Coke-cock dilemma

Oh man did a cat just shit in my mouth? Head throbbing…oh ya drank too much passed out at my friend’s party. Wait more info coming in to dehydrated brain, all coming in now: Halloween party at good friends out of town, ok that’s right we are staying in the guest room; wait WE! Ooh ya wife crashed early around 11pm I stayed and partied…HARD! I kind of remember smoking a joint with a friend of this lady I know.

I look around the dark room; wife is not in bed… did she say she was getting some water? The memory seems vague… I try to think… ok, clock says 3a.m… I remember coming in around one, the wife was asl**p and oh ya shit! I tried to get some pussy and my dick could not get hard, I remember eating her out for awhile and that’s it…musta passed out. Man do I feel like shit.

I roll out of the bed, damn cannot find the light switch as I stumble through the room, as I open the door I hear people down in the living room below a low murmur of conversation the deep bass of a guy’s voice and a soft female laugh, I stop dead on the landing above them now I can hear them… guessing 4 or five people. I listen in and realize it is my wife, my friend Natalie her date Paul and another friend of mine Mike (our host).

Now let me take a second to describe ourselves, I am handsome 42yo, 6’0 190lbs, smart funny and well liked, the wife is 40, 5’8, with an outstanding set off tits. 38f cups with the nipples still sitting on top, a very pretty BBW with dark hair bright intelligent eyes and a real “nice girl” attitude.

As I carefully peek around the corner of the wall to the group below, I see four people sitting on the L shaped sofa below. Laying with his bare legs stretched out was Paul; a very nice guy I had smoked the joint with earlier a big guy 6’7 250lbs was really entertaining and I remember he knows my other friend Mike a very successful business guy and the youngest of our group of friends at 35, he stood about 5’8 a wiry guy who was always loaded when ya saw him who was sitting on the opposite end of the long sofa.

Sitting almost directly below me is my wife next to Mike and on her left is Natalie a pretty Asian lady the same age as me at 5’4 and nice round ass and hips she had long been a fantasy of mine but we had always only been friends for years.

“Did I just hear something” my wife starts to get up. “I should go check and see if Rick is still breathing”,
“I will come with you just to make sure you don’t crash on us as we are just getting this party going”
I can hear them moving so I slowly step back and slide back down the hallway; I close the door and slide back into the bed pretending to be asl**p. No sooner had I hit the bed and barely had time to ditch my pants as I realized that I was naked when I awoke. I sprawl out and get the sheet over me when I heard them outside the door again whispering. The door opens and to reveal me with my seemingly out cold, my wife slowly moves in and moves to the side of the bed.

“Rick, honey you awake?, she pushes me a bit, “Rick” she says a bit louder this time shaking me a bit more. “No guess you are out, too bad sweetie you are missing some fun” she slowly rubs her hand over my chest and stomach, I think maybe trying to see if I am awake or maybe still horny from earlier not too sure if she did cum or not?
“Is he awake?” I hear Natalie from the door, “No he is out, anytime he is sl**ping on his back, I know he is d***k he will be out and useless for hours” she reaches down under the sheets and softly grabs my flaccid cock.
“Whatcha got there” I can hear Natalie closer to Sarah
”Not a lot” Sarah says and laughs softly as feel her grip tighten a bit and pull.
“Rick wake up honey if you want some pussy” my wife says in my ear while I put on a show of being asl**p, “Ya he is out, if he don’t get up for that he is done, besides he already tried and failed” I hear Natalie laugh and sit on the bottom of the bed.
“Hey let me see it” I feel the sheet sliding down until I feel the wife let go of my cock to grab the top before it slipped further revealing me completely.
“Aw come on just a peek let me see what you fuck” the quiet crudeness of her words make my heart ship a beat, I hear my wife kind of take a deep breath and let go of the sheet. I feel the sheet slide over my flaccid cock and balls.
“Tell me it gets bigger” Natalie giggles and I can feel her nails lightly reaching up and touching my balls. Sarah grabs me between her fingers and pulls abit I realize now that my cock is not responding at all just laying there soft and small.
“You guys coming back or what?” “Or are you just going to play with thimble dick there” Mike’s voice as I sense him walking into the room “he still passed out?” he asks as I feel a rough hand on my knee give me a shake making my cock wobble. “ya check out that teeny weenie, Paul slipped some coke into that joint he shared with your hubby here Sarah so don’t feel too bad, he just has a case of coke-cock” he laughs and give me another hard shake making my cock wobble some more.
“Rick did Coke?” my wife angrily says as I feel her grab onto my cock again.
“I don’t think he knew it was there, besides coke affects everybody’s cock different.”
“Does it happen to your cock too? My wife asks still lightly pulling on my cock.
“Ya, that’s why I did not have any of the joint, I know Paul likes to mix his weed”

