it felt so good. He was fucking me so hard my balls were hurting from his balls hitting mine so hard. He let go of the belt and pulled it off my neck. Grabbed both of my hands and pulled on them so that my body was off the floor. It was now dark enough so that I could see our reflection in the mirror. He started to fuck me so that he was pulling almost all the way out everytime. Then he was fucking me down, he was pounding my prostate. It felt so good. I know at some point I was screaming it was so good. I came again, it was the hardest I had ever came. Shortly after I came he did. He came for a long time.

He kinda dropped me, got up, got his belt, he grabbed my head by my hair and (I was still enjoying my body high) stuck his cock in my mouth. He made me clean his cock off, then he pulled it out and walked off. I could feel his cum running out of my ass. I just laid there, I still had my ass up in the air. Alex came back, saw me, didn't even stop walking and said, maybe you need to put a maid outfit on. You have some cleaning to do. I asked him what he meant. He pointed to the puddle of cum on the floor and then sat down in the chair. I stuck my ass up where he could see it. I started licking the cum. I looked up at him a few times. Then I felt my ass filled up again, I could tell it was a butt-plug. I looked up at him and he pulled it out and put it in front of my face. I licked around it then he put it all the way in my mouth. He reached behind me and stuck his finger inside me and kinda ran his finger in a circle and scooped cum out onto his finger. He pulled the butt-plug out of my mouth stuck it back in my ass and put his finger in my mouth. After I licked his finger off he stuck my face back in the cum puddle. I licked all of it up then I stood up.

Then, he did something that surprised me. Which I will put in another post soon.

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2 years ago
This is so hot! i want to dress up like this for a man one day! :)
2 years ago
oh dont stop!
2 years ago
this started slow but got to speed real well thanks
2 years ago
more you little sissy slut more. i loved it