Early Summer

It was another hot day in the early summer and I was bored. I left my house walking, through the back yard and down to the creek just a short distance across the woods. I wandered along the creek bank going downsteam until I came to a shallow wide spot where I crossed and continued downsteam to where the fence that ran along the interstate highway was. There's a fallen tree there that broke down the fence so I crossed over to the highway side and continued walking, not knowing where I was going, just walking.
Up a small hill I could see the back of the rest area buildings so I decided to walk up there and hang out for a while. When I got up there the place was deserted, not a single car in the lot so I got a drink from one of the vending machines and sat down on a picnic table, just bored and killing time.
A few cars came and went over the next half hour and I was thinking about going back home when I heard the distinctive sound of a motorcycle coming up the ramp. It was a big motorcyle with a big guy driving, he pulled in by the front of the restrooms close to my picnic table and got off his bike. The guy looked like he may have been a construction worker, he had on work clothes with paint on them and a shirt the said "Mitch" above the pocket. He walked right past me on the sidewalk to the restrooms and when he passed me he looked over and said, "What's up?" I was a little surprised that he said something to me so I just replied, "not much, just hanging out." He was the first one to even notice me sitting there since I'd been there. For whatever reason I decided to follow him to the restroom and take a leak myself.
When I got inside he was standing at a urinal unzipping himself so I went over a couple of urinals to his right. This guy was big, at least six foot two, with black hair and a goatee beard. I'm not sure why but I wanted to catch a glimpse of his penis when he urinated so I kept peeking over his way, trying not to be too obvious about it. He took it out and just as I thought he was big down there too!
He held it in his hand and just stood there a while like he was trying to pee and then he scratched his balls and it seemed like he turned a little towards me. I guess I wasn't doing too good a job of not being obvious because he looked right at me and said, "You think my dick's big?"
I was scared because I knew he had caught me looking at him and I didn't know what I should do so I just said, "Yeah, I guess..it's pretty big." I got kind of flustered then because I realized that I had gotten caught up in watching him and I was just standing there at the urinal with my pants still zipped up..busted!
The guy smiled at me and motioned me over to him, I thought about just taking off but for some reason I didn't. I walked over next to him and he looked right at me and asked if I wanted to hold it for him while he pissed!
I couldn't beleive he said that and I wasn't sure if he was joking but he said, "Come on, hold it while I piss."
I'm still not sure why I did it, maybe I was scared of the guy or maybe I was just bored enough that day to want to try something different but I just reached over and took him in my hand. He laughed a little and put his hands on his hips while I pointed it towards the urinal. His dick felt heavy in my hand but his skin was soft and smooth. He was certainly a lot bigger than me and it felt strange holding another dick that wasn't mine! Pretty soon he started pissing and that felt strange too but I kept holding him until he finished and he chuckled and told me to shake it so I did.
After I shook it for him I figured I'd better let go of him since he was done. I was still staring at his dick and he took a while to put it away and zip up. I felt really awkward standing there next to him, but he thanked me for holding it for him and he asked me, "So..you like cock?" I was confused and didn't know if he was asking my if I liked his cock or just cocks in general, since I didn't plan on any of this happening that day I wasn't sure how I felt so I just mumbled, "Yeah, I guess I like it."
He chuckled again and looked me right in the eye and said, "Let's go out back, ok?" I felt excited and scared at the same time but I just followed him out the door and around the back of the building where there was a seperate storage building behind the main restroom building. He walked out behind the storage building with me right behind him. He leaned up against the building and said, "Get down right there." I felt that excitement in my stomach and I did what he said. I knew what was probably going to happen next but I didn't want to stop him, I figured I could always run faster than him if I decided I need to leave. He undid his belt and dropped his pants and boxer shorts down to his ankles and I was kneeling there on the ground staring straight into his balls and cock just a foot in front of me. I could see that he was just starting to get hard and his dick seemed to grow. Then he just said, "Blow me."
I thought, fuck, this guy expects me to give him a blowjob now, and I knew I had led him on to it but man, what should I do?
I tried to think fast but my heart was beating hard and I thought I would just try it and if I didn't like it I would take off running... [To be continued, if there's any interest..}

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3 years ago
I posted the second half, thanks for the comments.
3 years ago
Oh cum on suck the cockyou want to so do it just open your mouth and suck in it will be fun thanks
3 years ago
where is the rest
3 years ago
oh hell ya there is more interest, please continue
3 years ago
3 years ago
dam right i want to here more plzzzzzzz