Dreaming of fucking my aunt

I am 30 yrs old, i have dreams of fucking my aunt. i am adopted, i am indian my aunt is white. when i was in high school i wanted to BANG MY AUNT! she was in her 40's, brown hair, little big. she looked real sexy with her swimsuit. she had a pool, everytime i saw her swimsuit on, my indian cock went horny. i would jack off about her. one night she was out of the shower and had a long t shirt on. i know she had nothing on underneath. she walked around the house. I wanted to pull down my pants and let her see my dick. she kept saying your so cute. yeah well i wanted to say LET'S FUCK!!!!! well her husband bang another woman later, so i knew i had to bang her. one problem, she lives in another state. i would dream that i licked her feet and put my cock up her pussy. for some reason i kept thinking, "she's gotta have some good pussy". one night while visiting she went to sl**p, her husband was gone that night. I wanted to go upstairs to open the door and bang the shit out of her! i did go upstairs and open the door just a little bit. she was NAKED!! i saw her PUSSY! it was shaven, looked clean. I had close the door. i went down stairs and went to my room. I Jacked off! sometimes i still want to bang her.now she's in her 50's. somehow i want to fuck JUST Once! maybe it will happen. any ideas?
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2 years ago
Just get her drunk, then seduce her or get naked infront of her when drunk together
2 years ago