Banging my younger 18 year old s****r

I have a nice s****r who has black hair, a 5'6 height, now D cup tits, firm ass, and cute brace face. her name is corinne. So as a nice older b*****r i never looked at my younger s****r as a hot girl or such, i defended and got mad when someone in school called her hot and talked about her. Once as a junior when she was only a 15 year old freshman a new k** in school said wow i would rail that little pussy, not knowing i was her 17 year old b*****r. i beat the shit out of him and got suspended.

As time went by and she developed as a 17-18 year old boy i noticed her nice little frame develop some nice c cup tits and a firm ass. noticing it and jerking off once in a while but never contemplating anything as i had a girlfriend who fulfilled my needs.

I never thought of actually acting on my raging ideas until one day a week and a half ago now that shes 18 and im 20, when my mom was asl**p i heard the shower turn on, i was walking past to ask Corinne when she would be done so i could take a shower. As i walked up i noticed the door was cracked open. i put my face up to the door to talk so she could hear me over the shower absent-mindedly. All of a sudden i see a reflection in the mirror and see her back and firm ass step into the shower.

being honest my cock is 6 and a half inches, and it became fully erect almost instantly, knowing my mom was asl**p i took my dick out and instantly started to jerk off not believing what i was seeing. i decided to not talk and wait for her to get out. curious to see her wonderful tits and see what her nipples looked liked. when she eventually got out which seemed like an eternity she rubbed herself off with a towel. and when she went to put a towel around her heaf for her hair her body towel fell off. that when my jaw hit the floor.

she had a nice clean tight looking pussy with a short landing strip, and her tits were better then i could of imagined. perfect nipples pencil eraser with and length. and 1 inch wide aereolas. i quickly walked to my room to blow my load so i could focus.

2 days later i finally worked up the courage for a plan. when she came home from volleyball i would be waiting in her room with my dick out propose to her that we could have sex no strings attached and not tell mom. as u can imagine it did not go to plan. when she came in she went to turn around and run out. i quickly walked up and told her to calm down and wait as i closed the door. I slowly explained that she was beautiful and i would love to be her first and show her how to make love.

she was hesitant but eventually i had her jerking me off cautiously. i may sound foolish but i did not like the idea of my s****r giving me a blow job, personally for some odd reason, and that i dont like to kiss a girl after theyv had my dick in their mouth. while she jerked me off i took off her tank top and leggings.

marveling at her ass and squeezing it together and smacking it i told her she was in for a night as my mom had just left for work at the night shift and it was a friday so no school for her.

when i was on the edge of cumming i stopped her to save my load. and i took off her panties and went right to eating her pussy like a buffet, she moaned loudly confessing to me that she had only made out and let 2 guys feel her up. i decided it was time to break her hymen. i had her laying down on her bad with her legs over my shoulder, i slowly eased my head past the lips while she wimpered. i asked her to go fast and painful or slow like a band aid. she looked into my eyes and said to just jamn it in, thats all i needed. as i slammed into her with everything i had she screamed sharply and loudly. i looked down and in no time she started to drip a little bl**d onto my dick.

once it was done we got into a rhythym and started to arc my back as i felt my balls clap against my s****rs ass in dis-belief. as she reached her first orgasm the f***e against my dick from her tight pussy was unbearable. i asked her wear to cum, and my day was made again as she said to cum inside her and she would get plan B. without arguement i slammed into her feeling my dick hit the back and pump ropes of semen into my little s****rs tight pussy. it was at the time the most wonderful moment of my life.

As we laid there panting i asked her a question once again that would push boundaries but why stop here. i asked her if she would experiment having a dick her in ass and it would be special as i had never fucked a girl in the ass before let alone my s****r. undecided i figured i would finger her tight asshole and see how she felt.

in no time she said it was even better then vaginal and she would go for it. i flipped her over after a passionate kiss and had her go on her hands and knees. as she looked back at me standing beside her bed. i slowly guided my cock up to her precious hole. at the point of no return i inserted my hard dick past the head. with a small yelp before a low moan she shook against me as i slowly pushed inwards. trying to get use what id seen online. before going all the way in i pulled almost all the way out and then thrusted in to try and expand her hole.

as i finally was all the way in, i was in pure ecstacy. we slowly worked our way into a rythym and eventually were sweating and panting fucking like a****ls. i pulled out, flipped her over and came in her cunt with all my power.

i had just ended the best fucking of my life. we laid there holding each other until 1 a:m. eventually we cleaned up and i left her in her room to her thoughts. she will not let me film her yet but im hoping soon as we have fucked 2 2 more times and plan onto again when possible. there are two pictures of my beautifl s****r on my profile. please feel welcome to message me and give suggestions on what u would do with her or what i should try. thank you.

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2 months ago
Nicely done bro!! I also have a slight burning lust for my gorgeous younger s****r! We should shoot the ish some time about this kink of ours man!
7 months ago
hell yeah!
7 months ago
awesome story
8 months ago
good story brotha! Keep it up! Would love to see her naked! :]
1 year ago
very good
2 years ago
any proof?
2 years ago
tight! i love true stories..makes it all the better
2 years ago
Gold, just gold! And especially including the pics for the visual?! Wow! Great story, 5 Starred and Favorited. I like to write stuff too.
2 years ago
well done with your sexy sister.. when are you going to take her ass
2 years ago
Congrats :)
2 years ago
what an awesome story! makes me wish i had a twin sister as opposed to a brother =) if you have any more stories please share cause this one is a gem
2 years ago
nice story