A teenage dream

My Fantasy:
It was the day after Christmas and I was enjoying myself, and rather horny(Being a 13 year old boy) Considering I had had many young sexual awakenings such as kissing a girl under the covers, seeing that same girl undress, and being in the k**dy pool naked with girls at the age of 6. I went on facebook and I made a status saying i needed grilled cheese because i was hungry and craving it. 30 minutes later a hot girl in my class comments saying “Make me some ;)” and That turned me on. It might be that i have a sick mind but I was thinking that might mean something. The day before this, I had pretended to be hacked and sent every girl a message saying “heey come ovr to my plce and we culd have sme fun ;)))” And then went offline. I also made a fake status saying “Im horrnny” And then went offline till next morning when i deleted it and made statuses saying i was hacked. The girl in my class that commented is a hot blonde who is around 5 foot 1 and always wears short spandex with sweatpants overtop but her spandex is always showing. She has a nice ass, its tight and round. She is very developed. So i message her and say “Hi :P” and she says “Heey” And i say “Wasup” And she says “ Havin some fun ;)” and i say “doing what?” And she says “ Waitin for that grilled cheese ;) ;)” And she says “You know what i mean ;)” And i say “What?” And she says “ Oh don’t play games. I want your cock now ;)” And i say “Is this a trick?” And she says “No be over here at (Place where she lives) In five minutes, bring a condom ;)” And so i do. To be continued.

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3 years ago
nice start...
3 years ago
good start