My wife laughs and grabs the blanket and sheet to cover me, I can hear Natalie and Paul leaving the room and a second later the door close and the hallway light go out as the last source of light that was peeking in from the bottom of the door.

Wow what the fuck just happened? my shy reserved wife just put me on display for my friends, as I lay in the dark with my eyes wide open my brain struggles with what just happened. First off I knew there was coke in the joint as I tasted it right away but not the coke-cock side effect, and it makes sense because of the thimble my cock had shrunk to which I noticed on my first piss after smoking up with Paul. My brain flush with bl**d remembers the evening clearly. Mike had been making crewd comments and leering at the wife, I remember him talking about how my wife at that time was passed out and we should go tag team her, I got pissed off smoked another fat joint with Paul and then getting horny from all Mike’s negative comments so I went to bed to fuck but my cock could not get hard and I just remember eating Sarah out and then I guess passing out. Now what though? My ego has taken a beating for sure when I remember a Viagra that I was given as I gag gift on my 40th bday, I search though my wallet and there it is a two year old Viagra…Yikes who knows if it will work. I dry swallow the blue pill and sit on the edge of the bed looking at m shriveled cock head poking out my pubic mound, sad looking and tiny I try to coach a little wood out of it to no avail.

It now being more than a few minutes since the door had closed, my eyes well adjusted to the dark I crept out to the dark hallway to see the glow of the TV below and the obvious sounds of moaning, alarmed I take 5 quick steps to the edge of the landing to look below and find the sound coming from the TV where the is a xxx film on the 60’’ screen. From my dark corner I can see that my wife is sandwiched between the 2 guys on the long part of the sofa with Natalie sitting of to her self on the small part seemingly watching my wife more than the film. I lay down quietly on the floor to peek through the rails to the view below. My wife I can now see is dressed very demurely in a two piece cotton pajama set as my eyes scan around I can see that Paul is dressed only in his bathing shorts from an earlier hot tub his bare chest and long legs lightly covered in hair with his long right arm casually thrown over the top of the sofa and resting against the back of my wife’s head. I notice Natalie now sitting in a terry robe cross-legged with just a hint of boob poking from the top side view I had. As my eyes sweep across the room to stop on the scene on the TV I find us watching a young blonde girl trying her best to fit two cocks in her mouth at the same time and not doing too bad at it either. I sweep around to Mike who is sitting on the right of my wife hip to hip, Mike is shirtless with his jeans unbuttoned and open I can see from my vantage a dark blue pair of briefs with a large bulge pushing against the tight confines of the v of the jeans being unbuttoned.

“All right Sarah’s turn truth or dare? Mike asks squeezing the bulge in shorts.
“Truth.. No wait Dare” my wife says with a nervous giggle.
“I dare you to suck my cock” Mike says giving his cock a squeeze.
“Uh you wish” my wife says staring down at the large bulge right next to her.
“c’mon you dared me to show my underwear you must want to do something if ya turn down the dare you have to do 3 shots instead” my wife laughs and says “that’s fair, but only on the dares I won’t do like this one Mike” as she says Mike she reaches down and grabs his cock through the tight underwear giving it a squeeze and releasing with a giggle.

