Early Summer (Second Half)

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..I was feeling a mixture of emotions at that moment including excitement and fear and curiosity but I looked around and there was nobody around that could see what I was going to do and this man Mitch didn't know me so I knew I could do it without anyone else findind out.
I got down close in front of him and opened my mouth to let his penis head slip inside. It felt odd but not unpleasant, just a little taste of skin and smell of his sweat. I was being cautious, not knowing what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth so I just took an inch or two in my mouth and held it there to get used to it. I started feeling him twitch and pulse in my mouth and I could tell he was getting more erect. I went forward a little more and as my lips slid over his shaft I heard him moan.
I guess Mitch could tell I was a novice because he started telling me what he wanted me to do. At first it was just, "Suck it, yeah, suck me good.." then soon he pulled out and told me to get my lips nice and wet for him which I did. He pushed his cock back into my mouth and told me to bob my head up and down.
After I took his dick in and out about ten times he started breathing heavy and moaning and he told me to hold his balls in my hand. When I cupped my hand under his hairy nuts and played with them while I blew him that must have pushed him over the edge because he groaned and I felt and tasted a spurt of his jizz in my mouth. It wasn't a strong taste but I pulled back and let it run out of my mouth because I didn't want to swallow. His next squirt hit me on my cheek and chin, then he guided my mouth back over him and finished in my mouth. When he was done I spit it all on the ground, which made him laugh.
Next he just zipped up and said, "Thanks for the blowjob, you did alright." Then he said he had to get going and he walked back out front. I heard his bike start up and a few seconds later heard him heading up the ramp. I got up off my knees and waited there a few minutes before I went and got another drink to wash the sperm taste out of my mouth then I left for home. The whold blowjob probably took about two minutes from the time I took it in my mouth until he finished.
I still don't know why I did the whole thing, it was kind of crazy but it was exciting and it did make a boring day alot more interesting. I certainly did not plan to suck a cock when I started out but that's how it went and I didn't regret it, though I had no plans to do it again. As I was walking home I did notice though that I had a wet spot on the front of my pants where my dick had leaked a little and I realized that I had a nice hardon that must have come up when I was sucking him.

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