Coke cock dilemma Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

I count to 100 and leave the room, my hard cock bobbing along pointing the way down the hallway.
Again for the fourth or fifth time that evening I hold my breath and peek around the corner to the scene on the L-shaped couch below me.
“Holy fuck Nat those sl**ping pills really did the trick I bet Rick does not wake-up until tomorrow afternoon” my wife says as she leans back on the couch, buck naked her huge tits flopping left and right off her chest the nipples still huge and hard. “How bout some more hooter shooters” as she cups her tits pushing them together and licking her lips. Paul without missing a beat grabs the ½ empty baggie and sprinkles a few lines down Sarah’s tits. I watch as Natalie and Paul devour the white power from Sarah’s breasts.
“ok your turn” Paul says spreading a massive line down the lengthy of the coffee table “give it your best shot and then we will have some fun” Paul says handing Sarah the rolled up bill.
I watch my wife who grab the bill and take 3-4 long snorts in each nostril until there was only a slight dusting of powder left.
“Oh fuck I need to cum so bad now” Sarah says laying back and spreading her legs wide and pulling her pussy lips apart.
“Fuck ya gimme some of that” Mike says getting on his knees between her thighs and pressing his face into her soaking pussy. Natalie then stands up and drops her panties to the floor from my view I can see a large mound of Black pussy hair, with Mike between Sarah’s thighs Natalie steps up on the coach and pushes her pussy onto Sarah’s unexpected face. I look down over the edge to see my wife sucking and licking at Natalie’s pussy I am shocked to see that Natalie’s clit is enormous the size of the tip of my thumb and looks like a miniature cock as I watch my wife suck on it like a little cock. This goes on for 5 or 6 minutes then I see Natalie grab Sarah’s hair. “oh fuck you little slut you are going to make me cum” Natalie’s face goes Red and I see her look up at me and bite her lip, as our eyes lock she smiles and cums hard, I see her push her pussy down on seraphs; face as a torrent of fluids erupt from it I see my wife’s face get soaked and run down her chest and over her pussy in to Mikes mouth at that moment Sarah came grunting and groaning onto Mikes tongue.
“Oh someone had better fuck me now” Sarah says looking thought Natalie’s thighs at Mike and Paul.
“I better go first before Paul gets in there” Mike says taking his cock in hand and pushing the head at the entrance to Sarah’s dripping pussy. I watch as Mike slowly slides the head of his cock over the entrance to Sarah’s pussy, I see everyone watching as Natalie straddles Sarah looking down between her legs, all of a sudden I realize that Mikes cock is a lot bigger than mine the head alone was like a big red apple with the shaft looking long and thick, Mike slowly pushes and head in and I see Sarah’s eyes close and her hips slide forward. Mike slowly starts sliding the full length inside.
“oh my god that feels huge” Sarah says grabbing Natalie’s ass and pulling it forward so that she can suck on Natalie huge clit as Mike starts to pick up speed, Mike then leans forward and slips his tongue into Natalie’s ass as she in surprise cries out, Mike laughs and keeps pistoning his cock in and out of my wife and licking Natalie’s ass.
I watch as Mike becomes more and more aggressive mauling Sarah’s tits. As I am watching, Natalie looks up at me and smiles as she squirts on my wife’s face crying out and grinding on Sarah’s probing tongue.
Natalie hops off Sarah’s chest and Mike guides Sarah onto her hands and knees, Paul sits back down and grabs the baggie and shakes some out on his cock lying flat on his belly handing the rolled up bill to Sarah he guides her to his line of coke trailing down his cock (even soft around 7’’ long) Sarah is able to get two long snorts and then dropping the bill take Paul’s cock in her mouth< I see her cheeks hollow and her eyes open wide as she sucked the rapidly stiffening cock into her throat, Mike reaches over and pushes the back of her head down onto Paul’s cock while pushing the tip of his cock against her hole “oh ya put that fuckin cock in me” Sarah says with a mouthful of cock as I can see her working Paul’s huge cock with both hands ass high in the air and her tits swinging below her, Mike really starts to plow into her slapping her ass and calling her names. Sarah then leans over and grabbing Paul’s thigh starts to cum “oh fuck I am going to cum on your cock, oh don’t stop...ya-ugh-ya-fuck –ya” I can see her body shake as she orgasms on his cock Mike I guessing with all the contractions says”oh fuck that is so hot I am going to cum” and with that I large groan and I see him push himself full into her and hold, he then takes a couple of stroke s and pulls out I can see the cum stuck to the tip of his cock as he slowly strokes it while stepping of the coach.