Natalie comes over with the a bottle of Jaeger and some shot glasses she fills them three times as I watch my wife down them all as fast as Natalie pored them.

”OK here goes” the wife slurs a little as she spins a cell phone on the table it spins and comes to a stop with the antenna nub pointing in the general direction of Natalie.
“Truth or Dare?” my wife grins d***kenly at Natalie.
“Dare” Natalie says looking right in Sarah’s eyes as she says it.
“I dare you to suck Mike’s Cock” Sarah laughs a little too loud and covers her mouth trying to keep quiet, Mike gives a loud whoop before covering his mouth.
“Well looks like shooters for me too as I don’t suck cock just pussy” Natalie laughs as she waits for my wife’s reaction.
“well let me pour those for ya then, as you and my husband has something in common his dick is no bigger than a clit today but at least he did lick my pussy” she laughs and pours herself another one to toast with.
“Well well my turn to inflict some pain” Natalie grins as she reaches over to spin the cell phone as she reaches over her robe opens to reveal two dark nipples on top of a slight saggy b-cup, she makes no move to cover herself as she settles back onto the couch with the robe off her shoulders but still covering her leg crossed lap. The phone comes to rest pointing at Paul who has been very quiet he is sitting down and to the left of me so it is difficult to see other than his waist.
“Truth please” Paul’s deep voice rumbles as I can see my wife eyeing his chest and arms beside her her leg now pressed tightly against his as Mike had moved closer when she was doing her shots and now the three of them were tight together. With Sarah’s attention and body shifted toward Paul, Mike was gradually positioning himself closer to Sarah with his leg crossed underneath him he had made it so the hard bulge in his pants kept pushing against her forearm.
“Truth eh, tough one ok do you get coke-cock? Natalie asks looking at Sarah while she says it.
“Ha is that what you guys were doing upstairs, let me guess Sarah your poor man could not perform” Rick says turning to face Sarah, Sarah turns even more so that they are almost facing each other, it is then I notice Mike has taken his cock out. Looking down I see that Sarah’s shifting had pulled the bottom of her pajamas down to show a nice long line of ass crack that Mike was drooling over while clutching his cock, I now see she has no panties on as I can see all the way down the back. My eyes travel up to her breasts pushing the light cotton material as she turned to face Paul I could see the tight swell of her large breasts and saw no bra. I knew from the vantage point of Paul that her breasts were on display through the thin material. In the meantime the movie seems to over but no one notices as all eyes are on Sarah.

Now as Paul reaches for the cell phone Sarah tries to turn back toward the TV screen and finds Mike had moved in behind her as Mike shifts a bit she lays back on him with her back resting against his naked chest and his hard cock pushing against her side. Now as I look down I can see the head of Mike’s hard cock poking up along the side of my wife, I am still not sure she even knows he has exposed himself. The cell phone spins and points toward Mike and Sarah as Mike is behind Sarah rubbing her shoulders and neck now.

“Yahoo another one for Sarah, truth or dare sexy? Or should I just prepare the shots? Natalie stands up and letting the robe drop to floor stood naked except for a small pair of white cotton thong panties, she walks over and teasingly bends over and shakes her ass it Sarah’s and Mikes face…Natalie pours the first shot when Paul says to pick a dare and do a hooter-shooter from Natalie.

“I will do the dare and the shooter’s but what’s a hooter shooter?” the wife says moving forward on the couch as Natalie grabs the back of her head and I see my wife get the idea as Natalie pours the shot over her nipple into Sarah’s open mouth below, it spills down over her face and down her neck as Natalie quickly grabs the bottle and still holding my wife by the back of her head guided her mouth over to the next nipple and poured a liberal amount of Jaeger over her nipple and in and on the wife. I peek over to see what the guys are doing and see Paul massaging a huge tent in his shorts with Mike rubbing his cock in time to my wife’s back, neck the exposed top of her ass and the side of her left boob, getting more bold Mike pulls his pants and shorts of while my wife was busy cleaning off the Jaeger.

