Our Special Moment

Touching on your pussy running my fingers up to your breast while im spraying whipped cream down your stomach and kiss your lips. I stick my fingers in your pussy and lick down ya stomach licking all the whipped cream off and around your belly button then take my fingers out your pussy taste it, then play with your clit with my lips. As my tongue comes out to lick around ya pussy lips i touch the clit and start vibrating my tongue as i lick closer to your hole. You moan grabbing my head scratching my back tears drop from the pleasure of passion as im fucking you with my tongue till u begin to shake pushing my head off then back on, grinding your pussy around my face. "Now come give me a kiss."
As i lift you off the bed into the air fucking you on the wall letting that pussy slide down on my dick as u moan and scratching my back. As you start to cum on my dick u get off and bend over not on all fours; your hands across the bed you say "get it daddy" and i stick my dick inside you smacking your ass, I play with your clit from the back as you kiss my lips throwin your ass back hard on me askin me to fuck you harder, beggin me to pull yo hair. I turn you around and you pull me closer to you and take the pain as i penetrate them walls drilling deep into that pussy while im sucking your nipples softly as you cumin. Our bodys both sweat from the lust and steam of the passion. You roll over and fall asl**p....exhausted from previous sex. I kiss your lips and cover you up.....until next time as I close the door.

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