Paul pulls Sarah onto his lap I can see between their bodies as she lifts herself way up onto her chest and I can see that his cock is at least 11-12’’ and coke can thick.
Sarah lowers herself onto Paul with a grimace and a grunt, I see her settle herself on the b**st and take a breath as Paul stats to push deeper from beneath her. I can hear the squelch sound as I can imagine her pussy being spread wide and deep with that cock in her.
“oh my Paul” Sarah leans back her huge tits on show as Paul starts palming them his huge hands small against the white flesh of her tits, Paul lets her ride him until she finally settles herself on top, I am guessing his cock is as deep as it is going to go he outs both tits together the nipples touching as he sucks on both nipples at the same time. Mike watching this walks over and starts rubbing Sarah’s ass as she rides up and down on Paul’s fat cock. I see her hips go up 6-8’’ of Paul’s lap and she groans onto his neck as she falls forward it was then that Mike taking advantage of her exposed asshole without warning spits on his cock and pushes his big mushroom head past her tight hole, with Paul’s massive cock in her pussy Mike pushes his cock deeper inside her ass. Sarah starts to come hard as Mike pushes his 8-1/2-9’’ cock to the hilt, I watch as my wife keeps Cumming either having multiple orgasms or one really long one as I could see her thrashing on those cocks grunting and groaning like she was possessed.
“Ok Stop please give me a minute” Sarah says trying her best to climb off Paul’s cock with Mikes still in her ass,”just give me a minute let my pussy settle down, you think Rick heard that I was pretty loud?” She manages to jump off Paul and sit beside him breathing hard.
I lean back behind the corner and start stroking my cock my precum flowing lubricating my cock. “all right slut times up it’s getting late and I need to cum, get your ass up in the air” I hear some shuffling and sneak a peek below to see they have moved the coffee table and Sarah is flat on her back with her legs being held back by Mike who is kneeling behind her I see Paul bringing his huge and cock and frame onto my waiting wife, he gently pushes his cock in teasing her until her hips are pushing and she is begging him with her mewls and moans, “beg for it slut beg for my big cock” Paul teases her pulling it out and slapping her pussy with it, “please Paul please fuck me with that big cock let me be your whore” my brain hears her say this and my cock twitches and spits a small amount of cum in my hand, I risk it all and lean around the corner to see Paul just picking up the pace and pounding his huge cock in and out of her pussy, I cannot believe the how loud the sound of him slamming into her is, the SLAP-SLAP-SLAP of flesh colliding echoes through the vaulted ceiling and hallway above them as my voluptuous up till then virtuous wife clutches Paul and a sound I have never heard from her came from her a lips a kind of grunting guttural grunting sound as Paul continued to pound her harder and deeper than I ever have or “wood”. I have the perfect angle with her legs over his shoulder and her ass raised off the carpet I can see the huge girth and length of his cock as he destroys her pussy; now fucking her for at least 15 minutes hard as he continues to pump his cock in and out, and again the loud THWACTK-THWACK-TWATHTK of thighs,stomach,balls and cock slapping against her generous thighs and belly. I see Mike standing and watching stroking his cock which is hard again much to my surprise.
“You want some cum my slut?’’ Paul groans as he pushes her legs back and starts to drive himself into her” Sarah cums again I can see her chest flush her nipples go rock hard and then an actual wail as Paul drives his cock fully and comes, they are kissing and groaning as he pumps his cock a few more times then leans back and his cock pulls out with an audible sound. From my perfect angle I can see the gape her pussy has after he pulled out Paul and flops down on the couch directly below me breathing hard.
“Holy shit that was the best fuck ever” I hear my wife of 12 years whisper to herself to the group who knows?, “Paul I have never cum so hard in my life, look at my clit still is rock hard and I am still so horny, I need more cock; please my pussy wants more cock” Sarah whines as she pulls on her nipples.