Sarah leans back dabbing at the spilt Jaeger on her pajama top, Natalie who was now sitting cross legged on the coffee table facing the trio on the couch. Sarah relaxing into the massage she was getting stretches out with Mike On one end naked now and her resting between his legs his hard cock against the small of her back as she brought her feet upon Paul’s lap. “wow that was fun and I am not even gay” Sarah sighs as she stares back at Natalie “well then how bout my turn then I would love to have a shot of those massive girls” as Natalie gets up and reaches down to where Sarah is resting and start’s undoing the buttons on the tightly stretched thin material covering her breasts I can now see the cleavage being exposed with each button with the last button the top falls to the side, without waiting Natalie pours a shot down the valley of those huge tits as Mike had reached around and was already palming her nipples. Sarah arches her back and yelps as the ice-cold liquid runs between her huge tits, without wasting any Natalie dives her tongue into my wife’s upthrust bellybutton and slurps her way up the thick trail of Jaeger she had just poured. With Mike hefting those two tits around Natalie manages to lick Sarah clean.
“Ok boys who is next?” Sarah asks cupping her huge tits and shaking them, “looks like enough for everyone” Paul replies his huge hand caressing the inside of Sarah’s thigh. Sarah then gets up a little wobbly and with Mikes hands all over her round ass, she looks back to slap his hand and then finally notices he is nude, now that she is off him I can see he is about 8’’ a full inch bigger than me and fairly thick with a big head rock hard and sticking up in the air. “Wow I was wondering if that was your arm until you grabbed my boobs,” Sarah says looking down at Mike on the couch in front of her.

It was then that she noticed the movie had quit with her top open and her tits swinging and bouncing her left nipple a little pink with the nipple larger and harder than the other breast, jumped up to the DVD player “that was a short movie are there any more? She looks around at Mike and Paul.
“ Fuckin rights I have a huge box of porn from back in the day, it’s in the garage somewhere if it’s still there” Mike gets up buck naked and casually walks toward the garage area, “Mike I will come with ya, let’s find some hot lesbo scenes ok not just cock.” She takes a quick swig from the bottle of Jag and pinches Sarah’s nipples she scoots by.

My hot wife now realizes she is alone with Paul for the first time, she nervously asks if he wants a hooter shooter “sorry I don’t like jag besides with tits that great I would do my version of a hooter shooter” Mike laughs and reaches over to his smoke pack and shows her a small vial and another small baggie.

My wife bottle in hand stumbles around the coffee table and sits down with a bit of a thump “whoopsie sorry guess I am getting kind of loaded,” she looks at Paul and the baggie in his hand “what is your version?”

Paul reaches over to push the pajama top off her shoulders and gently pushes her back until she is resting laying slightly back against the couch, Paul then takes the vial and unscrews the top and begins tapping a long line over the nipple on each breast he reaches over to the table and grabs the rolled up bill from the cigarette pack. I can see him bend over and snort a huge line from her collarbone right to her nipple. “wow now that is what I call a hooter shooter he says gathering up the small bits of coke dust and massaging her nipple, he then leans over and starts to kiss her deeply now with my wife laying back he says now your turn she looks at him for a second before grabbing the bill and copying him Paul held her massive tit in his hands and lifted the line of coke closer to the waiting bill she was not able to get it all but she did manage to get a good blast from her nipple, as she lay back again with a dazed look Paul snorted and licked the rest of the coke from her tits. Not wasting any time Paul asks is she wants some of the good shit now my wife feeling the effects of the coke already says “I may try some more but are you not worried about your cock shrinking like Ricks?” ‘
“Well let’s find out come over here and get on your knees” I see Paul reach for the baggie and not the Vial this time with one hand he scoops his thick cock over the top of his shorts showing a monster cock by the looks of it “get it hard” he says, what I think it’s NOT hard. As I re-focus my eyes I see my wife’s seemingly small hand stroking Paul with a few tugs it starts to harden “ here my horny little slut” he says a he shakes some powder on the shaft of his thick cock, my wife like a cheap slut grabs the rolled up bill and snorts a long line down her nose. With a deep laugh I see Paul shake some more out for my wanton wife.

My wife squeezed between the coffee table and the couch standing bent over a cock snorting god knows what, within seconds she was deep throating his thick cock stuffing the thick cock as far as she could drool running of the tip as she took a breath, in the back of the house I hear the garage door slam and the laughing approach of Mike and Natalie.

My wife startled and hopefully a little worried about being caught sucking off Paul quickly sat down and poured a round of shots just in time for Mike to change discs and plop himself next to Sarah, and again oddly Natalie resumed her cross-legged position on the coffee table facing the trio below me.

It was then that I noticed my cock slowly stiffening below me laying on my stomach for so long my neck began to ache in addition to my now stiffening cock beneath me, as I shifted position a bit to take my weight off my cock Natalie catches the movement and I froze as we made eye contact, my breath left my body as I was frozen up on one elbow peeking around the corner. Still keeping eye contact she actually winks at me, her hazel almond shape eyes smiling at me as she leans forward off the coffee table and grabs the bottle of Jag and motions for Sarah as she leans in Natalie grabs her roughly and pulls her mouth onto the dark brown nipple she tilts the Jaeger over her nipple and then directly into my wife’s open mouth.

Sarah pulls back and flops back onto the sofa with Mike and Paul, as she settles back each guy starts to play with a tit, Sarah reaches over with each hand and grab’s Mike’s cock first as Paul quickly tossed his shorts in the corner, Natalie wasting no time pours some Jaeger over the nipples and monster cleavage the guys fastened their mouths onto a nipple and Natalie scooted down from the coffee table with a quick look at me and place herself on the floor between my wife’s open legs her loose pajama pants showing wetness around her pussy where the guys hands and fingers are traveling with Natalie’s help the three of them had her pants down and with some resistance off completely.

I figure that if I quietly stood up and looked over the railing I could see everything. I look over the rail to my first real view of below; Natalie is between Sarah’s thigh’s kissing and licking teasing her as the guys enjoying the show lean back and enjoys the hand of my wife on their cocks. My first look at Paul’s cock and I almost spoke out loud in surprise, I cannot believe it was not even hard by the way it looked but it was easily 8’’ already, I check Mike’s package to see him Rock hard my wife’s hand keeping time with both cocks.

Taking care to be quiet I lean a little further out to check out the action and I notice that my wife looks fucked, I do some quick math in my head and figure that she did at least 10 shot of Jaeger a few lines of coke in about an hour and a half.

“Oh quit teasing and suck that pussy please Nat, I need to fucking cum so bad” my wife mewls as she lets go of Mike’s cock to guide Natalie face onto her open shaved pussy.
“Oh ya you fucking slut I told you boys when she came down we would get some pussy” she laughs and pushes Sarah back on the couch as she dives forward to Sarah’s throbbing rock hard clit. Natalie sucks hard slurping and pistoning her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy, the guys taking advantage of the pending orgasm with four hands and two mouths sucking, nipping and pulling on those two huge tits. Natalie was making short work of Sarah’s pussy as Sarah’s moans were getting louder and louder, maybe realizing that she may wake me just as she was starting to cum she looks at Mike and Paul and out breath says “give me those fat cocks to suck on please” both guys kneel above her as Natalie has seem to staked a claim on Sarah’s pussy.

to be continued...

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1 year ago
didja check out the rest?
1 year ago
Wow thanks for all the nice comments, was my first time writing a story since high school

Part 2 cuming up...
Please advise if you think the story is too long winded as I think the second part will be even longer... :0
1 year ago
I'm with the others, looking forward to part 2! Thanks
2 years ago
nice waiting on PT2 :)
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Hot story, can't wait for part 2