“Sorry babe I have a long drive but it was fun” Paul says grabbing his shorts and shirt from the floor,
“Mike thanks for the invite tonight, Natalie thanks VERY much for getting Sarah down here.
Paul clothes in hand kneels down and kisses my wife “that was fun” he says.
“Would you like to fuck me again?” Sarah whispers loud enough for me to hear,
“If you can bring a friend, then we will party”. Paul kisses her and walks out of sight.
Party over I guess as everyone starts getting dressed, I scoot quietly back to the room.
A full five minutes later a hear someone on the stairs “Rick you awake sweetie?” the voice soft probing not sure maybe even a slight tremor
I give my standard snort and snore and roll away from the door.
I squint my eyes to watch her in the reflection from a mirror on the dresser. I can see she is out of it stumbling and failing at getting her pajamas back on she walks out of range and I hear her “oh there we go an Advil”
Wait did she say Advil? I roll over to see if I can peek at what she is doing I see her back to me and she has the glass of water Natalie had brought up and something in her hand as I watch, as my brain catches up I realize it is one of the sl**ping pills Natalie was supposed to off slipped me she must have dropped one. I see Sarah pop the pill in her mouth and drink the water down.
Sarah then stumbles to the light and clumsily turns it off and staggers to the bed. As she climbs in she reaches down and I can feel here pulling on my cock, she kind of laughs and her breathing deepens, I count back from 100…
“Sarah you awake I had a weird dream” I slur my words and mumble. Nothing no sound from Sarah, I roll over onto my elbow and study her in the dark,” Sarah wake up honey”: nothing, no movement...
I slip out of the bed and go around to her side; she is out like a light and no wonder as I realize it is now almost 6am. I pull the blanket and sheet from her, I see that she has missed most of the buttons on her top and her bottoms are on inside out.
As I reach over to undo her off buttoned top, I can see that she has hickies and bite marks on her breasts and nipples looking very red and swollen. I lean over and take one of her nipples in my mouth and suck feeling it harden instantly in my mouth, I swear I can taste cocaine, jager and a salty tinge that must be Natalie’s cum. Losing my mind with the smell and appearance I start to devour her tits licking and sucking on her nipples pulling them hard watching them grow to before unseen size, lost in my passion I fail to notice the door behind me open and Mike walk in.
“I told you we should have tagged her and now she has fucked Paul and there is no coming back from that pounding” I jump at the sound of Mike’s voice and cover my crotch with my hands.
“Holy fuck” I say startled “what the fuck are you talking about” I say feigning ignorance.
“sorry bud but Natalie and Paul kind of took advantage of your d***k wife while you were passed out, but what say you and I have some fun she will not mind and plus she deserves a good fucking considering she has been fucking you all these years” he laughs and shakes his hardening cock in my direction. I think what the fuck has this guy not come three times already? And here he is wanting more.
“C’mon lets have some fun it will be our secret no one will know” Mike then straddles her chest and pushes her tits together and slides his cock in-between “man I knew these tits would be the best to fuck, hey get her pants off I want to see you eat her pussy she did say that was all you were good for” Mike says reaching over and pulling/pushing me down towards Sarah’s pussy.
I look up and see Mike’s ass and balls slapping against Sarah’s stomach, I pull down her shorts and am greeted with a strong musky sex smell coming off her pussy, Mike reaches behind himself and pushes my head into her pussy “OH ya suck that pussy I love it” Mike hops off her and stands beside the bed stroking his cock.
I push my tongue inside instantly tasting the semen inside her, I fasten my mouth on her hole and stick my tongue in as deep as I could, lifting her hips up off the bed to help get deeper the cum dripping out the sides of her pussy as I suck her hole. I finger and tongue her feeling how wide and loose her pussy is I am thinking that Paul has stretched her to twice my size. Try to lift my head off her pussy but Mike pushes me down harder “ no stopping now I think you like the taste of cum” I feel him move along side of me while keeping his hand on the back of my head.

More to cum...
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Wow who knew there was readers.. k
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More please! Don't leave us, and by that I mean me, hanging.
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Not normally a burn the bitch fan, but kind of hoping the final chapter sees the 4 of them overdosing on the coke.
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nice. more?